Your Card of the Day – Tuesday 28th April

Card of the Day today is Romantic Partner

Today’s Crystals are Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Dragon Egg bringing powerful energy of unconditional love and compassion, and linking us with our sacred soul mate.

Today’s card highlights sacred soulmate relationships.  Many of us have had very difficult relationships recently, and many more are ending or have recently ended.

The Angels are helping us all to grow as human beings and as a result our lives are being propelled forwards. As we grow, we sadly outgrow some of the people around us, resulting in break ups and heartbreak.

Please do not be afraid, for the universe always has your best interests at heart. I firmly believe that we have more than one soul mate, and people only stay in our lives for as long as they are meant to.

All of our sacred soulmate relationships are important because they teach us lessons about ourselves. No relationship is ever a ‘failure’ no matter how it ends.

Take a moment today to be thankful for all the sacred soulmate relationships that you have had, the ones here now, and the ones to come.

To live in love and happiness is your birthright, and for those who are single, rest assured that your new sacred soulmate is on their way.

Tuesday AWH


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Your Card of the Day – Monday 27th April

Card of the Day today is Laughter

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Ametrine gently helping us to let go of negativity and reconnect with our divine nature.

Laughter is healing. We all could use more of it in our lives right now.

Today your message is a very important one about taking some time out to really enjoy yourself so that you have a big grin from ear to ear and you can feel the excitement bubbling up within you.

You can’t help but laugh when you’re having a wonderful time.

We were not put on this earth to live sombre, sad lives of drudgery and misery. The Angels want you to live in joy and abundance.

As children, we embrace life easily and allow ourselves to laugh whenever we feel the urge, but when we get older we are taught by society that we have to be “grown ups” and take everything seriously.

When we take life too seriously, we forget how to laugh and we forget how to be happy. We end up living a sad half life of self-enforced sobriety.

So remember how to laugh today. Take some time to really enjoy yourself, and take the weight of the world off your shoulders.

Smile to the heavens and the Angels will smile back at you.

Monday AWH

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Your Card of the Day – Sunday 26th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Goddess Mawu – Mother Earth

Today’s crystals are Angel Hair Quartz and Rose Quartz bringing heaven to earth and helping us to make the world a more loving, kind and compassionate place.

Today we are asked to take a moment and think.

What difference are you making in the world today? Are you making it a better place? What do you bring?

We are rapidly making our mother Earth uninhabitable for ourselves, and this must stop if we are to survive and the wonderful diverse animal kingdom with us.

We will not destroy the earth, rather we will destroy our own habitat and be the victims of our own selfishness.

So please, take a moment to think about how you can make a difference today. What could you do, say or think differently?

All of this world is energy and we can make a huge difference just by changing our thinking to positive loving thoughts and by making love, kindness and compassion our highest priorities.

When you make a decision, do you come from a place of love or a place of fear?

The Angels are all around us, and we are loved no matter what.

We must make the changes in ourselves that we want to see reflected in the world around us. If you want peace, become peaceful, teach peace, show tolerance and kindness.

All change begins in you. You are an all powerful spark of the all powerful universe.

Remember to use your power wisely today and always.

Sunday AWH


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Your Card of the Day – Saturday 25th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Goddess Sarasvati – The Arts

Today’s crystals are Green Agate and Ametrine helping us bring our lives into balance, and healing our hearts with music.

Music and the arts call out to us today. Music can be so incredibly healing, this is a simple thing that is very underused in our society today.

We sing lullabies to our babies, songs to our children to calm, soothe or entertain but we forget that adults need music and artistic expression too.

Most of us are stymied in our artistic progress when we leave school, and we rarely pick up a pencil or an instrument after that. We come home from our jobs exhausted and hungry, with barely enough energy to slump in front of the television, let alone find the energy and space in our heads to be creative or artistic!

Your favourite artistic pursuit can become your meditation, your healing time, your fun or even your relaxation.

Remember who you are and express that in an artistic way, and watch your heart and mind light up with the fire of creativity!

Make some time for creative expression and allow your inner artist to shine! You may like to paint, draw, sing, play an instrument, whatever it is that you want to do, then do it.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a concert-level pianist, just do it anyway, and enjoy.

Saturday AWH



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Your Card of the Day – Friday 24th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Coventina – Purification

Today’s Crystals are Blue Lace Agate and Clear Quartz gently cleansing our souls and emotions of negativity and bringing clarity.

The energy is clearing for us all. The future is looming and we are called upon to make some changes today.

It could be a detox, perhaps it’s time to give up alcohol or switch to decaff tea. What is your body and spirit asking of you?

Take a moment in contemplation today and ask your higher self, your inner source of heavenly wisdom what is right for you, and what you need to change for your highest good.

It is also a time when certain friends may be leaving your life. You may have fallen out or they may have simply drifted away naturally. Either way, let them go with love and don’t worry because you will always be surrounded by people who care about you.

Your vibration is increasing and your soul knowledge will be more apparent soon as you grow into the amazing spiritual being that you truly are.

Things may feel awkward for a time as things change, but you have no need to worry. This is a time of purification ready for the next and most wonderful phase of your life yet.

Friday AWH



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Your Card of the Day – Thursday 23rd April 2015

Card of the Day today is Goddess Yemanya – Golden Opportunity

Today’s crystals are Green Jade Horse and Carnelian Elephant showering us with opportunity and good fortune, and enabling us to make our dreams reality.

Today’s energy is warm and exciting! This beautiful goddess brings us great blessings of prosperity if we are brave enough to seize the opportunities presented to us.

Life does not reward shrinking violets. We may have been taught that tall poppies get cut down, but those negative words should never stop you from reaching your beautiful petals towards the sun.

You were not created to be small, you are great and loved by all creation. This is a truly auspicious day for new beginnings, and making concrete plans to change your life for the better. Business deals made today are likely to go well, and this energy will be felt by all.

Today’s crystals are both carved into animals which adds a double meaning, The elephant is wise and measured, and the horse has the courage to charge forward into the unknown.

So please don’t doubt yourself anymore. Use the knowledge you have gained, and use it to create the changes that you desire in your life.

The universe is always on your side.

Thursday AWH



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Your Card of the Day – Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Card of the Day today is Goddess Sige – Quiet Time

Today’s crystals are Sodalite and Rainbow Fluorite, calming worry and anxiety and helping us to get our mind, spirit and body back into balance.

Be still, be quiet. Can you hear the heartbeat of the universe? It’s right inside of you.

Goddess Sige is here today to remind us to take a step back from our busy lives and reconnect with our source, the source of all creation.

You must take some rest time now, let go of stress and try to put your worries to one side. Worry is just non-refundable interest paid on a loan you might never take out. It doesn’t help, it just makes us tired, anxious and unhappy.

Take a moment to just be. Breathe, meditate, be.

You are a human Be-ing not a human Do-ing. So make sure you take time to stop doing for just a while, and just be.

The answers you seek are there in the silence, waiting for you. Close your eyes and open your mind to the wonders of the universe. The peace and wisdom of heaven is yours whenever you seek it.

Wednesday AWH


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Your Card of the Day – Tuesday 21st April 2015

Card of the Day today is Goddess Nemetona – Sacred Space

Today’s crystals are Rhodonite and Blue Goldstone. These two mystical crystals come together to bring balance in our lives between the mental, physical and spiritual.

Nemetona reminds us that our spiritual life is just as important as the other parts of our life – if not more so. Even though we may forget it, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and every so often we need to reconnect with our source.

Take some time today to honour your beliefs or spirituality, whether it’s getting back to a practise you had forgotten or not made time for, making an altar or sacred area in your home or simply sitting and contemplating, meditating and communing with nature in the outdoors.

All is sacred and there are lessons to be learned from everyone that we meet, so remember to look for the sacred in everyday encounters and experiences.

As we learn to see things from a higher perspective, through the eyes of the Angels, we will find that humanity becomes kinder, more compassionate and more loving to each other.

Take some time to spend in your sacred space today.

Tuesday AWH


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Your Card of the Day – Monday 20th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Goddess Aine – Leap of Faith

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Sugilite giving us the courage and conviction to follow our inner wisdom and lead from the heart.

Goddess Aine is here today to bring you the gift of love from the Universe. You are loved and you are part of that love. Your true nature is love, and you are here on earth as an embodiment of the eternal love that is heaven.

Never doubt yourself of fear that you are not good enough. You are more than enough and you are more than good enough, just by being you.

It’s time for many of us to make positive changes in our lives for our highest good. This may seem frightening, but you are always supported by the Angels, and you will be helped along the way.

Listen to the quiet wisdom of your soul, for it leads you to your joy, and take that leap of faith!

Monday AWH

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Your Card of the Day – Sunday 19th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Self-Forgiveness.

Today’s crystals are Ametrine and Sugilite, bringing harmony to our thoughts and healing to our hearts, helping us to accept ourselves unconditionally.

Forgiveness is always difficult, and I think that self-forgiveness can be the hardest of all.

It’s easy to listen to the voices in our head, beating us up and telling us how awful we are, how useless and worthless, but let me tell you this. Those voices lie!

You are a pure and perfect child of Heaven, and no matter what you’ve done or how much you may hate yourself, you are still loved and cherished by the entire universe. Without you, there would be something missing in all our hearts.

The Angels shed golden tears for our pain when we fail to forgive ourselves, and instead live a half-life of regret and self rejection.

There is no mistake you have made that heaven cannot forgive you for, so please love and accept yourself just as you are, and know that you are perfect, pure and worthy of forgiveness.

Sunday AWH


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Your Card of the Day – Saturday 18th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Mother Healing.

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Dragon Egg bringing us a higher level of spiritual understanding and love for the relationships with the mothers in our lives.

Most of us have fond memories of childhood, of a kind a loving mother who was always there, and for many is sorely missed if she has passed on.

Not everyone was so lucky, and some of us had extremely painful experiences, which may have involved cruelty, abandonment or worse.

Nevertheless, however ‘good’ or ‘bad’ your mother is or was, know that she was the perfect mother for you in this lifetime.

It’s said that we choose our parents before we are born onto the earth. They may not be the nicest of people, but your mother was a precious gift from heaven, chosen to give you the exact experiences your wise soul knew it needed to make you the incredible person that you have become.

So whatever the relationship with your mother, and whether she has passed or is still with us, know that it was all meant to be.

Give humble thanks for the experiences she gave you, and feel the gratitude in your heart as you assimilate the lessons you have learned from her.

Saturday AWH

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Your Card of the Day – Friday 17th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Music for Manifesting.

Today’s crystals are White Howlite and Blue Goldstone calming our fears and helping us to reconnect to our innermost desires in order to create a brighter future.

You really can manifest whatever you want into your life. It sounds glib, but the universe is always working on your behalf, responding to your thoughts and feelings.

The Angels would like to remind us today to watch our thoughts and words, but also the music that we listen to. Music is an incredibly powerful mood influencer – and this can be good and bad!

If you are working on improving your life, your situation and your wellbeing, make sure you surround yourself with positive and uplifting music. You may prefer to sing or play an instrument yourself, but make sure that the mood of the music fits the life that you are aiming for, or you might end up manifesting the wrong thing!

So put those negative boo-hoo heartbreak songs and angry anti-establishment albums to the back of your cupboard, and focus on happy music to make your heart sing and your future rosy!

Friday AWH

Your Card of the Day – Thursday 16th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Alchemy.

Today’s crystals are Goldstone and Clear Quartz adding power to your intentions and helping you to manifest your goals and dreams of abundance.

Money and financial wealth are not evil, although we are often misled into thinking so.

The real moral of the story of King Midas is that it is the love of riches over people is what causes pain and suffering.

It is OK to accept financial good fortune into your life, in fact you will be doing yourself and those around you a disservice if you do not.

The universe is generous and abundant, and you have the possibility to make it an even better place for everybody, by leading from the heart and creating wealth and joy for everyone.

Thursday AWH


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Card of the Day – Wednesday 15th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Friendship.

Today’s crystals are Green Agate and Rhodonite bringing healing, balance and cooperation from our beloved friends to enhance each others lives.

Our heavenly friends are certainly stressing the importance of friendships and play time this week!

Solo play is fine sometimes, but the Angels are encouraging us to contact old friends, reconnect and rekindle with old acquaintances today. Make sure it feels light and fun, and enjoy the company of uplifting people.

This isn’t about feeling guilty for not contacting somebody, just a reminder that there are many beautiful souls who can help to enhance your life as you bring joy to theirs too.

Take some time today with a special friend, make a play date or arrange to get away from it all with your pals.

We were not put on earth to live solitary lives, friends are important and friendships should be nurtured.

Let us all give thanks for good friends.

Wednesday AWH


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Your Card of the Day – Tuesday 14th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Play Time!

Today’s Crystals are Rose Quartz and Blue Lace Agate bringing gentle and harmonious energies to relax your soul, and bring joy to your heart.

It’s time to take a load off! This may seem easier said than done, but Play Time or time off is absolutely crucial if you are to thrive and achieve.

Play allows your mind to wander and unleashes your creativity. You can get back to work later, when you feel refreshed and invigorated by your happy abandonment of responsibility for a short time.

Really enjoy yourself, do something silly, play with your children or sneak into the park and go down the slide when nobody’s looking!

Get a colouring book and grab your pencils, enjoy some puzzles or just go and have fun outdoors with your pet dog.

Play Time is something we forget to make time for as adults, but it’s crucial to our well-being and joy.

Make sure you schedule in some play time today and have some FUN!

Tuesday AWH

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Your Card of the Day – Monday 13th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Empowerment.

Today’s crystals are Red Jasper and Carnelian grounding our intentions into real life and making us stronger and more capable than ever.

This is a day for achievements! I believe in you and so do the Angels.

If you’re trying to make a new start in life, then this is your sign that you’re being helped by the universe.

If you’re up against it, dealing with challenges, know that you are supported and loved, and so much more powerful than you ever realised.

As long as you are acting for the highest good, you simply cannot fail.

Take your courage in both hands, and let your heart lead the way. Heaven will always guide you if you ask for directions, and with the Angels at your side, this is time to make a real difference for positive good in the world.

Open your arms to the universe, say YES to your own power and YES to joy!

Monday AWH


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Time for a fresh start!

Tomorrow is the first day of a new month. The month of April is upon us, and here on the South coast of England, the flowers are starting to show their spring colours, and the sun is gently starting to remind us that the cold weather won’t last forever.

It’s a really wonderful time, and I always enjoy the feelings of anticipation and excitement as the world wakes up from her winter slumber.

This has been a particularly challenging few months for many of us, including me. I’ve not been in the best of health due to many planetary shifts which have taken their toll on me physically and mentally. Many of you who are sensitive or psychic may have felt these shifts too and wondered why you’ve felt so exhausted or spaced out since the end of last year.

I had to reduce the amount of hours I worked and sadly Card of the Day went out of the window!

The good news is that there is an end in sight, and as of next week we should all be feeling a lot freer. The sensation of walking through glue will start to subside, and we can look forward to a brighter future feeling excited and energised.

At times like these it’s really good to blow away the cobwebs and let go of anything holding us back.

Big changes are coming in our society and our communities on a global and individual level. You may have already started to see it.

There is a new era dawning, and we are riding the crest of a wave. It’s very exciting, and as I see people bringing the spiritual into their daily lives more and more, I feel blessed to have the honour to witness such a pivotal time in our evolution.

I have heard from many people that they want to move forward, but feel stuck, as if something is holding them back.

I may be able to help with any stuck feelings or energy drains that are holding you back. You see, each time we encounter a person in our lives, there in the possibility that they may ‘attach’ to us on an energetic level. You won’t notice it, although you may feel it.

These people are the ones who drain us, make us feel tired or bad in some way. We can get away from them, but if we don’t carry out a spiritual spring clean, they can continue to sap our energy from a distance.

This is something I regularly do for my beloved clients, as part of a healing Reiki session or with my bespoke Psychic Scan and Tie Cutting package.

I know that not everyone has the time or possibility to come to see me, because many of you live a long way away or even in another country.

As one of the spiritual ambassadors of the new era, I’ve always felt it was my duty to help as many people as much as I possibly can .

I spent some time speaking to my spirit guides about it, and we came up with a solution that will work for anybody, no matter where you are.

I created a guided meditation that you can download and listen to as often as you need, which will help to release you from your past and propel you into a more prosperous and joyful future.

It’s called Cutting the Ties that Bind with Archangel Michael, and I’m very pleased to report that I’ve had some great feedback about it already.

It’s the next best thing to having an actual Psychic Scan & Tie Cutting session with me!

And the best thing is you don’t have to wait to get it. You can download it here and listen to it straight away for a very small price.

This powerful meditation calls upon the sacred presence of Archangel Michael himself to help release you from any energetic ties or bonds.

Safe and easy to use, you can listen as often as you like.

NOTE: It is very relaxing and you will need to close your eyes so don’t listen to it while driving or operating machinery! Make sure you’re in a safe place where you won’t be disturbed.

So what are you waiting for? Your fresh start awaits you! Download your copy today and start reaping the benefits of an energetic spring clean for just £9.99!

When Mother’s Day hurts…

Mother’s Day is a wonderful celebration of loving and kind mothers.

It’s a chance to show your devoted mother some gratitude for all the love support and for all the times she was there for you.

But what if you mother wasn’t loving and kind?

What if instead of doing special things for you, she did special things for herself and ignored all but your most basic needs?

What if she was neglectful? Cruel? Abusive? What if she still is all those things?

Perhaps she has rejected you or refuses to accept you for who you are.

How can you possibly celebrate Mother’s Day when your own mother is a far cry from the fluffy messages at Hallmark?

It’s so unfair, why did you pull the short straw?

Well perhaps you didn’t.

I wondered this myself for many years, wanting to burst into tears at the sight of Mother’s Day cards in the shops and wrestling with myself over which one to buy when none of the poems or messages seemed to ring true for me.

But I learned that there is perfection in everything if you choose to see it.

You just have to take a giant step back and look at the bigger picture to see it.

Our soul chooses our parents before we are born. They are chosen to provide us with certain important lessons as we go through our lives on earth.

While these lessons may have been incredibly difficult and painful, they have made you the wonderful, loving person you are today.

You are who you are thanks to (or perhaps despite of) your mother and how she treated you.

She may not deserve a card this Mother’s Day, but you deserve the peace of knowing that your mother wasn’t sent to punish you; you are a pure and perfect child of God and you are loved by your true father-mother I’m heaven more than you could ever know.

You are beautiful and special even if your mother never made you feel that way.

For those of us without the mother we would have wanted, let’s take this day and claim it for ourselves.

Let’s make Mother’s Day a day to show ourselves the love and care we missed, and to learn from our mothers’ mistakes, to make the world a more beautiful place.

When Mother's Day Hurts

Does something look a bit funny?

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While it’s under construction, things might look a little odd around here…

Please bear with us, all will be revealed very soon!

Lots of Love,


With Love Helen

New Guided Meditation for YOU!

I’m super-dooper excited today, because my powerful Cutting the Ties that Bind with Archangel Michael Guided Meditation is now available to download here!

You may remember that I included this as a free gift with the 12 Month Forecast at the beginning of the year?

Well, now it’s available for you to buy for just £9.99 (approx $15US) so you can download it right away, and start using it. 

New Guided Meditation! Just £9.99