Your Card of the Day Message – 2nd August

Card of the Day today is Dog

Today’s crystals are Sodalite and Aventurine reminding us that our needs are important and that we matter.

Dog is the loyal follower and companion. Always ready and eager to please, to do his bit and help where he can. He is the loving trustworthy soul.

Many people are feeling great exhaustion at this time, and not without due cause.

This century has been a tiring one indeed, and among the light workers, sensitives and healers in particular, there is a general feeling of burn-out, a deep tiredness and a longing for peaceful rest.

Energetically, we have gone through many changes these past few years, as our souls are literally growing. Like children after a growth spurt, you may feel extra tired or cranky at the moment and feel like you really need a holiday.

With all the changes going on in the world right now, and as our collective consciousness is being raised, the helpers among us (that is probably you if you’re reading this right now!) have found themselves extremely busy running around after all and sundry, as people seem to lurch from one drama to another, and disasters are all around us.

There has been great suffering around us, and we have all tried to hard to help and support those that we care about.

Unfortunately, many of us have been taken advantage of, used, abused and drained by less evolved souls who have leeched from us, and many of whom call themselves politicians or seek positions that put them in charge of others.

You cannot serve too many masters, in fact the only master you should ever serve is your own soul.

Your inner wisdom will guide you to the people genuinely deserving of your help, and remember that sometimes the right thing to do many not be what you think you should.

Right now, please rest and gather your strength for you will need it in the times to come.  Your love and kindness has not been ignored and Heaven is aware of the sacrifices you have made for others.

A kinder time is coming to this world, and partly thanks to you and everything you have done, no matter how small the gestures of kindness and compassion may have seemed to you.

But for now, please rest. It is time to recuperate, to heal your fragmented soul and take shelter with your pack until you are strong again.

7 Sunday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 1st August

Card of the Day today is Goose

Today’s crystals are Red Jasper and Rose Quartz bringing us the love and strength of our brothers and sisters.

Our beautiful feathered friends travel great distances that we can only dream of, and their stamina is incredible. But their wisdom lies in the knowledge of when to move and when to stop, when to rest and when to fly.

Goose is here with a message of great compassion and love today. She brings you the love of her feathered brethren and also their great wisdom.

Fighting alone against the winds is always a struggle, and the geese know that when you fly in formation, you help each other along. They each take it in turns to lead and help their flock.

Geese are kind and loving to each other and know that together we are stronger. As a flock they are safe from predators, they can take care of each other.

You are surrounded by your own flock, your own tribe whomsoever they may be. They may be friends, family, colleagues or even an online community. Allow yourself to rest now, and let others pick up the slack for you. You are not alone, and you don’t have to do everything. Even Superman had help sometimes.

It’s ok to accept help, and to remember that we are social creatures, we live in communities and societies, we are meant to talk to one another, to interact and assist.

You will help others when they need you, but sometimes you have to let others help you, however hard that feels!

Say hello to your neighbours, get to know the little old lady down the road from you, volunteer for a charity or join a local club.

When we make compassion and community our priority, everybody wins.

6 Saturday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 31st July

Card of the Day today is Peregrine Falcon

Today’s crystals are White Howlite and Red Jasper calming our minds and bringing us laser-like focus to achieve our goals.

The Falcon swoops with deadly precision and perfect timing. He does not fear failure, and nothing will keep him down. He returns to his tree, every watchful for prey and for his next opportunity to arise.

Today’s full moon brings extra potency to his message and to any manifesting work you do today, making this a wonderful day to work towards your goals.

This bright eyed bird is here today to help reassure you that when you fail you are not really a failure.

Falcon does not always catch his prey, but he is never deterred from trying again. His hungry belly pushes him to keep going and he is never ashamed or embarrassed to miss a kill.

Today he brings you the gift of his own determination and hunger, and teaches us that each time we miss, we get closer to our target.

You will reach your goals, but only if you keep working towards them. Don’t expect to hit the bullseye first time or every time. Persistence is what separates winners from losers, not just skill.

You do not have to settle for less in your life, so please keep working towards your dreams and never give up.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to, and like Falcon, with practise and persistence you will swoop down and catch your quarry with great skill, take your bounty home and enjoy the rich rewards of a full life, well-lived.

5 Friday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 30th July

Card of the Day today is Octopus

Today’s crystals are Amethyst and Rainbow Fluorite reminding us of the beauty of our multi-faceted soul and the colours of the many dimensions of life.

Octopus can fit through the tiniest gap in the rocks, he can bend and reshape himself and reach where he needs to go. He can wrap himself around prey or flee leaving a cloud of impenetrable ink behind him.

His skills are many but his message today is but one.

You were not sent here to this earth, to this lifetime to be ordinary. You are so much more than you think you are and you have so many more skills, abilities and knowledge than you use, admit or perhaps even know.

You are a beautiful multi-faceted, multi-talented soul here to bring many gifts to the world, and playing small or being too modest is not on your agenda!

Octopus reminds you of your many skills, talents and abilities. You know so much about so many different things, yet most of us only use a tiny fraction of our skills and knowledge in the name of having a ‘job’

Our work place can be very limiting, but even the most dead end job can bring you the opportunity to help others, being them kindness compassion, a listening ear or perhaps some words of wisdom.

You have the potential to change somebody else’s life at every moment of every day, so please do remember that whatever you do is your sacred work.

You are not a robot or a drone, you are a kind and loving soul made from pure love and the golden light from heaven. You have power beyond your wildest dreams and you are here to make a difference using all you skills, not just the ones our society deems suitable or desirable.

Nobody ever changed the world by getting a ‘proper job’ or staying quiet.

Sing your song loud for all to hear, show the world who you truly are and stop trying to force your star-shaped peg into a suffocating, square hole.

4 Thursday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 29th July

Card of the Day today is Road Runner

Today’s crystals are Amethyst and Rose Quartz bringing positivity and joy back into our lives and helping us to appreciate our many blessings.

Wise roadrunner is swift of foot and beady eyed. He takes what life throws at him as his lightweight body races across the desert in search of prey. He rejoices in the hot sunlight.

Roadrunner’s message for you today is to bless the life that you have.

It is more than OK to want more than you have and achieve your goals, but first you must be content with whom and what you are.

Bless your life and everyone in it today. Be thankful for everything that you have, your friends, your family, the roof over your head, the food on your plate, the legs that carry you and the eyes that read his message.

Roadrunner is a bird confined to the land. He cannot fly properly like the other birds, but he doesn’t let that hold him back. He understands that life is a journey and a fun adventure. He makes the best of his lot, and runs using his strength and determination to find food in his own way.

He teaches us today to take things more lightly and remember we are already blessed in many ways, even if some blessings are less obvious than others.

He also brings inspiration and new ideas if you are feeling stuck or stagnant. Like this little running bird who found he could not fly, so you will find ways around your problems and overcome any challenge in your life.

3 Wednesday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 28th July

Card of the Day today is Boar

Today’s crystals are Malachite and Blue Lace Agate

Brother Boar is strong and persistent, brave and swift to act. He does not hesitate or doubt himself. He is stubborn in his convictions and will always follow through.

He is here to help you to uncover the truth today. He brings you the strength and the determination to root around in the undergrowth and sniff out the gems of wisdom that hide in the rotting leaf matter.

He is He brings you his gifts of direct action, courage and speed today. There are no half measures with Boar.

Boar is your sworn protector, your defender from the forest. He will search out the hidden truths in your life and help you to face them head on.

He may look ungainly and fat, but he is a powerful beast capable of great speed and inflicting mortal wounds to his enemies.

With Boar as your guide today, you will uncover the hidden truths and blast your opponents out of the water! Nothing can stop you when you have Boar at your side.

2 Tuesday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message 27th July

Card of the Day today is Condor

Today’s crystals are Amethyst and Ametrine giving us a balanced view of our situation and removing negativity to help us to see the good as well as the bad.

Condor flies above the world, he reaches the highest heights of the sky over great mountains, valleys rivers and streams. His vision is clear and sharp, he sees the stretching landscape below him as he gently rests on the wind.

Condor is here today to bring you foresight, visions and clarity.

There is much going on behind the scenes today, and some of us can’t see the wood for the trees. We have become too caught up in our own dramas. Condor is here to lift us above our problems and show us the bigger picture.

When we see the whole picture rather than focussing on one small aspect, things make a lot more sense. We are able to relax and see the perfection, the beauty and the divine logic in everything around us.

Take a deep breath today and ask Condor to show you what is really going on in your life.

If you have important decisions to make, meditate on them and ask Condor to join you in your meditation, to give you the clarity of his incredible eyesight and the distance to see clearly in every situation.

Condor will bring you the calm of the azure blue skies where he is gently warmed by the sun and caressed by the winds.

No matter how perilous the storm, you can always fly above it to clear skies when Condor is your guide.Condor

Your Card of the Day Message 26th July

Card of the Day today is He’e the Octopus.

Today’s crystals are Labradorite and Lepidolite casting light where there are shadows and helping you to see the truth.

When it is dark, it can be difficult to know what is around you. When you don’t have all the facts, it’s normal to feel afraid.

Some people in your life will intentionally hide the truth from you, and today He’e the Octopus is here with a sage warning.

As the octopus casts his ink into the sea when he is afraid or angry, so others will try to cloud your vision with lies, pull the wool over your eyes for their own benefit and ultimately to your loss.

The powerful stones of Lepidolite and Labradorite unite in their energies to open your Third eye, the seat of your own clairvoyance, which will help you see beyond the dark veil that some people are hiding behind. They will open your eyes to what is truly going on and shine a torchlight on the spectre of the ugly truth.

Not everybody around you wishes you well, even it appears that they do.

The energies today are swirling and mysterious, it may feel almost as it you are walking veiled or blinkered and unable to see the bigger picture of what is going on around you.

Always remember to use your intuition to see past the smokescreens that others would use to confuse and confound you. Your gut instinct will never lie.

7 Sunday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – Monday 20th July

Card of the Day today is Honu Kahiki the Green Turtle

Today’s crystals are Malachite and Rose Quartz bringing the love of the universal mother to your heart and healing any pain you still hold.

Beautiful wise mother turtle is here with her loving embrace for you today.

Her gentle green colour brings healing to your heart, and combined with the crystals the Angels have chosen for you today, are gently healing any pain or past hurts relating to your own mother relationships. This could be to do with your own mother, the universal mother archetype or your own experience of motherhood.

Wise mother turtle is here to bring you any motherly love that you missed, and to remind you that you are loved and cherished by the eternal presence of your Holy Mother, the divine feminine aspect of God, who is always here for you.

She is known by many names; The Goddess, Gaia, Mother Mary, Demeter. It doesn’t matter what you call her, she is always here, you are always loved, and even if you are an orphan she is still your loving mother.

Honu Kahiki drags her heavy ocean-faring body out of the shimmering waters and struggles across the land to lay her eggs in the safest place she can find. She buries them with love and goes back to the sea to await them.

Her message today is that you may feel let down, abandoned or left behind. Mother turtle only leaves her babies because she knows that they are ready for the challenges ahead of them. They must find the strength to break free from their eggs, dig themselves free and race to the ocean against all odds.

She does not worry for them, because she knows they must do this on their own.

Sometimes life brings us incredibly hard challenges, and we wish that we had a mother to take care of us, shield us and protect us from harm.

It’s easy to feel abandoned when we face life’s difficulties, but Mother turtle reminds us that we are not. She is waiting for us in the blue ocean, and she sends us her love and strength to dig ourselves out of any difficulty and race back to the welcoming ocean and her loving arms.

1 Monday AWH

5 ways to fight a Psychic Attack

So, I got zapped again. *Sigh* You’d think it wouldn’t happen to me, but to be honest doing the work I do makes me more prone to psychic attack, not less.

There are lots of posts out there that cover protection from Psychic Attack but the truth is, even with the best will in the world, sometimes we get attacked and aren’t able to fully defend ourselves, so here are my top tips on what to do if you are under psychic attack.

1. Call in Archangel Michael

Number one! Call in the big guns. He will swoop in to help you with his sword of truth and Angelic help can be incredibly useful when you find yourself alone or isolated and unable to get help from others.

2. Put up Psychic Shielding

I talk about Psychic Shielding a lot, and despite the fact you’re already under attack, you still need to bolster your defenses. This may not be enough of itself, but think of it this way; if you’re caught out in the rain and you start to get wet – you wanna put up your umbrella to stop it getting worse until you can get indoors!

3. Visualise Mirrors Around You

This is a great one to use because it sends the negative energies back to sender. If you realise you’re under attack, simply visualise yourself surrounded by mirrors and all the attacking energies being reflected back to source. Under the law of Three, their energies will be reflected back threefold and they will become victims of their own nastiness. This may be enough to stop the person in their tracks and cease the attack.

4. Work some Protection Magick

This is only one to do if you really know what you’re doing. When you’re not feeling well under psychic attack is probably not the best time to experiment with magick for the first time, so only use this one if you’re a seasoned witch or light worker.

5. Get Help

I often have to resort to this and there is no shame in seeking help for a psychic attack. Oftentimes, when we are under psychic attack, we don’t realise what it is that’s making us feel so crappy and getting help from a healer or witchy friend can help to diagnose the problem and add their energies to combat the person attacking you.

Joining forces with another soul is incredibly powerful and together your energies will be more than doubled. I often call on my fellow psychics, healers and witch sisters when I need help to fight an attack. One of my favourite sayings is ‘Healers Heal Each Other.’

You are also welcome to call me if you need help and find yourself under psychic attack.

Don’t struggle and try to do it yourself. Together we are stronger.


Your Card of the Day Message – 19th July

Card of the Day today is Laughter

Today’s crystals are Ametrine and Rainbow Fluorite reminding us that life is made of many colours, and that there is joy to be found in any situation.

Do you always look on the dark side of life? Are you a pessimist? Do you know somebody who is?

Many people consider themselves ‘realists’ when they expect the worst, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The world is so beautiful, but if you fall into the trap of looking at it through the filter of the Negative Nellies, the mass media and the purveyors of doom and gloom, all you will see is grey and no colour.

The world is alive with beautiful rainbow colours! Today’s crystals will help to restore balance to your vision, and harmony to your thoughts.

We live in a friendly universe where people are kind and loving at heart. To see the best in people, choose to see it. Laugh, smile and bring joy wherever you go.

Even the darkest recesses of the blackest soul can be illuminated by one tiny flame.

7 Sunday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 18th July

Card of the Day today is Let Go of Stress

Today’s crystals are Amethyst and Rhodonite removing negativity and helping us to find peace and balance in our heart and soul.

Dear friends, you have suffered too much. There is so much stress in your lives and the Angels desperately want to help you.

Today is all about learning to let go of stress. It sounds simple and yet, it can be extremely challenging when our lives are so busy and you have a never ending to-do list running through your mind, dogging you and never allowing you to stop.

Stress is the plague of our time, and it causes many physical, mental and emotional upsets and illnesses.

The Angels are here to tell you that your priority today is to work on strategies to reduce stress in your life. This may sound like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be.

Letting go of stress can be as simple as sitting quietly for a moment in contemplation, meditation for 10 minutes first this in the morning, taking a walk in the beauty of nature with your dog or taking up a yoga class.

Whatever helps you to relax and find that space and peace in your mind will help you to let go of the stress of the day. Perhaps you enjoy a hot bubble bath, a soothing Reiki session or an aromatherapy massage to unwind.

As you relax your muscles, your mind will follow and vice versa. You are a whole being, a holistic being, and each part of you affects all the others – body, mind and spirit.

Relaxation time is never a waste or ‘downtime’ it’s the most important investment you could make in your future and success. De-stressing is absolutely crucial, even if you don’t realise you are stressed!

Simply sleeping will not take away all the stress of your day. You may just carry on worrying in your dreams and wake up as tense as when your head hit the pillow.

To truly let go of the stress in your life, you need to make a little bit of an effort to do the right things.

So please, the Angels beg you, make some time to properly de-stress your beautiful body-temple, your powerful mind and your shining soul today.

6 Saturday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 17th July

Card of the Day today is One Step at a Time

Today’s crystals are Sodalite and Carnelian giving us the self-confidence to step forward and make our dreams a reality.

Did you know you can make your life look just how you want it!

Most of us try to follow dreams or perhaps think they are too difficult, but today your message is to remember that you can achieve almost anything you want if you take things one step at a time.

Break your goals down to small achievable steps and take them one at a time.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with just that … one step.

You can achieve change, joy and happiness in your life if you take it one step at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with ideals of perfection, huge tasks or expect immediate gains or overnight success. Setting your sights too high too quickly is a sure fire way to fail and stay small.

Your business, your relationships, your job, your home, you can achieve all the positive change you desire but you must take things one step at a time.

There is no rush and nobody is in any hurry. Your goals will take the time they take, and everything happens in divine timing. Nothing will ever happen too fast or too slow when you work to heaven’s timescales.

Just focus on keeping on taking those little steps towards your goal, and one day you’ll look back and realise how far those steps have carried you – around the world and back.

5 Friday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 16th July

Card of the Day today is Brothers and Sisters

Today’s crystals are White Howlite and Blue Goldstone helping us to make our peace with our past and move towards a brighter future.

Have you noticed how your siblings can make you feel like a child no matter how old you are?

Brothers and sisters share our early lives with us, and can really get under our skin.

For this reason, we may feel a strong bond with them and continue to have deep and powerful relationships with them as we grow older. These relationships may not be very positive ones, but we may feel duty bound to stay close to them nonetheless.

These family relationships may in fact be incredibly negative ones, but society tells us that we should love and honour our family so we stay in contact, help as much as we can and sometimes allow them to hurt us again and again when we would have walked away from anybody else long ago.

There are many stressful and unhealthy sibling relationships, and today the angels remind you to love yourself enough to say no to family when they are being unreasonable.

You don’t owe them anything, no matter what you think or what they say. You don’t owe anyone anything.

Siblings are not your children and you are not responsible for them.

Some people find friends as their life progresses who feel closer to them than their own family. People who make them feel loved an understood, accepted and at home.

These people are soul brothers and sisters and you are truly blessed indeed when you encounter these beloved souls.

Your soul will recognise your soul family when you meet them, and these people will be the ones who will take the place of any negative family members.

I really love the saying that friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

Be strong enough to say no to any negative or harmful family relationships today. Set strong boundaries and defend your rights to be treated like a human being not abused by an overgrown child.

You deserve respect, dignity and freedom, and if your brothers and sisters cannot give you that, they are not really your family at all.

4 Thursday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 15th July

Card of the Day today is You Are Gifted

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Malachite opening your heart to the gifts of your soul.

We are all gifted in many different ways. Your gifts may be more or less subtle than others, and you may not have the gifts you’d really like (not everyone can be a rock star!) but you are incredibly gifted nonetheless!

Today’s message encourages you to explore the gifts of your soul. What is it that makes your heart sing? What gift do you want to bring to the world?

Your life and existence is a gift to the entire world all by itself. Without you there would be something missing in the universe.

Even if you don’t think that you have any gift at all, the Angels assure you that you do.

Spend some time today in quiet contemplation and listen to the murmurs of your heart and soul. Allow yourself to dream about how you can set your soul on fire and make the world a better place.

For some this may mean a course of spiritual study, learning a craft or helping others.

Your gifts are many, and varied. Never think that only a few lucky ones have gifts to share with the world, because that simply isn’t true. You are far more special, needed and wanted than you could ever know.

You are loved beyond measure by heaven and your place in the universe is so important. Your life has already touched so many others, in so many different ways. You have already brought so many gifts to people you have encountered, some even just for a second.

You are the gift to the world. Anything you do aside that is just an added bonus.

Remember that you are Heaven’s sacred gift, and meditate on how you can spread the love you were born to bring.

3 Wednesday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 14th July

Card of the Day today is Pets

Today’s crystals are Malachite and Angel Hair Quartz helping us to keep heart and mind in the present moment.

Our animal friends don’t usually suffer with stress. They can find peace in the present moment no matter what has happened to them.

They don’t care if they have 3 legs instead of 4, how old they are or where their next meal is coming from. They just live.

We have a lot to learn from our animal friends, and our pets are valuable teachers if we are prepared to pay attention to the lessons.

Spend some time today with your favourite ani-pal and observe. Watch your cat as she relaxes and stretches out on the floor as if it were a luxurious bed.
Watch your dog having a fantastic time chasing a stick or enjoying a bowl of chum.

There is so much to be enjoyed in this world. There is no need to worry.

Take a moment and breathe. Lie on your back on the grass with your animal friends and look up at the clouds. Enjoy the beauty and peace of the world and allow your pets to show you another way to be. How to hold your space and stay calm in a hectic world.

Our beloved animal brothers and sisters call out to us to learn from them today and each day, as we remember our true, divine, peaceful nature.

2 Tuesday AWH

Please vote for Autism Mum in Business Awards!

Hello friends,

I have a rather special request for you today.

You may have heard of the Venus Awards which are awards recognising women in business.

This year, there is a rather special entrant who has caught my eye and whom I would humbly ask you to support.

Her name is Mel Thomsett and she’s been nominated for Business Mother of the Year.

This very kind lady is a pillar of strength and a fountain of inspiration whom I’ve admired for many years now. I’m lucky enough to call her a friend and I’m so incredibly proud of what she has achieved.

Mel is mum to two children, one with Autism whom she has cared for and fought for his whole life. She was inspired to set up shop after finding herself despairing that she could not find suitable seamless clothes for her extremely sensitive autistic son. Poor Archie went barefoot for 2 whole years until Mel finally tracked down a small manufacturer making absolutely seamless clothing in the USA.

Determined that no other parent or special child should have to suffer the same way, she started to spread the word, and set up her own business to help other Autism parents.

Mel has worked tirelessly to set up and successfully run a local business called the Sensory Smart Store.

This online shop specialises in helping children with special needs to find clothing, special educational books and accessories to help them to lead normal lives whilst dealing with challenging illnesses, physical disabilities and debilitating conditions such as Autism, Asperger’s, Sensory Processing Disorders and physical challenges facing children having to wear Splints or Braces.

Many of these exceptional and life-changing products have been sourced by Mel at great length and she imports them from other countries at no extra cost to the customers.

This incredible lady has been nominated for Business Mother of the Year in this year’s Venus Awards, and I would be extremely grateful if you could find it in your heart to cast your vote for her, and help put hard working Autism Mums on the map.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Your Card of the Day Message – 13th July

Card of the Day today is Simplicity

Today’s crystals are clear quartz and blue lace agate helping us to clear our minds of any emotional clutter and stay peaceful in the NOW.

Clean out the cupboard of your mind! Get your duster out and sweep away the cobwebs, empty out the rubbish and take out the trash!

It’s a day today not to get bogged down in past hurts of future worries. Try to keep your thoughts simple and in the here and now.

Yesterday is gone, and you can’t change the past, Tomorrow isn’t here yet and you will do your best when it arrives.

Take a moment today to look around you. Stop wherever you are and just observe. Where are you? Look at the sky, look at the walls of the room you’re in, the colours, listen to the sounds around you. What can you hear, what do you smell?

Allow yourself to simply observe the world for a moment, as a child would. Just see without judgement, without worry and without pain.

As you become a calm observer, you’ll feel your stress melt away and the world will suddenly become a friendlier, simpler and calmer place to be.

Your life can be very simple if you allow it to be.

All change must begin within you, so start by decluttering your thoughts and find peace in simplicity.
photo (1)

Your Card of the Day Message – 12th July

Card of the Day today is Believe – St Hildegard of Bingen

Your crystals today are Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Dragon egg helping to transmute negativity from your being and align you with the peace and purity of Heaven.

As the week of peace draws to a close, we are sent great blessings and reminded that heaven is only ever a thought away.

We are never alone, and it’s ok to believe in God, to believe in Angels, to believe in the world after, around and within this one.

There is so much more to this beautiful universe than we will ever understand or see, so please keep on believing that things will and can get better. Cast away limited thoughts of staying and playing small.

The Universe does nothing small.

You are not small, you are all that is, you are the divine on earth.

There is so much to say, and yet words don’t seem enough to express the message of love, strength and peace that heaven is sending to you today.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your own power and your ability to change the world for the better, one heart, one tiny gesture and one step at a time, as you walk the path of peace.

7 Sunday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 11th July

Card of the Day today is Blessings of Abundance – Guardian Angel

Your crystals today are Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Dragon egg helping to transmute negativity from your being and align you with the peace and purity of Heaven.

Dear ones, there is more than enough to go around in the world today.

More than enough love, more than enough joy, more than enough food, shelter, water and peace.

Please do not listen to those who would fool you into thinking that we live in a universe of lack where we must deny others their basic human needs so that we can support those living in avarice and blind selfishness.

You are being led astray. Please do not listen to the negative messages of hatred, mistrust and fear.

The Universe is abundant beyond your wildest dreams. It is time to let go of all fears and remember that our greatest responsibility is to each other and to the world.

Not to your employer, your bank, your government or sovereign. Nobody is above you and nobody is below you.

You are all equal in the eyes of God, and when you allow others to fall by the wayside in poverty, suffering or hunger, the Angels cry tears of sadness, for they feel the pain of those left without.

It is not the Angels’ responsibility to make things right, because the world was already perfect when it was created for us. It is ours.

Take a moment today to remember and give thanks for the abundance of Heaven.

Donate some old clothes to a good cause, give money to your favourite local charity, buy the Big Issue or simply take a food parcel to a friend in need.

When we all work together, we will remember that with many hands working as one, there is never truly any lack.

We are blessed with abundance, and our love and compassion will ensure that nobody ever goes without.

6 Saturday AWH

Today’s message is humbly dedicated to Russell Brand and his work spreading love, kindness and knowledge to help open our eyes, and empower us to live in peace, harmony and abundance.

Angel Blessings to you dear friend.