Forgiveness – it’s not what you think

I was recently reading a blog about abuse and how the victims of emotional child abuse are often blamed for their anger and told to forgive without any regard for their feelings.

The author was angry, and understandably so. She vented about why should she forgive her abuser who firstly did want forgiveness and secondly wouldn’t even admit to any wrong doing!

The truth is that forgiveness is often glibly trotted out as a solution to all of our emotional problems and traumas.

Unhelpful clichés like

“Oh get over it, you need to stop being so angry”


“You just need to forgive them and get on with your life”

are frequently voiced by often well-meaning but ill informed friends, family or colleagues.

To victims of abuse or any sort of maltreatment or wrong doing at all, this sort of brush off is incredibly hurtful and deeply lacking in empathy. You can’t just forgive the person who abused you or flick a switch in your head and “get over it.”

They will most likely be hurt and made angry by this sort of unsympathetic, invalidating comment.

Worse yet, it can force them to bury or bottle up their feelings, leading to worse psychological problems and further pain and trauma down the road.

Having been in this situation myself I can honestly relate to how painful and unhelpful these statements can be.

And yet, I do believe that forgiveness is the answer.

But forgiveness itself is not what you probably think it is.

The problem is that forgiveness is often mis-portrayed as a weak and pitiful thing to do where we essentially let somebody off the hook or let them get away with what they have done.

Apparently that’s the “Christian” thing to do.

But is it really loving to enable bad behaviour in such a way? To become a doormat in the name of forgiveness?


That is not true forgiveness. At best it’s compromise and at worst it’s condoning or enabling bad or abusive behaviour.

True forgiveness does neither of these things.

Forgiveness is not weak, it’s radical.

The true act of forgiveness is not in any way for the benefit of the purportrator of harm, it is 100% for you.

Forgiveness is an act that allows you to throw off the shackles of pain and anger, to remove the victim mantle and take back your power. To face life again knowing that you are stronger and free from the past.

Holding on to the anger is allowing that person or people to live in your head rent free. These painful thoughts will continue to hurt you until you choose forgiveness and kick them out!

Anger is necessary at first, and to deny your feelings would be counter productive in the healing process. But holding on to the anger for too long and never letting it go is just as harmful. Allowing it to fester and eat away at you, forever spoiling your life, destroying trust and keeping you bitter and sad just doesn’t make sense.

Forgiveness is healing yourself.

When you deny another forgiveness, you are only hurting yourself. It becomes a self punishing, masochistic act.

Now just to clarify, I do not in any way condone any sort of abuse nor am I suggesting that you should contact or make friends with the person who abused you. That would be highly inappropriate in most cases not to mention counter productive. I’m not suggesting that you should attempt to reconcile or trust them again.

Forgiveness does not require that the other person knows that you’ve forgiven them.

Forgiveness does not let them off the hook, it does not condone what they did and it certainly doesn’t give them a clean slate. It gives YOU one.

So when you’ve had enough of the pain, the anger, the depression and the myriad of other painful feelings, you may be ready to give forgiveness a try.

Forgiveness is when you decide that you’re no longer willing to be a victim and live in the shadow of what happened to you. You’re no longer willing to let it affect your life.

Forgiveness is when you choose joy and freedom over anger.

And the person who wronged you no longer matters.

Forgiveness isn’t easy, in most cases I’d say it’s probably one of the hardest challenges in our lives. It takes time and effort.

The path to forgiveness is long and it may take great strength and personal growth to go follow it, but it leads to a better place.

Forgiveness leads us to the peace and healing we’ve been longing for all along. To freedom, once and for all.

Success and The Energetic Tribe

Why do so many people struggle to be happy for the success of others?

Many of you who know me will be aware that in the past I’ve worked in big corporate offices. I’ve been part of many “teams” of employees over the years, and this is a question that has been nagging at me for some time.

Now I don’t mean the little successes here, like winning employee of the month, or top salesman of the week, I mean the big life-changing successes that take you to new places. The ones you work and slave over, spend hours planning and that make you a bigger and shinier, more authentic version of you.

I’ve experienced this disconcerting truth first hand, when others were unable to celebrate with me, and I spent many long hours pondering what I’d done wrong. Was it was sheer jealousy? But I concluded that no it couldn’t be, because they didn’t want the job I got anyway. Perhaps it was just envy at my greater ambition and my honed skills? But that didn’t seem to sit right either.

I’ve worked some pretty challenging jobs, and the teams I’ve been in were usually supportive and jolly with a deep sense of camaraderie and loyalty. “We’re all in this together” was the theme. We’d spend hours working together, socialising together, complaining about how crummy our jobs were, what an asshat the boss was or bitching about that one miserable client who made our lives a misery.

But when I decided it was time to leave and run my own business something strange happened that I really wasn’t expecting. I thought my loyal colleagues would be happy for me, would want me to succeed, but they didn’t.

I remember feeling quite despondent and wondering why people I thought were my friends and loyal comrades would react in such a manner. Surely they would be happy for my ambition and success as a budding business person, reaching towards my dreams and financial independence?


But why? It confused and upset me until one of my own spiritual teachers pointed out that there was a very real, but hidden, metaphysical reason for it.

I was daring to leave The Tribe. A crime worthy of terrible punishment!

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the expression birds of a feather flock together, and that’s very true. We tend to be like the people we associate with or spend most time with, and our energy seems to be in sync with these people too. We feel naturally comfortable with them, we share a resonance, a frequency if you will.

My team at the office had become an energetic tribe, who worked together and vibrated together in union. Until I decided I wanted more.

When I started to try and pull myself up, to make a better future and sought the freedom and financial level I really wanted, I disrupted the energy of that very same tribe. And they were NOT happy about it.

On an energetic level, I had actually become an example to them. They were being shown that they could be better, do more, achieve higher goals, but their earthly egos, for the most part at least, weren’t very happy about it.

At first, before it seemed real, they were encouraging, supportive even. It was just a pipe-dream, not tangible, and they didn’t REALLY believe it was going to happen. They laughed at crazy Helen and her millionaire ideas. However, as soon as it started to become “real” and I started to make the changes and follow through on my plans, the support waned and was replaced with contempt, and I noticed several members of the team starting to act really rather frostily with me. I could feel the energy had shifted against me, but I was mystified and bewildered as to why. It just didn’t seem to make logical sense.

I felt isolated, vulnerable, even bullied. I tried to rack my brains for how I could have upset them so much but I drew a blank.

The truth was it wasn’t about my conduct or behaviour. The solution was much simpler but also invisible to the onlooker.

Energetically, I had changed. I no longer meshed with them. So the energetic tribe had three choices to maintain the energetic balance necessary for our equlibrium:

1. To rise to my level with me

2. To knock me back down again


3. To ex-communicate me

Now this may sound rather drastic and dramatic, but it’s a simple energetic truth of the wonderful world of subtle energies that we live in.

How many of you have made positive changes in your lives only to find to your dismay that friends or family members don’t support you, or try to “take you down a peg?”

When we don’t fit in with the tribe anynmore, we are punished, beaten down or cast out. It’s sadly very rare that others rise with us, although not beyond the realms of possibility.

The tribe will usually choose option 2, and if that fails, option 3. Ex-communication. You are cast out, shunned.

How many celebrities and successful business people have lost friends, colleagues, partners and family along the way? And no, it’s not because they were selfish a$$holes (although you obviously can’t rule that out entirely), it’s because their energy no longer meshed with that particular “tribe” of friends, family or co-workers. They had to leave them behind in order to grow and be authentic.

So next time you find yourself in a similar situation, try to take heart even if it feels bad. If people are stepping back from you, failing to congratulate you on acheivements or seem strangely negative about your positive results, it’s not that you’ve done anything wrong. You’ve probably just levelled up energetically, and thrown them out of balance.

On a soul level, you have become a mirror to them, you are showing them what they could achieve, who they could become and the joy and success that awaits if they step out of their cosy comfort zones, make some brave choices and step up to the plate. And that scares the hell out of most people. The ego mind is terrified of change, and chooses instead to attack this new enemy to the status quo, this menace to the safe, secure, mediocrity that has become the norm.

You may feel sad, wistful or grieve for the people you have lost, and that is natural. But nature abhors a vacuum, so I can assure you that you won’t be left alone for long.

Soon enough, you will magnetise new friends, new colleagues who match your frequency and will be only too happy to love and support you. People on the same wavelength as the one you find yourself upon. They may not stay with you forever, but that’s ok. Relationships aren’t supposed to be forever, despite the lies Hollywood would have us swallow.

Just a note – don’t try to force relationships that no longer work for you. Staying around people whose energy isn’t as bright and sparkling as yours will only serve to slow you down, bring you down or mar your progress. You are a beautiful swan, not a lame duck, so seek out other swans, and take pride in who you’ve become.

Who knows, perhaps one day, some of the old tribe may be inspired by your example, but in my experience, that’s usually not the case.

I am exceptionally proud to see people that I have inspired to take steps out of their comfort zones, to live much more fulfilled and exciting lives than the old ones that they were previously stuck in. I showed them that the cage door was open and they flew!

So please don’t hide your light under a bushel. Continue to shine, and continue to inspire. That is after all, your soul’s highest calling, so create your own new energetic tribe, own your success and live it!

Spiritual Highs

I had the privilege of meeting a very powerful Indigo soul recently. Her energy took me a little by surprise and I found myself feeling really calm and a little spaced out. She ignighted something within me, something that my higher self recognised, and took me to a place of spiritual connection and wonderment.

I was floating around on a cloud for the rest of the day, experiencing a deep calm and serenity, coupled with feeling so connected to everything and everyone. Seeing colours more vividly, hearing noises more loudly and experiencing life in what felt like 4D.

Trippy man!

It made me remember just how wonderful and blissful out spiritual nature truly is. How relaxation, calm and peace are our true nature, and how we tend to forget this most of the time because we can’t feel it most of the time. We disconnect, we get stuck in stress, fear, anxiety, worry, anger. We lose faith in ourselves, in others and in the universe.

Sometimes we need to reconnect back to our original source, our divine nature, and remember what it feels like. And it feels so wonderful! That’s exactly what my encounter with the blessed Indigo soul did for me.

Our nature is not bad, angry or selfish, it’s all encompassing, grandiose but humble, childlike but wise and so very, very peaceful. I wish I could share the feeling with you all right now.

Meditation will get you close to the feeling of being one with source, but for me the feeling of total awareness, of childlike wonder for this beautiful wordly realm and the powerful and bewildering interconnectedness you feel is something that you must have your eyes open to truly experience. It’s beyond perfection.

For the first time in a long time I feel relaxed, calm and at peace with the world. All I want to do is spread love, blessings and joy all around me, and yet as I write these words I am aware of how fleeting this experience is, for the negative thoughts and doubts are gathering like dark storm clouds around me, ready to jump in again when I drop my guard, next time I get caught up in drama, in blaming, in anger.

I thank heaven for these moments of clarity and bliss. The last one I can remember was in 2006. This time I will do my best to stay a little more connected, to stay linked, not to be dragged back “down to earth” by my ego, my earthly self.

Much as I love the connected feeling however, it’s equally important to remember that we can’t stay 100% connected all the time. If we remain on too much of a spiritual high, we feel great, but we can neglect our earthly life which is, after all, what we are here to live and experience. Our body temple can also suffer from neglect in this exalted state, as we can forget to look after it.

In the words of one of my spiritual teachers;

“You can end up with no milk in the fridge and no toilet paper in the bathroom. Or worse, with toilet paper in the fridge and milk in the bathroom!”

Regrettably, many of my colleagues in the spiritual and holistic fields make the mistake of assuming that to be any sort of “spiritual” healer or teacher, they are required to be permanently connected 100% to the divine, and living in joy and peace without any other negative emotions or experiences. Now this is pretty impossible to achieve over any extended period of time for anyone.

Many of them feel pressure to “fake it” and make out that they no longer feel anger, stress, sadness or and of the less desirable emotions, albeit to their own detriment. Bottling these unhappy feelings up is like filling your body with toxic waste. They need to be expressed, and as spiritual beings having a human experience, we will continue to need to express them many times yet! Take a load off my friends – you’re not supposed to be perfect!

When these spiritual highs and moments of joy and clarity arrive in your life, welcome them and enjoy them wholeheartedly. Enjoy the ride, and squeal with delight at the crazy ticker-tape parade of your soul-found, heart-expanding bliss. But don’t feel bad because you can’t stay there forever. It’s ok, you’re not supposed to.

Love and Blessings xx


Your Body Talks – Listen!

Recently I’ve not been online so much as you may have noticed. I’ve been absent without leave! Truth is, overall I’ve been feeling pretty crappy for a few days.

All last week, I could feel my energy dropping, and I had less and less get up and go – my energy and motivation had gotten up and gone! Despite this, I still kept trying to push forward, push on and work. But guess what – it wasn’t working.

As my interest in my work waned so did my ability to sit still, concentrate or focus. I started to panic – what has happened to me I wondered? Have I lost my edge? What’s going on!

I felt worse and worse over the weekend until my lovely man finally said to me;

“Sweetheart, are you unwell?”

“No,” I replied, “I’m fine I just have a really thick head and the vertigo is really bad today and I’m blowing my nose a bit and sneezing… ah.”

Yes, I was sick! I hadn’t noticed it but my body had slowly shut down and was clearly suffering with a case of the cold virus! Now you’d think that would be pretty obvious to spot right? Especially for somebody as in-tune and aware as me? Well yes, I would have thought so too so it came as a shock to me that I was the last to know!

I realised that I’d become so engrossed in my work and in pushing myself further, I hadn’t noticed my poor body decline into illness. I just dismissed the symptoms as my ego trying to distract me or my own laziness to be combatted. But nope – I was wrong. I was ILL!

It was something of a relief to discover that I was just suffering from the common cold rather than some unresolved issue holding me back and making me feel crappy!

“Thank heavens – it’s just a cold!” I thought “Echinacea! Stat!”

It was a bit of a wake up call that you can get so engrossed in one subject and one cause that you completely miss what’s actually going on around you!

To give you a little perspective, colds can be hard to notice when I catch them. Where I quit dairy a couple of years ago, I don’t suffer from mucus or a runny nose anymore, so without the obvious nose-trumpeting symptoms, it’s less of an easy-spot.

Finding out I was ill was a huge relief in another way too – it meant I could finally ease off and take some time out without feeling guilty! My body was desperately trying to make me rest properly but to no avail, so it put the brakes on and got sick!

So this cold has been a blessing for me. It’s made me slow down, reassess, realise that I’ve been waaaaay too hard on myself and that it’s time to stop and smell the roses once in a while. In business, it’s all too easy to get your nose to the grindstone and lose the joy and fulfilment that your original plan held for you. I’d lost sight of my joy and my purpose, but it’s back with new resolve.

I remember now – this is supposed to be fun! Thank you cold, you woke me up by ironically making me feel half asleep!

Our bodies really do talk to us, and they carry important messages if only we listen to them. it’s not enough to only listen to part of it or to ignore aches, pains or dizziness. Your body-temple is constantly providing you with a feedback mechanism for your daily life, so it’s time to remember to use it; not abuse it.


You know when you get “those” days…?

I had one of those days today. you know the ones I mean, I woke up feeling all icky and sad, for no apparent reason. I tried to muster myself out of it but it was a no go, a dead end alley, an emotional cul-de-sac. Today just was not going to get started let alone be a go-er for getting work done!

I felt disappointed at first, and a little frustrated but I’ve learned not to allow the voice in my head to beat me up when I have these days, anymore.

We all have days when we just feel icky. I felt inexplicably sad and dysphoric with it. I don’t have an explanation, and I don’t feel the need to go trawling medical websites (which are more likely to convince me I have brain cancer and need a vasectomy or something equally ridiculous) on the internet to find out.

I feel rubbish today. And that’s OK because sometimes, the best thing to do is nothing at all.

It took me a while to get this. it’s all about self acceptance and understanding that we are human, not machines. Heck, even machines need maintenance, time to cool down or cleaning down and servicing every now and then!

That wasn’t always the case though. What I used to do when I had icky days, went something like this, you may be able to relate:

1. Beat myself up about being “lazy” or “useless”

2. Worry furiously about why I’m feeling low and try to analyse what’s “wrong” with me

3. Find no apparent reason and beat myself up some more

4. Feel worse

5. Try to do work, and end up in tears, hiding under the duvet with Evey and feeling worse

So, you know what folks? I learned to accept that sometimes, I just have off days.

We all do, and you know what? That’s ok. It’s no biggie.

I’m an entrepreneur so it was hard for me to accept that at first, after all if I don’t work, I don’t eat! My business needs me! But I realised that my business can cope with me taking a day off, and it will still be there in the morning tomorrow when I’m over my attack of the icky, feeling better and motivated, ready to take on the world again.

Fortified by the homemade vegetable soup that I took the time out to make today, I’m starting to feel human again. Back in touch with myself.

As my icky day now draws to a close, I can see blue sky appearing out of my window after a cloudy and wet day. It’s felt as if the weather were mood matching me today, it was distinctly overcast and dreary, but now as my mood lifts, so are the clouds.


So remember – icky feelings don’t last any more than cloudy weather. They may seem interminable, but just accept that sometimes there is nothing you can do, and remember the saying

“This too shall pass!”


Are you looking for guidance or answer on your path?

Lost or seeking spiritual guidance?

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How Do Telephone Readings Work?

Something I get asked a lot is about telephone readings.

As a working clairvoyant medium, I have a wide public around the world to service, and due to the restraints of space and time in this world, sometimes it’s easier to give a reading over the phone or on Skype.

Many people ask me how that’s possible? How can I read for somebody who isn’t there?! Don’t I need a picture or something to work from?

The answer is simple.

It works.

I’ve done readings via phone, Skype, Facebook messenger, in person and by email before now. And it all works!

But how?

Two simple reasons:

1. My spirit guides can travel!

Spirit guides, as the name suggests are not held by the same constraints of time and space as we are! My guides can go anywhere and any-when they want to gather information and feed it back to me during a reading.

My guides are incredible and have surprised me time and time again with the accuracy of the information they tell me to pass on during a reading!

I like to joke that I’m just a glorified mouthpiece for them, and if I could just find a way to hook them up to a loudspeaker my job would be a whole lot easier!

I can but dream…

2. We are all connected

The second reason is that when I tune in to do a reading, I link with your energy not with your physical person.

I don’t need you to be in the room with me when I work, you don’t even need to be on the same continent!

We are all spiritual beings made of pure energy, and we are all connected. If you imagine an invisible World Wide Web made of energy, connecting every living being, that’s what I tap into when I’m doing my psychic work.

And I definitely don’t need to see you. In fact, I find that doing readings in person can be more difficult because it’s very easy to be accidentally influenced by the appearance of the person in front of you. Your conscious mind loves to judge and can put unhelpful thoughts into my head while I’m trying to keep it clear for your psychic messages!

This is also why it’s best to get a reading from somebody who doesn’t know you rather than a friend or relative. You want them to tune into the energy and bring facts through, not just make judgements coloured by what they already know about you, or their opinions.

Note to the wise: there are some unscrupulous people out there who aren’t actually psychics at all. Some people use a technique called cold reading. It’s much easier to cold read somebody if they’re in front of you so a telephone psychic may actually be more likely to be genuine!

To be fair, I’ve not as yet encountered any psychics or clairvoyants who weren’t genuine in my time, but it’s always good to be armed with knowledge.

If you’d like to find out just how accurate telephone readings are, give me a try!

Or call:
07795 818646 in the UK to book yours today!

Friends Forever?

Isn’t it funny how we expect to always have the same friends throughout our lives?
TV shows and books talk about life long friendships and relationships, and this lofty ideal of how people should “always be there for each other” but how realistic is that?
I mean really?

Are you still friends with your kindergarten best friend? Your high school best friend?
Are you even still in regular contact with them?

I’m going to guess probably not, unless you’re in the minority. And you know what? That’s ok.

I’ve learned to my cost that people who you think are your friend, but they may not actually be very good for you. In fact, they may not even really be your friend at all!

Sometimes you’ll have people in your life to profess to being your best friend, but the way they express that is actually to criticise you harshly, emotionally abuse you and make you feel terrible.

They get away with it because they hide behind the mantle of “only doing / saying it for your own good because I’m you friend and I care about you!”
Well let me tell you right now. Whether they genuinely care about your wellbeing or not, it does NOT make that sort of behaviour acceptable!

Do you have friends who revel in your failures, make a big fuss and just love saying I told you so? Friends who disappear off the radar when you do well and only pop up when you’re down?
Well I’ve got news for you.

These people are not your friends!

These people are passive aggressive, usually very insecure and in true bully fashion need to put others down in order to feel better about themselves.

They are frenemies at best!

If you want to know if somebody is a true friend, take a look at their words, their actions and most importantly how they make you FEEL.

If being around one of your “friends” makes you feel icky, chances are your instincts are trying to warn you that they’re not a real friend at all.

Confusingly, there may be people in your life who were good friends to you some time ago, or who seemed to be, but who no longer gel with you. Whilst itmay seem hard to let go, it’s ok. We outgrow friends in the same way a child outgrows clothes, and sometimes you have to cut ties in order for new friends to come in.

You are not duty bound to remain friends with somebody that you just don’t particularly like or get on with anymore in the name of “friendship” because the bottom line is most friends aren’t forever.

And that’s ok.

So repeat after me:

I let go of anybody in my life who is no longer my friend or who no longer matches my energy.

Angels please give me the wisdom to see the difference and know who my true friends are.

I welcome lots of new genuine friends into my life with joy!

A Message from Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel & The Ruby Ray

On 29th December 2013, Archangel Uriel came to me and told me it was time for me to start transmitting messages from him to the world.

He used the word transmitting rather than channelling which I found interesting. He said,

“Helen you’re already a fantastic medium & channel, you know that. Now it’s time to use your gift for the greater good. Your spirit communication has reached a stage where I can pretty much dictate to you. Congratulations.”

I’ll be honest, it feels strange to communicate with angels directly in the same say I normally would my spirit guide Anubis. When it happens, I can feel my crown chakra “link up” with heaven as if somebody has plugged some sort of  etheric ethernet cable into the top of my head!

I’ve been aware of & worked with angels for many years, but they haven’t been my main focus in my work for some time despite the name of my business. I always wondered why I picked that name, and I think I’ve just found out!

I have a message for you for the coming year that Archangel Uriel wanted me to pass on to you, with his love and gratitude.

Candy Hearts

2014 The Year of Balance

2013 is just ending and the Yang energies were very strong this year. After the spiritual energies of 2012, 2013 was much tougher for sensitives, healers and people aware of their psychic & mediumistic gifts, who I generally refer to as “Lightworkers”.

I think many of us were expecting a shift in world consciousness that would make everything easier, but on many levels it temporarily made everything a lot harder and faster. Our lives went on fast forward, people moving in and out of our lives, jobs, homes, situations all up in the air and changing fast like clouds passing in the sky on a windy day.  

2013 has been one heck of a doozy (yes that is how Uriel speaks to me, he is quite entertaining and down to earth!) and we have had to be so tough to get through it all. Many people have started to awaken to their natural gifts and healing talents, and more the better. We could really use as many healers on earth as possible right now.

Less old-style restrictive religion and dogma, and more forwards thinking spirituality, acceptance and kindness. That’s not to say that religion wont still have a role on earth, but it is changing, and that is both necessary and good. Over the next 5 years, we will see big shifts within organised religions to become more accepting and “modern” in many ways which will benefit the world in general.

2014 is heralded as the year of Balance. Balance is the watch-word for us all next year and before Uriel came to me today, it had already featured in a great number of the readings I have given over the past few months. My predictions for next year have mostly centred around Balance and Harmony being key words.

We must learn to find our balance, our harmony, our heart. I don’t just mean work-life balance here, this is work-life-play-family-spirituality-body-soul balance. Everything must be attended to, looked after and we must start to see ourselves as the truly Holistic beings that we are.  This is the only way for us to pull out of the dark suffering of mental illnesses, sadness, depression and anxiety that has much of the population in its icy grip. The truth is that there is no devil or evil force doing this to us, we do it to ourselves. So awareness leading to balance is the key to take us forward to joy and fulfilment next year.

Archangel Uriel is very much here with us to facilitate these changes. He is an incredibly powerful and down-to-earth angel who spends much time with us here with our individual and mass spiritual journeys towards joy and enlightenment.

He brings with him a warm red glow – the Ruby Ray. He will gently ground us as we find our feet and awaken to who we truly are, i.e. the divine personified, and help us to take stock of all that has passed in our lives so we can choose our future with eyes wide open. He brings us strength and a great boost of energy to enter the new year invigorated and joyful, ready to take on whatever challenges lie ahead of us.

What this means in real terms, is that next year we will find ourselves yearning for, and trying to establish more balance in our lives. We will need to walk away from disharmonious relationships, and quickly.

There will also be a great sense of purpose for many, and we will start (or continue) to make attempts to improve our lifestyles to move towards healthful foods, better living habits, gentle and joyful exercise and spiritual peace.

Spiritual Peace is our target for 2015 and Balance & Harmony is the way there.

Archangel Uriel will bring us all renewed vigour and strength to begin the new year, so you can look forward to your energy levels increasing as the clock tick tocks over to on midnight December 31st. A rush of joy, energy and power will be felt by many.

In 2014 our divine purpose as individuals will start to become much more apparent (and may not be exactly what some lightworkers had in mind so look out for some surprises!) as our 5th dimensional spirit guides step forward more and more, working in harmony with the lower ranks of angels, cherubim and seraphim to bring more divine light and love to the planet.

All in all, Archangel Uriel’s recommendations for next year include the following:

- Take some small steps to improve your health and physical wellbeing, avoiding chemicals and processed foods where possible.

- If you feel the urge to begin a new spiritual practise, take it seriously and don’t dismiss it as a phase, because your spiritual path is unfolding before you this coming year.

- Travel is indicated for many – expanding horizons will coincide with expanding hearts and international travel will be necessary to help release built up anxiety and tension felt by many.

- Look for balance and harmony in everything you do. If you’re not sure what to do, or have a difficult decision to make, think about what brings your life more into balance and harmony and that will help you to find the way.

One last point.

Archangel Uriel helps us to achieve mastery over the physical world that we live in. He is very much in the “real” here and now world with us. He is also an angels that allows us to achieve in ALL areas of our life. This includes money, finances and business.

There is nothing unspiritual about money. It has taken centuries for people to accept this, but the truth is that money is no less spiritual that anything else, and to be truly spiritually abundant, you must understand and master the energy of exchange represented by money and finance.

A challenging concept for some, but necessary in our quest to become whole, balanced and happy.

You can ask for Archangel Uriel’s help at any time if you feel you are lost or struggling. He will boost your strength and guide you to a safe place. His colour is ruby red so you may wish to wear this colour or have an object such as a crystal or gem of a deep red with you to remind you that he is always near.

You don’t need any special skills to invoke angels, or ask for their assistance. Simply ask the same way you would a friend, either aloud or in your head and help will be provided to you.

Say thank you straight away and trust that he will do whatever is needed to help you.

Archangel Uriel and I would like to send you our love and brightest blessings for the next year, and we wish joy, harmony and abundance to you and your family, loved ones and pets.

Happy New Year 2014!

Ever made a mistake?

Have you ever made a mistake? I know I have. And not just one either. 

I’ve made HUNDREDS, probably THOUSANDS!

And you know what? I’m pretty proud of myself for that!

“Proud?!” I hear some people exclaim? “But you got something wrong – that’s nothing to be proud of!” 

Well actually, maybe it is, but most people don’t realise it yet…


When I was growing up I was taught that making mistakes was definitely not OK. My parents wanted me to be a high achiever and any sort of mistakes were a big no-no leading to scorn, punishment or worse.

If you’re anything like me, I’m guessing your childhood was similar. Teachers at school would frown and huff at any mistakes in your work, give you “bad grades” and berate you for not doing everything perfectly.

I remember one time being told by my father that in the Japanese language there were no swear words. The worst thing you can say, he told me, is “I have made a mistake!”

Now whether that’s true or not, I really don’t know. But once again, it left an impression on me and hellbent on not angering my perfectionist parents, I tried very hard at school to get good grades and not make mistakes. 

I can see in hindsight that I held myself back from doing new things for fear of not getting it “right first time” or worse, getting it wrong and being humiliated for it. And sadly I know I’m not alone there. 

To this day I see people who really want to do or try something new, but who are too afraid of getting it wrong. As adults the stakes tend to be higher and if there are possible financial impications to our mistakes, such as losing money or ending up in debt, they are even more terrifiying to us. 

As a result too many people stay in “safe” situations where they aren’t really happy, but fear moving forward incase they… oh no! Make a mistake!

Oops sign

Working in a spiritual & holistic field, I do encounter a lot of people who say “It’s OK to make a mistake” but I often feel that in reality many of them are only paying lip service to the saying and don’t really understand it’s meaning.

For many people, it’s a way to reassuring others so they don’t feel so bad. To me that has always felt a little condescending, and perhaps demeaning in certain circumstances. We are not children and we don’t need a pat on the head!

So I’d like to stop  that once and for all. Because here’s the truth:


According to Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, mistakes are how the human brain is hardwired to LEARN! If you don’t make mistakes, you CANNOT learn or grow!

So from today I’d like you to completely reframe  mistakes in your mind.

Stop thinking that mistakes are bad to be avoided at all costs, and throw yourself into life, embrace making as many mistakes as you can!

Remember it took Thomas Edison over 1,000 attempts to make the lighbulb. If he had given up after his first “mistake” the world would not be as advanced as it is today.

Mistakes = Progress

Mistakes = Growth

Mistakes = Learning

Mistakes are GOOD! 

Don’t fear mistakes any more! Mistakes are your friends, your teachers and your trainers!

So get up off that couch and go out and try something new RIGHT NOW! And if you’re really lucky, you might even make a mistake!