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Holistic Wellness for Mind, Body & Soul

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What's In Your Future?

Psychic Readings & Spiritual Guidance

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Psychic Readings

What is a Reading? A reading is when I use my natural psychic abilities to bring you insightful and helpful messages about your life, your spiritual path and your future. I will work with my Spirit Guides during your reading. My main guide Anubis will be with us throughout the whole reading. He is a […]

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Holistic Wellness

What do you need right now? I have the perfect Holistic Therapy to suit YOU! Holistic means “whole” so holistic therapies look at you as a whole person, including Mind, Body and Spirit, so they help the WHOLE OF YOU not just an ailment or one part of the body. Choosing  a Holistic Therapy can […]

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Courses & Workshops

Whatever it is you want to try, learn or master, we have a workshop or course for you! Choose from our selection of Holistic & Psychic Workshops, Holistic Business Workshops, Certificated Courses and groups and find your perfect learning partner! CERTIFIED REIKI TRAINING COURSES Reiki I Practitioner Training Reiki II Practitioner Training Reiki III Master […]

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PSYCHIC READINGS Are you looking for answers? Then you’ve come to the right place. Get answers to your burning questions, and gain the clarity you seek in your life. Want to know what’s around the corner? Then prepare for a sneak peek at your future! Unlock the secret code to your life with a detailed […]

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About Helen

Who am I?

My name is Helen and I’m the founder of Angel Wings Holistics. You may know me from my YouTube channel, My Holistic Life.

From an early age, I’ve been blessed with natural spiritual abilities to help, heal and guide.

I’ve worked for many years as a Holistic Therapist & Psychic Medium, helping people seeking answers, looking for their path or just curious about how it all works.

We live in an age where many people feel lost, abandoned or isolated and this is so far from the truth.

I help people to remember that we are all connected as spiritual beings, that we are all loved, all valued and that we can find a much greater inner peace and joy within ourselves.

Holistic means WHOLE so we have to remember to take care of ALL of us, not just the physical body. You are a mind too, you have emotions and you are a SPIRIT BEING.

Let me help you to Be Well, Be Whole & Be Holistic!

“I heard about Helen through a friend who said how amazing her reading was. I was having a real dilemma at work and   without giving Helen anything to work off she read the situation very accurately and offered great support and insight. I wasn’t told what decision I should make but instead was left empowered to choose more consciously as if a bright light was shed on the situation. I have since had another reading which again was equally amazing. Helen is very down-to-earth and offers readings with great humour and a sense of real love and compassion.”

Damien, UK


“I have had readings with Helen on two separate occasions. Helen’s readings were clear and inspirational. Her gentle approach provided me with guidance into my future and help letting go of my past. Accurate, detailed and honest, Helen provides an amazing reading and I look forward to working with her again and again.”

Emma, Ottawa, ON, Canada


“I first approached Helen in a pretty unhappy state having spoken to many others, Helen was honest, open and straight and most importantly had the nerve to tell what I perhaps did not want to hear.”

Michael, UK


The first thing I noticed about Helen was her sincerity and compassion. I have had regular readings for many years now and what always shines through is her integrity, warmth and the feeling that she is eager to help you realise success. Before our first reading I was nervous and part of me anticipated a fair chunk of ‘psychic clichés’ that I wouldn’t make sense of, but the truth was far, far from it. Helen is engaging and articulate and her skill is lies in clearly translating messages so they hold relevance to your current, and future situations. It for this reason that I see Helen as a trusted asset to my business.
Helen has instilled in me is the confidence to trust my intuition and that when Universe sends us signs, to jump up and grasp opportunities with both hands. No matter what you’re dealing with, if you’re seeking answers, guidance, or clarity in your personal or business life, I highly encourage you to work with Helen.
Marie, UK


“I really enjoyed the reading as you were really friendly, genuine and most importantly accurate. Your reading was very clear and advice given was very much spot on. 

Thank you very much. I will definitely come to you again :)”

D, St Albans, UK


“Great reading. Got some peace from a person close to me who had passed. Thanks.”

S, Denver, USA


“Listen to what Helen has to say, you may think you know what she’s saying, but then listen some more! She told me she “felt something around the heart, some changes, not a heart attack but something would change”. A few months later, I was having open heart surgery for a valve replacement! Remembering Helen’s words meant I was able to just accept what was happening knowing that it was all meant to be and everything would be fine. It was and I was, in fact, I’ve never been more healthy and
enjoying life more – Thank you Helen”

Ms H, Bournemouth, UK


“She is awesome and picked up everything about me right before I could say anything. She is the best. I will come back !!!” 

C, London, UK


“She was so delightful. Highly recommend her. Gave great advice and exudes positive energy.” 

D, San Diego, USA


Thank you much! Love and gratitude to a rising superstar!

G, Dubai, UAE 


“Great reading, did not waste time. Very insightful.”

N, Sydney, Australia