Card of the Day – Wednesday 27th May

Card of the Day today is the Green Tara – Start Delegating


Your crystals today are Rose Quartz and Angel Hair Quartz gently reminding us that we don’t have to carry the weight of the world all by ourselves.


The world is a much nicer place when we all work together.


It sounds simple, and yet how often do you ask for help? And more to the point, do you accept help when it’s offered or do you turn it down in an effort to be ‘polite’?


We are naturally social and cooperative creatures, and it’s a shame when we don’t work together. We can accomplish so much more when we delegate and ask others to help us.


You don’t have to do it all by yourself. The heavy, masculine energy of the last few centuries has prevented us from truly cooperating, except occasionally or during times of duress.


As we enter a new century and a new era of greater spiritual awareness, the Green Tara gently reminds us that we are stronger when we help each other.


Let go of the old thinking that you have to compete with everybody else, and do it all by yourself. When we work together we can achieve miracles that alone we could only dream of.


There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to accepting help. In fact, it shows great wisdom and strength of character to know when you should ask for assistance, and not try to carry the entire burden by yourself.


Allow others to share the load, and watch your joy and accomplishments soar together.


Wednesday AWH

Card of the Day – Tuesday 26th May

Card of the Day today is Goddess Vesta – Home


Today’s crystals are Ametrine and Carnelian bringing your home and family into balance, and helping you to feel at home in yourself.


You are home.


No matter where you are, or how you feel, you are always at home. At home in God, at home in the universe. You are safe and taken care of, you only need to remember it for yourself.


Goddess Vesta is here to remind you that the whole world is your home, and you can feel at home wherever you find yourself right now, or any time. Your holy father-mother is always here for you. You are always loved and accepted.


This Card also indicates that difficult family matters may be improving. If you’ve had discord in your family, things will finally start to get ironed out. There are still a lot of details to sort out at this time, but it’s a time to bury the hatchet once and for all with long lost relatives, ex-spouses and estranged family members.


Take some time to meditate and remember that you are already home. You soul is always at home, and whilst it’s easy to forget that, you can get in touch with the loving supportive feelings of being at home, any time you want.


Your soul carries the love and security of heaven within you. Home is truly where the heart is.


Tuesday AWH

Card of the Day – Monday 25th May

Card of the Day today is Goddess Freya – Bold


Today’s crystals are Citrine and Unakite helping us to bravely manifest the abundance we desire in life and balance any feelings of nervousness or fear surrounding money and abundance.


Be brave, be bold! Powerful Goddess Freya is here today to remind you just how powerful and capable you are when you put your mind to it.


She specifically wants to talk about manifesting i.e. creating and acquiring money and riches. Money is not a bad thing, but so many of us shy away from it for fear that it will make us bad.


It will not. If you are a good person, then it will merely enhance who you already are.


You are called upon by Heaven to stand up and be counted! Work hard and smart, and be the change you want to see in the world. You have an important mission here on earth and it would be wrong to high your light under a bushel.


Your spiritual path is your own, and you get to choose how you want your life to look, what you do and what you want to be.

You don’t have to get a “proper” job, in fact it’s probably better that you don’t because that will only hold back your creativity.


So be brave and take some courageous decisions! Look into that course, investigate the yearnings of your heart and start to plan a brave and abundant new world for yourself and for everybody.

Monday AWH



You’ll notice that the Citrine crystal I was guided to use for this picture is actually my Pendulum.


Pendulums are very useful for asking spirit Yes/No questions and getting specific details when we need to make an important decision.



Freya encourages us to be brave in our choices, but to also make sure that we have the right information before proceeding to an informed decision. Be bold and daring, but remember to look before you leap!


Browse our selection of crystal pendulums and choose the one that speaks to you so you can enlist divine assistance in your life’s most important decisions.

Card of the Day – Sunday 24th May

Card of the Day today is Omega
Today’s crystals are Sodalite and Rhodonite giving us wisdom to accept what we cannot change and linking us to our spiritual guidance towards our ultimate victory.
Life can feel so unfair sometimes, people leave us, people we love turn against us  without warning, we might find ourselves without a job, a home or even a single penny to our name.
Angel Omega is here with a message of great strength for us all.
All of this week’s Angels have carried a similar theme and this Angel is here to bring us the last piece of the puzzle.
Omega reminds us that we are all a part of God. We are never apart from God, we just sometimes forget who we are.
Indeed, the very purpose of this lifetime was to forget who you truly are, so that you could experience many things from the innocent perception of a child.
You have worked so hard, struggled and supported others along the way. You will not be disappointed with what is to come!
Your prayers and efforts have all come together and the end is in sight at last. Just keep up the good work because Angel Omega knows that you cannot fail!
Big changes are coming for you this year, and you will see how they affect us all for the better. Today will reveal the first ones to you, and may give you a sneak peek of what is to come!
It will be even better than you imagined and your life will be transformed soon enough.
You will be rewarded for all your efforts and the Angels and quivering with excitement at the wonderful gifts you are about to receive.
Open your heart to the universe and keep going. You are about to win!
photo 2 (5)

Card of the Day – Saturday 23rd May

Card of the Day today is Angel Crystal
Today’s crystals are Aventurine and Carnelian giving us strength and courage in our commitments and decisions.
Courage, mon ami.
The worst will soon be over, and the new dawn will come.
Angel Crystal is here with a message of hope for those of us suffering or waiting. These is much good coming, but we must stay strong in our commitment to reaching our goals.
it’s easy to start a project, but seeing it through can be so hard that most people give up.
The sad part is that people give up just as they were about to make a break through and they never see the success that was rightfully theirs.
No matter what you’re going through right now, please rest assured that the Angels are with you, showering you with their love and support. You are not alone, you are never alone, and things will get better for all of us very soon.
Hang in there, all will be well and soon you will wonder what all the worry and fuss was for.
True courage is to keep going in the face of fear. Courage comes from carrying on even when the outcome is uncertain or you are frightened and unsure.
Angel Crystal brings you the strength you need today, so ask for her support any time you feel that life is too much and you need somebody to lean on.
She will be there in a heartbeat, wrapping her loving wings around you in a tender embrace, with her message of love.
Nothing lasts forever, and this too shall pass.
Saturday AWH

Card of the Day – Friday 22nd May

Card of the Day today is Angel Yvonne
Today’s crystals are Red Jasper and Rose Quartz bringing unconditional love to the earthly plane.
Angels come in many guises, shapes and sizes. They may appear as a kind stranger, a customer, a visitor or even as a pet or animal.
Animals are our faithful companions and loyal friends throughout this life. They teach us so many important lessons that otherwise we may never have understood.
They demonstrate unconditional love, kindness and loyalty to us in ways that most other people do not, or cannot for fear of judgement or for more selfish reasons.
Some Angels can also appear in animal form. Chance encounters with animals that have helped you at your most desperate times may have been angels in disguise.
Our beloved animal brothers and sisters, whether wild or domesticated are here to help us on each of our spiritual journeys.
Angel Yvonne is here today to remind us of this, and of the sacred nature of our non-verbal companions. She asks us to treat all animals with kindness, and revere them for their mission here on earth.
The animal kingdom has so many lessons to teach us, and the most evolved souls will know that they deserve equal respect and compassion.
Please do not harm our animal friends. They are here to help us, not to be taken advantage of.
Friday AWH

Card of the Day – Thursday 21st May

Card of the Day today is Angel Patience
Today’s crystals are Angel Hair Quartz and White Howlite bringing us the divine knowledge and calm of mind to be patient and follow through with our most important tasks.
Following on from yesterday’s card, Angel Patience is here to remind us that in this dimension, things take time.
The Angels are not held by the constraints of time and space, and do not suffer with the frustrations and burdens that we do.  These divine being exist out of time which is why helping may people at once is no problem to them.
Here in our physical world, we know a different reality. Our soul was born here to learn many lessons, and one of these most important lessons is the wisdom of Patience.
Patience is one of the most incredibly difficult and yet most rewarding traits we can develop. Cats are masters of patience. If you’ve ever watched a cat waiting completely still outside a mouse hole, you’ll know what I mean. She knows that she must wait until the time is right to catch her prey. She can’t hurry or rush things, or she may lose out, so her wisdom tells her to be patient and wait.
Your dreams and desires are manifesting as we speak. The Angels have heard your prayers and requests for help, support, love and many other things.
Please rest assured that no prayer is ever wasted, and the Angels hear everything that you say to them.
They will never ignore your requests, but you must be patient because everything will happen at the right time, this is called Divine Timing.
Know that however chaotic things appear, all is well and the Angels know exactly what they are doing. Everything you have asked for will come to you in divine timing.
All you need to do, is learn to be patient.
Thursday AWH

Card of the Day – Wednesday 20th May

Card of the Day today is Angel Athena
Today’s crystals are Carnelian and Red Jasper giving us the strength and courage to stand up and be counted, and take action when we know it’s the right thing to do.
You are called to a more important role in this lifetime.
Angel Athena is here to empower you to be more, do more and be heard.
You are a loving child of God, and your heart speaks the truth. Sadly the world around us has become rife with corruption, unkindness and greed.
Angel Athena calls upon you to use your voice to stand up for what you know is right and just. Don’t worry about feeling silly or people not agreeing with you, sometimes you must stand alone when everybody else is wrong.
Your help, kindness and compassion is needed today whether it’s on a personal level, in your work or community, or even in the world at large.
Never think that you don’t have a voice, or that you can’t make a difference.
You are more powerful than you know and when you stand for what is right, the Angels with stand with you and help you to spread your message with words of love and compassion.
The world has been ruined by people not standing up for what is right.  It’s time to take a stand in your own special way, however you choose to do it.
You can make a difference for the better and you will. Stand in your power and be heard!
Wednesday AWH

Card of the Day – Tuesday 19th May

Card of the Day today is Angel Leila
Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Ametrine helping us to reconnect with what we truly love and desire, and helping us to focus on what will bring balance back in to our lives.
Is your life balanced? What is it that you really want?
These are questions that Angel Leila asks you today.
She reminds you that you are so very important, and your needs, wants and happiness are heaven’s top priority, even if you’ve forgotten how to put yourself first.
The Angels serve us all, and they are never too busy to help out when we’d like something. Nothing is too small, too silly or insignificant for them. Whatever it is that you would like in your life, they will help you to manifest it, all for your highest good.
So spend some time today connecting with yourself and with your angels. Sit quietly and imagine your life if it was exactly how you’d like it to be then ask the Angels to bring that for you.
If you’re not sure what you would like, then simply ask the angels to bring you whatever their heavenly wisdom says that you will really love. They know what we want and need, and they love to make our dreams come true!
Spend some time imagining and visioning your dream life today.
You deserve the best and the Angels will make sure that you get what’s really perfect for you.
Tuesday AWH

Card of the Day – Monday 18th May

Card of the Day today is Angel Raye

Today’s crystals are Sugilite and Blue Lace Agate bringing spiritual understanding and harmony to our lives and helping us to slow down.

Our world today is so fast paced! Everything is instant, we’re constantly bombarded with information, marketing messages, opinions, there is just so much ‘noise’ all day long.

It takes its toll on us, leaving us emotionally drained, physically tired and mentally exhausted. Whilst we may be used to existing in these states, Angel Raye is here to remind you today that this is not your natural state of being.

We are creatures of nature and sometimes we need to slow right down and get back to our true roots.

Spending time on Facebook may feel like you’re relaxing but you’re just occupying your mind and blocking your connection with spirit.

Stop for a moment today and listen to the heartbeat of the universe. Stop and close your eyes, sit outside in a garden or place of natural beauty. Hear the bees, smell the spring pollens and enjoy the bliss of just sitting.

We are so busy doing that we forget how to be.

But you are a human being not a human doing!

Your true nature calls to you today to reconnect with yourself and with your spiritual side. You can do this in many ways, but Raye recommends simple methods like meditation, yoga, spiritual practise or just sitting in nature.

Step away from the electronic rat race and allow yourself to be. As you do this, you will allow your mind to slow down, become more alert and less distracted. Life will seem easier and you will feel more relaxed to boot.

The wisdom of your soul calls you to rest and just be, so take some Be-time today!



Card of the Day – Sunday 17th May

Your Card of the day today is Body Movement

Today’s crystals are Amethyst and Angel Hair Quartz helping to remove the toxic negativity from our bodies and bring angelic light and healing to our aching muscles and sore joints.

Many people report feeling stiff as a board, tight, tense as if their body was trying to armour itself against the stresses and strains of the world.

I see so many people suffering with aches, pains and tensions, and the Angels feel so sorry for our suffering.

Our message today is to remember to MOVE. We must get out of our heads and remember that we are whole beings made up of complex and capable bodies which need to move and jump, run and twist for our wellbeing.

Dancing, yoga, tai chi, running around with your children of dogs for the sheer fun of it will all help your body to release the toxic stress that makes us all ill sooner or later.

Your body desperately needs to release the tension of anger, judgement and negativity that plagues our society. It stores up all the pain and hurt that you feel and it turns our supple joints and strong muscles to concrete.

So please make an effort to get up today, move about and have some fun while you do it! Nobody has to see, you can close all the curtains, turn up your stereo and boogie on down to your favourite tunes!

Movement is so important and so often forgotten in our ever more sedentary society, and if we forget to move, we may reach a stage where our body cannot lift out weight or move our stiff joints up out of our chair anymore.

Gentle movement should not be a chore, it is a divine and sacred practise to be enjoyed as you discover and rediscover your body, listen to the messages it has for you and help it to heal any hurts.

Start wherever you are, with whatever you are able to do. Nobody is watching or judging. This is a gift from you to your body.

Remember to live as a whole being, and give your body the movement, kindness, rest and nutrition that it needs and deserves. Your body is the sacred vessel of your soul, and should be honoured for its services.

Your body asks you for movement today. Will you listen?

Sunday AWH


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Card of the Day – Saturday 16th May

Your Card of the Day today is Making New Friends

Today’s crystals for you are Clear Quartz and White Howlite bringing us clarity and gently increasing our confidence in our social interactions.

You have thousands upon millions of friends in the world. You just haven’t met them all yet.

Any person you meet is a friend on some level, for their soul has known yours since the beginning of time.

Our message today is about remembering that a stranger is a friend you have not met yet.

When we allow our manipulative and self-serving governments to tell us who our friends are, we end up alone, divided and unhappy.

We were born to be kind and social, not solitary and fearful.

Reach out to others today, whether they are in your local community or the global community. You have so many wonderful friends, both human and animal, waiting to interact with you, to teach you and love you.

It’s time to spread your wings and remember that making new friends is a natural part of our life cycles. We may leave some behind us, although we never forget them.

Many new friendships and collaborations await us all, we are asked to open our eyes and our hearts, and hold out the hand of friendship and kindness to the new people coming into our lives, communities, and countries.

Saturday AWH


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Card of the Day – Friday 15th May

Your Card of the Day today is Beauty

Today’s crystals are Green Agate and Carnelian bringing healing and vitality to our body and hearts.

Beauty is but skin deep.

Physical beauty, it’s true, is fickle, subjective and fleeting. We all know that inner beauty, kindness and compassion are far more important and yet, we allow the media and corporations to let us forget this fact.

We focus too much on criticising false idols for their fashion choices, latest haircut or their lack of a “perfect” bikini body by whatever standard they are measured by with this week.

Our message comes today from the ethereal realms. The fairies remind us that there is beauty in every face, shape and form if we take the time to see it.

There is beauty and dignity in all that we see, and every person and creature.

When you look at another, don’t judge whether they meet your learned “standards” of beauty, instead take a moment to see who they really are underneath their disguise and see them through the eyes of the soul.

As you do this, you will see that each being on this planet is indeed beautiful and holy, and deserving of your love and kindness, not disdain or scorn.

The fairies ask us to reject the culture of comparison, competition and criticism that generates cruel TV shows, unkind articles in media, judgemental magazines and takes us ever farther away from our divine nature.

We must drop the attitudes we have been taught about what is beautiful, worthy and OK.

We are all beautiful, and we are all more than just OK. We are divine in our nature, and we would do well to remember that before picking up another celebrity magazine in order to poke fun at cellulite or appearance.

What sort of person does it make you when you do that?

Beauty truly comes from within, and this sort of judgement is ugly and hideous.

Remember to see the beauty everywhere, and honour those who share this earth and lifetime with us, and you too will see the eternal beauty in yourself.

Friday AWH


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Card of the Day – Thursday 14th May

Your Card of the Day today is Raising Your Standards

Today’s crystals are Malachite and Sodalite, healing any past pain from our hearts and helping us to speak up for what we know in our hearts is right.

You deserve so much more than you already have. I don’t necessarily mean truckloads of clothes, possessions and trinkets, but the true abundance in all areas of your life – work, family, spirituality, home, love, prosperity.

Today the Angels ask us to take a look at ourselves.

Why do you accept so little for yourself when you deserve all the beauty and wonder of the universe? Why do you make yourself so small and ask for so little when you work so hard, struggle and try?

Why do you allow the unkind people in “power” to push you around and tell you what you’re worth?

Nobody has the right to do that. You are a divine citizen of the spiritual universe, and you are a magnificent soul, worthy of such great love, to be cherished and applauded for your participation in this world.

Expect more for yourself and try to see where in your life you make yourself small and fail to accept the gifts offered to you.

By saying no to abundance you are not helping anybody. By saying yes to abundance you are not taking away from anybody else.

When we create abundance with love and generosity in our hearts, we see that there is enough for everyone and the hearts of the world light up in recognition of this incredible truth.

There really is enough to go around if we are willing to say yes to it, and yes to loving every other brother and sister of ours on this earth, whether human, animal, plant or other.

Let us stand up and expect more, raise our standards and know that working together from the heart, speaking up for what is right, we will achieve the love, safety and abundance that the whole world deserves.

Thursday AWH


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Card of the Day – Wednesday 13th May

Your Card of the Day today is Follow Your Dreams

Your crystals today are Clear Quartz point and Carnelian helping us to bring our dreams into physical form, and giving life to our imagination.

These powerful crystals have come together today to give us such a boost! Yesterday’s energy was so powerful for manifesting, and today we are taking the next step. Working on making our dreams a reality.

Never be afraid to follow the yearnings of your heart and soul. They are there for a reason in your life, and not to lead you astray from a “proper job” or whatever else our man-made society tells you you’re “supposed” to be, do or have.

Take note of any powerful dreams that you have tonight and in the coming days, for the Angels are communicating with you during your sleep time. As your conscious mind rests and becomes silent, your higher wisdom can seep through into your sleep-consciousness and bring you the answers, solutions and ideas you have been waiting for.

Your dreams, hopes and desires are incredibly important. Never think that they are not. Indeed, it is only the dreams of others that have ever brought about any positive changes and inventions in our world.

It may be time for you to consider a new way in your life. The empty promises of mass consumerism will not ever fulfil the human need for true connection, love and meaning.

This may be time to think about a new career, new home or a new social enterprise.

Whatever it is that you dream of, sit down and write about it, journal about it and think about how you could make it a reality.

When we follow our dreams, miracles happen, and our world needs all the miracles it can get.

Wednesday AWH


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Card of the Day – Tuesday 12th May

Your Card of the Day today is New Opportunity.

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Ametrine helping us to balance our desires with our emotions and lead from the heart.

Today’s energy is rose gold and shimmering all around us like beautiful sunlight. There is huge opportunity despite how things may appear to some of us.

I don’t mean opportunity as in being able to take advantage of others or get there first and take, take, take, I mean an opportunity for real abundance, wealth and prosperity to be shared with love.

As each of us follows the true calling of our hearts, we will find that the earth transforms before our eyes. We know that cutting down forests for financial gain or helping big corporations to evade tax is wrong, so why do we still do it and protest “I’m just doing my job!”

Each of us knows that there is more that we could and should be doing to make a difference in the world, other than trying to amass as much possessions as possible in a never-ending and never fulfilling game of “he who dies with the most toys wins.”

Take a moment today to imagine what your life would look like if you were truly happy, living your divine purpose and felt you were really making a difference, a contribution and helping your community and the world.

You have this opportunity today. The energy is so potent that whatever you imagine or visualise today will be given extra impetus by the powerful rays of rose gold energy emanating from heaven, and you will be propelled towards the next big step in your life.

Never be afraid to fly high just because others are still crawling around on the floor. We must lead by example, not through fear and delegation.

Your new opportunity for the life you have dreamed of is here today. Use this powerful energy wisely and for the highest good.

Tuesday AWH


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Card of the Day – Monday 11th May

Your Card of the Day today is Parenting and Children.

Today’s crystals are Blue Goldstone and Blue Lace Agate rekindling our child-like wonder of the universe and reminding us to be gentle with ourselves and our children.

When was the last time you stopped to smell a lilac tree, to look closely at a bee busying itself on a dandelion?

Today’s card is all about reminding ourselves that we are all children of the universe. We are all special souls who are here to have a wonderful human experience. There is so much beauty and wonder around us, but we make ourselves so busy with “important” made-up jobs and tasks that it’s too easy to forget it.

We have forgotten who we are, and each generation of children tries to wake us up, but they too become “adults” and forget the wonder and magic of their own miraculous existence.

You are a miracle of the universe, as are your children and your children’s children.

Look at others around you as the pure, sweet children that they really are, no matter how ugly unpleasant or unkind the exterior pretends to be.

Look beyond the wounds that we all wear on the outside, and remember that our hearts and souls are pure, heavenly and loving.

We are all children of the universe, but we can all be loving parents to each other as well.

When we see the good in others, we enable them to see it in themselves.

Monday AWH


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Card of the Day – Sunday 10th May

Card of the Day today is Goddess Damara – Guiding Children

Today’s crystals are Carnelian and Clear Quartz reminding us of the purity of soul and heart as our children enter the physical world from spirit.

Goddess Damara is here today to remind us that we all have a sacred duty to our children. All children are children of the universe, so whether they are related to you physically or not, your soul knows them on a deep level.

We are called upon today to think about how we are guiding our next generations into the world. What are we modelling for them? What are we teaching them by our actions?

Are we demonstrating kindness, compassion and love or teaching them to compete, hoard and ignore suffering in the world?

It’s time to break the cycle of warfare, power-struggles and suspicion of others. We can guide our children to a kinder future, but we have to show them, telling them won’t work. ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ has never been the answer.

Goddess Damara asks us to take a moment to really reflect on how we can best guide the children of the world to a kinder future, allowing them to use their intuition and spiritual gifts to make decisions for the highest good, to cooperate and collaborate not compete and fight.

It’s time to heed our call to spiritual service and pave the way for our children to make the world a better and brighter place.

Sunday AWH


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Card of the Day – Saturday 9th May

Card of the Day today is Goddess Yemanya – Golden Opportunity

Today’s crystals are Blue Goldstone and Goldstone Turtle bringing us the wisdom and spiritual foresight to manifest great abundance for the good of all.

This is a wonderful day for social enterprise or community activity.

Goddess Yemanya and her crystals are really showing us the way today. She reminds us that we have so much power to manifest wonderful changes, abundance for all and to work together for the greater good and joy of all.

You have the opportunity to make a difference in your family, community or even your country right now.

As our souls are evolving, so the world around us is changing to present us with the opportunities to express the love, compassion and kindness that we are all so very capable of.

Wonderful opportunities for true contentment and harmony in service to our communities are becoming available to you now.

People are starting to come together, to stand together and support each other again after a terrible age of selfishness, sacrifice and separation.

The wise dolphin and turtle energies are here today to support us in our evolution and remind us not to take life so seriously.

Your life is a wonderful adventure, and you have a chance to make a real difference today.

Saturday AWH


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Card of the Day – Friday 8th May

Card of the Day today is Goddess Kuan Yin – Compassion

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Sugilite gently connecting our hearts with our divine nature, and helping us to listen to our compassion every day.

Have you shown compassion today? Will you?

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture or a huge donation to a disaster charity (although that would be wonderful!) but compassion is something that can find it’s way into every situation.

It can be as simple as showing kindness and understanding to somebody who made a mistake today. Perhaps they pulled out in from of your car and didn’t leave enough room, maybe they shouted at you for no reason or did something unkind.

Giving anger back to them will not solve the problem, only escalate it. So try to show some compassion. That driver may be having an awful day, perhaps they just lost a loved one and weren’t concentrating properly.

People make mistakes. And that’s ok.

Our schools and teachers tell us not to make mistakes and the perfectionism of our society which demands ever higher and more impossible levels of success, beauty, fitness and material acquisition in order to be considered “OK” has made us petty, cruel and judgemental.

Silence the judgemental voice in your mind, allow the compassion of your heart to flow through, and watch your life transform around you.

Friday AWH


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