Why I won’t ‘Wear my Poppy with Pride’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock your whole life, then you’ll know that very soon Remembrance Sunday will be upon us, the day that we remember the fallen from the two World Wars and also more recent conflicts.

Here in Britain, the Royal British Legion runs their Poppy Appeal every year, which raises money to support veterans of war, as well as injured and serving personnel and their families by selling small paper poppies to wear on your lapel, and of recent times shiny poppy brooches for the more fashion conscious.

Poppy sellers are appearing on every street corner, and poppies are once again becoming de rigeur as the must-have accessory, at least for a few weeks.

The Poppy was chosen as a symbol of remembrance after the First World War in which Canadian doctor, Lt Col John McCrae was inspired by the sight of poppies growing in the battle scarred fields, to write a now famous poem called ‘In Flanders Fields’.

I can barely begin to imagine the suffering, pain, hopelessness and anguish of the men fighting in the trenches who gave their lives, their wellbeing, their sanity and goodness knows what else whilst being told they were ‘cowards’ for not wanting to be sent to untimely deaths in WWI.


I know that for many the Poppy represents honouring those who fought for freedom, and they take pride in the actions of those involved in conflicts.

There are many stories of bravery, strength and camaraderie which continue to inspire and evoke strong feelings to this day, and rightly so.

But why are we told to wear our poppy with ‘pride?’

Anybody who has served in any sort of conflict, let alone a world war (although I have been lucky enough to meet a few who did) will tell you the truth:

War is not glorious.

War is nothing to be proud of.

War is suffering and death – nothing more, nothing less.

I recently had the honour of meeting adorable 92 year old Stanley, who is still surprisingly sprightly despite his advancing years and dodgy knees.

He served in the RAF during WWII, but told me that he keeps a low profile because he would, in his words “be too sought after” and he really has no desire to talk about it.

He is tight lipped about what he witnessed, and you can see the pain it brings him, even now, over 70 years later, to remember.

And yet, the Poppy Appeal urges us to ‘remember them’ but why?

I have to question why we are urged to remember and feel bad about the sacrifices they made, when these men and women (and animals) were sent to their deaths by politicians, royalty or others ‘in power’ purely to serve their own ends.

They were not sent to war for us, despite what they were told – they were sent for and by monarchs, leaders and politicians who were playing a much bigger and more sinister game behind the scenes.

As time goes on, the truth emerges about past conflicts and wars, and most of them (if not all) were completely unnecessary, avoidable and sometimes just plain wrong.

Hiding behind the word ‘Freedom’ does not make an illegal war any more justified, Mr Blair. And neither does a half hearted faux-pology.

And yet we are whipped into a nationalist frenzy by propaganda and told who our enemies are. We are then pointed in the direction of the “bad guys” without really knowing who, what or why, handed a weapon, and pushed into the direction of fire.

I realise that’s an over simplification, but that’s essentially what happens to the people in war time.

With the advent of social media, the internet and the ability to exchange information freely, quickly and easily, the truth behind wars and conflict is becoming painfully transparent.

Politicians can try all they might to pretend they have our best interests, our people’s best interests of the interests of “freedom” (yes, I laughed too) at heart but the fact is – THEY DO NOT AND THEY NEVER HAVE.

It’s all about money, greed and power. It always has been and it will continue to be until we stand united and do something about it.

So no, I will not wear my poppy with ‘pride’, and I will not be taken in by the propaganda spinning me lies about “baddies” and people to hate, despise or fear.

I will not be party to the international round of bullying currently taking place under the guise of ‘protecting ourselves against terrorists’, where the big boys are taking advantage of the chaos they have created to steal the weaker kids lunch money, on a huge and murderous scale.

I WILL remember those who are fallen, but I will use them as my inspiration to build a better world where we are no longer ruled by power hungry politicians, corporate interests and outdated monarchy who once a year pay lip-service to the victims of their selfish games of war, and make a big show of laying meaningless wreaths at the Cenotaph whilst continuing their self-serving, war-mongering ways.

Yes, I will wear my Poppy, but I will wear it with my eyes wide open and I urge you to do the same.

We should not be proud, we should be sad! We should be horrified and appalled!

poppy 2

The blood-red Poppy should serve as a reminder to us all, of those who were sent to die needless and horrible deaths, for the selfishness of those in power – those who would seek to maintain their rule over us, and serve only themselves as they continue, ever filled with greed and avarice, to feather their already-gilt nests.

Let these humble red flowers remind you of the unnecessary bloodshed, and the remorselessness of those who caused it, and who continue to do so under their guise of righteousness.

So, no I will NOT wear my poppy with ‘pride’ this year or any other.

I will wear my poppy with deep sorrow, but I will use it as my inspiration to build a better world.

5 Reasons to LOVE Mercury Retrograde

Well it’s here again, and I can already hear the groans! Mercury Retrograde happens 3 or 4 times a year for a few weeks at a time and it can really cause wreak havoc.

Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, and planet of communication appears to go backwards in it’s transit during these times. (It doesn’t really travel backwards, it’s just how it appears from earth!) But nonetheless the effect is noticeable.

Mercury Retrograde periods are associated with communication problems, issues with internet,  telephones and mobiles as well as arguments and misunderstandings with loved ones or colleagues. Projects started or enterprises launches during Mercury Retrograde tend to run out of puff or encounter unforeseen problems.

All in all, it’s a time when most of us feel like we want to hide under the duvet and not come out!

But Mercury Retrograde isn’t all bad. Just as nothing is really black or white, there’s more to these few weeks than meets the eye.

So here are my top 5 reasons to LOVE Mercury Retrograde…

1. Review your Life

Mercury Retrograde is a time of looking backwards, and it offers a unique opportunity to have real insight into our past, allowing us to see the truth of what we have experienced and the lessons we can learn from our mistakes.

This is a great time to review your goals, and think about where you’d like to go next. Are there some life goals you’d forgotten about or put to one side? Mercury Retrograde will help you to remember and reinstate them into your future!

2. Rekindle your Relationship

Mercury Retrograde is a funny old time where people from your past have a habit of popping up unexpectedly to say hi! This goes for old friends, lovers and exes, so if you’ve been longing to get back with a lost love, Mercury Retrograde is a great time to re-establish contact with somebody. It’s also a great time for bringing the fire and passion back into existing relationships as mercury retrograde helps you to look back and see where you went wrong, and work on putting things right.

3. Re-organise your Home

Does your home need a spruce up? Is the energy feeling flat and tired? Then now’s the ideal time to bust out the duster and a bin bag! Take a good look through your belongings and see what you can get rid of. Clutter is not good for us either mentally or energetically – it causes stress and stops us from letting go of the past.

Mercury Retrograde is all about looking backwards in order to help us move forwards, so take an inventory of your home and clear that clutter!

4. Revamp your Business

This is a great one for the self employed or entrepreneurs! It’s actually what I’m doing at the moment, so apologies if you find any gremlins on the website. I’m half way through re-organising the online shop so things may be there one minute and gone the next!

This is a fantastic time for looking back over your decisions over the year, reviewing your website, rewriting your policies and it’s a good idea to take another look at your financial projections too – you may be surprised by what you find!

You can also re-launch in Mercury Retrograde, although brand new starts are usually a no-no.

5. Rewrite your CV!

Does your boss really treat you right?

Do you really love your job or are you just getting by to pay the bills?

This is a great time to think about your work goals, ideals and reassess exactly what it is you’d like to do in your life. Take some time to rewrite your CV, and have another look at your skills. Is there a qualification you missed or a skill you forgot you had?

If you missed out on opportunities in the past, this is also a good time to reapply or follow up with the company or recruiter you were dealing with. Remember: A no can turn into yes when Mercury goes backwards!


So remember – Mercury Retrograde isn’t all bad. It’s actually a very important time that forces us to slow down and really think about where we are in life, where we’ve been and where we want to go.

Mercury retrograde invites us to stop rushing around, take the phone off the hook and spend some quality time with ourselves. We get a chance to repair what was broken, and second chances don’t come around often.

So next time your phoneline or internet goes down during Mercury Retrograde, take it as a sign that the planet of communication wants you to stop and think for a minute.

Our society has become far too fast-paced and we barely stop to breathe. But that’s exactly what Mercury Retrograde is for. A welcome chance to stop and think.

So quit hating on Mercury Retrograde!

And if all else fails, just remember; this too shall pass!


 Not sure if this relationship is for you? Unhappy in your job or home?

Book yourself a reading with Helen today and take advantage of the clarity that Mercury Retrograde gives us!

This is the perfect time for a life review and I can help you with a detailed and accurate overview of your life, and also a sneak peek of your future!

Your reading with give you the secret keys to take you towards your dreams.

But hurry, Mercury goes direct again on October 10th – don’t miss out on this special planetary opportunity!


Your Card of the Week

So it’s the end of another long week, and I know many of you are feeling the exhaustion.

I have to say that my body is thanking me for the rest I’ve given it. Rest is really a worthy investment!

I asked my guides about next week’s energy and they have picked this card for you from my own deck the Angel Wings Oracle. It looks like it’s going to be an interesting week!

Your Card for Next Week is number 44 and it’s all about looking for the signs…

44. Signs 

This card is confirmation that the angels are sending you signs. You are correct, you have been aware of signs in your life. You didn’t imagine them!

The angels ask that you continue to look out for and pay heed to these signs, as they are markers designed to help guide you. 

This card can also signify that you have been waiting for a sign, but haven’t seen one and maybe feel let down.

You are never alone and the angels are sending you signs. These can be ordinary objects that your attention is drawn to at an opportune time.

Perhaps you dismissed the signs as too banale to be real “angel” messages!

Yes, the spirit world and the Angelic realms are really trying very hard to get our attention this week. Not only our Angel and Spirit friends are with us however, the Etheric realms of fairies, unicorns and other-wordly beings are also in communication with us in earnest.

The earth is in grave danger, and it is up to us to make the necessary changes in order for her to survive.

You are not asked to do any great things, just small acts of kindness to spread compassion and love around you.

Do your best to show regard for your fellow human being, and make the changes you want to see in the world in your own heart.

Once we change on the inside, the outer world will change around us. And not before.

Your Angels and Spirit guides will hsow you the way, so look for the signs and be ready to listen to the wisdom of your heart when all others may be swayed by anger, prejudice or propaganda.

Your loving heart can bring the positive change into the world through small loving actions. We are called to invoke the butterfly affect, and a tornado of love will be released by the tiny beatings of your heart’s wings.

Red Heart Shape

Coming soon! And what happened to Card of the Day?

Hello fabulous peeps!

I’m super-excited at the moment because I’m working on something BIG! I can’t tell you what it is yet, but it’s going to be A – Mazing, and I promise you’ll love it.

I’m going to be bringing you some fantabulous new spiritual answers, solutions and opportunities a go-go.

What it does mean though, is that I’m having to divert a lot of my time and what’s left of my brain power (and that ain’t much!) to working on the fabulous project I’m bringing you. As a result, Card of the Day is going to take a short holiday, but never fear Card of the Week is here!

To keep you in the sparkly, spiritual loop, I’m switching back to our previous format that you all told me you loved, before Card of the Day was born.

You see a regular weekly forecast from me to make sure you’re abreast of the energy for the coming 7 days so you know what’s up, what to expect and what’s going on.

And trust me there is A LOT going on right now in the ether. It’s crazy the amount of work going on behind the scenes right now for everyone. The Angels are up to their armpits in it and the Fairies are beavering away helping us all to reach higher levels of consciousness, compassion and love.

If you’ve been feeling exhausted lately (which I know I have!) don’t worry. It’s all part of the energetic changes happening in the world and in you. Your body is just trying to catch up with your spiritual growth, and it takes longer than your soul, mind and emotions so remember to cut yourself some slack.

If you feel exhausted, take a break. If you can’t shake the exhaustion, get to the Doctor, change jobs, go part time, make a plan, take up yoga and do whatever it is that you need to do to help you to live comfortably whilst allowing yourself the space to breathe and rest, as your body goes through the painful and exhausting upgrade process.

You’re not weak, growing is tiring stuff – think about how much babies sleep!

Those in charge of the modern world have tried to hoodwink us into thinking that resting is somehow unacceptable, branding it as “unproductive” or “downtime” when it’s actually necessary rest, recuperation and perhaps a time for contemplation too. Just remember that not everyone has your best interests at heart. In fact, very few people genuinely do and they are not usually your boss, politicians or authorities.

You deserve rest, and you deserve to be able to take care of yourself so please make sure that you do.

I’m going through this with you, so you’re not alone. I know all too well the feelings of exhaustion, the random aches and pains, the migraines and the neck and back aches. I’m experiencing the brain fog, the inability to get up in the morning and the disturbed sleep that accompanies many of these spiritual changes too, so please take heart.

This is not forever, and you are not alone. If you are experiencing ascension symptoms like these, take extra care of yourself and I also recommend lots of Reiki to help you through it!

Rest, take a break and chill. I will be back very soon with some amazing new gifts for you, along with magical new solutions, exciting courses and gentle wisdom from the Faerie realms who are working closely with me right now.

Love and Blessings to all of you, and I’ll BRB!

With Love Helen



Your Card of the Day Message – 4th September

Card of the Day today is Make a Wish

Today’s crystals are Aventurine and Angel Hair Quartz giving us the courage to ask the Angels for what we truly desire.

There is a magical potency in the air today. It’s time to make a wish. A real one! And know that it can come true.

You really can have what you desire as long as you are clear of mind, and strong of heart. What you yearn for really can be yours if you ask for it today.

Take a moment to visualise what you want to ask for and know that in asking the Angels for their help, you will always receive it.

You are worthy and capable of receiving great abundance, unending joy and unconditional love and that is what is offered to you today. Will you take it?

Your wish may be as small or big as you want it to be. Size is of no importance to Heaven, only the strength of you desire and belief.

There is one thing to remember however, and that is that we cannot control or manipulate other people. We can’t change their path or destiny, any more than we can force them to be happy or to love us. That is always up to them. Remember that when you make a wish it should either be something for yourself, or just prayers and kindness for others. You cannot make choices for them, and trying to force something to happen for somebody else is always a no-go.

So sit and think about your fondest desires and deepest yearnings today, and make a wish that they will come true.

The Angels will leave you a calling card that you have been heard, so you may well find a small white feather waiting for you after you’ve made your wish.

Magic is all around us, all the time, just waiting for us to make our wishes known.

Make your wish or wishes today with bravery and love in your heart, and you cannot fail to manifest wonderful gifts in the coming weeks and months!

5 Friday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 3rd September

Card of the Day today is Wait

Your crystals today are Rainbow Fluorite and Labradorite helping us see the hidden side of what is happening and reminding us that all dreams take time.

It’s a day full of delays today! Look how late card of the day is for starters!

Plans are being delayed today and there’s a general feeling of frustration as our energy feel sticky and heavy right now. You may even feel like you’re walking through glue or experience physical symptoms of fatigue and brain fog.

The Universe is simply telling you to wait before acting. This is not a day to be a dynamic achiever or push forwards with any business or work plans because everything will seem extra hard.

Delays and SLOW energy are the order of the day so there is no point in fighting it. You can’t win against the universe.

Take today to really think about what it is you want – what are your goals? Do they align with your desires and dreams or are they just what you THINK you SHOULD be doing?

If it’s the latter then you may want to reconsider where you’re going.

Take some time out today to rest and to reconsider your options. The relationship that seemed oh-so-attractive yesterday may turn out to be completely wrong. The project you were determined to work on may not actually be any fun at all, and the job you thought you really wanted could just be a wrong turn.

We all make mistakes in life, indeed we have to because that is how we learn however, I need to add a caveat to that statement: You don’t have to make all the mistakes every time.

Sometimes you can use foresight and wisdom to avoid some of the worst mistakes and today is a day when you are being given a real opportunity to do that.

Stop, think, reconsider and sleep on it. Tomorrow brings a new dawn, and you can make your decision in the cold light of day, eyes wide open.

4 Thursday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 2nd September

Card of the Day today is Contemplation Time

Today’s crystals are Clear Quartz and Rhodonite helping us to see both sides with clarity and impartiality.

What is bugging you today? There are pressing and important issues coming up for review in everybody’s life right now, and this is a good day where we will have the clarity, foresight and wisdom to resolve potential problems before things get out of hand.

Calm is needed more than any other attribute right now to help resolve the issues in our own hearts and in the world at large. Violence, force or arguing will not bring about the changes that are needed, they will only make things worse.

You must handle all problems today with delicatesse, with grace and with dignity, and remember that the opinions, thoughts and feelings of others are just as important and valid as your own.

Each other person that you encounter in this lifetime is a sacred soul, a seed of the divine just like you are, and as such deserves your respect, compassion and recognition. You don’t have to like the person they are choosing to be in this life, but you can respect the dignity of the divine spark inside of them.

Try to see the beautiful soul inside of everyone and remember that we each have our own unique struggles and pain which can often mask our true nature and make us appear mean, unkind or angry.

Walk away from any situations that do not serve you, stay away from toxic energy and carefully extricate yourself from any awkwardness today with diplomacy and tact.

Whilst everyone is a beautiful soul on the inside, it does not mean that you have to suffer with them if they are causing you hurt or pain.

Step away from those who no longer belong in your life. Silently bow to their higher self and send them blessings as you retreat, and know that all will be well soon enough, in divine timing.

3 Wednesday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 1st September

Card of the Day today is Worthiness

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Unakite reminding you that you are indeed lovable, special and worthy of all good things.

You are worthy of Love.

Yes YOU.

It’s all too easy to forget that we deserve good things, that we are worthy and deserving of love, money, material wealth and kindness. Some of us were never taught this in the first place – if you were not raised as you should have been, perhaps you were abused, mistreated or neglected, you may have always felt unworthy, unlovable and broken.

The Angels are here today to tell you that you are not bad, you are not broken and you most certainly are worthy of all the wonderful gifts that the Universe has in store for you.

Look at the Rose Quartz in the picture today – the Angels chose this stone, not because it was perfectly smooth or round, but because it is special. Look how it catches the light and seems to glow and shine with such beauty. These reflections are caused by its imperfections. This stone is battered, chipped and scarred, and yet it is more beautiful than the most perfectly tumbled stone.

You are perfect because of everything that you are.

Society, the media and big business would love you to believe that you are somehow not good enough, in need of improvement and unacceptable – simply so that they can convince you their products will solve all your problems. They will not.

You are a wonderful, shining star in the spiritual heavens and no amount of pain, suffering, mistakes or ‘imperfections’ can dull your light.

You are not flawed, you are unique.

And you are so very worthy.

2 Tuesday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 31st August

Card of the Day today is You’re Being Helped

Today’s crystals are Blue Agate and Ametrine bringing the healing, cooling energy of the sacred healing pool.

The Universe is bringing you peace today. Peace, healing and calm to soothe away any troubles, worries or concerns that are dogging you or keeping you awake at night.

After the highly emotional weekend, we are in need of rest and recuperation, and the universe will make sure that you are taken care of.

Everything is fine, there is no need to worry or hurry to get things done. Things will be taken care of today and others will help you to pick up the slack when you need to take a break.

You don’t always have to be the one to help everybody else. Sometimes it’s ok to allow others to help you too, and this is a day to rest on your laurels a little and allow somebody else to help out and take the strain.

So kick back, take a breather and treat yourself to some well-deserved rest time today while the Universe helps you and rearranges itself to make sure that you will achieve your goals.

There is much Angelic help coming to you today and in the weeks to come as we continue this healing period, where many of us are feeling drained and exhausted.

Whilst it may not always be pleasant, this time is extremely important on a spiritual level so we must be patient and allow the Universe and the Angels to help us until we feel well enough to take the reins of our lives again.

1 Monday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 30th August

Card of the Day today is Angel Athena

Today’s crystals are Goldstone and Red Jasper bringing us the blessings of heaven and inviting us to step into our power.

Today is a day for celebration! Angel Athena is here to knight you and remind you of just how powerful you truly are.

You are a sacred warrior of the soul, and it’s time you stepped up into that power.

Your psychic and healing abilities are making themselves known, and many of you feel drawn to learn more about spirituality, healing, psychic work and helping others through these gifts.

There is no coincidence in this! You are a powerful healer, and your influence can make a huge difference in so many people’s lives.

Get ready for the changes that are coming in our world, for they are coming fast.

Soon you won’t have time to sit back and wonder if you should follow your spiritual path, you may find yourself thrust onto it when you least expect it!

Some of you are already walking the healing warrior path, and you know the great joys it brings.

It is never easy to walk in the shoes of the healer, but it is the most important thing you can do.

You are here to heal the world starting with yourself, so listen to the stirrings of your soul and get going with it! Book that course, go to that workshop or practise what you already know.

You are a spiritual warrior; arise!

7 Sunday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 29th August

Card of the Day today is Daniel the Angel of Marriage and Relationships

Today’s crystals are Blue Agate and Ametrine reminding us that there is divine balance in the universe.

When something is out of balance, the universe will do it’s best to restore equilibrium.

Look how grass tried to grow through tarmac and concrete, and how nature tries to regrow and repopulate areas of habitat that have been destroyed or damaged by our ever-growing desire to consume.

We have put this planet so far out of balance that she is struggling to maintain the life that lives here, and sadly that also includes our own.

Angel Daniel is here to ask us to help our mother earth, but bringing balance into all parts of our lives, starting with our relationships.

For too long now we have lived in patriarchal societies where the Yang or male energy has had far too much influence and power. The gentler divine feminine Yang energy must be rebalanced with its male counterpart if the world is to survive.

You can help with this rebalancing by looking at your own life and helping to restore the balance of energies within yourself, your personal relationships and your community or country as a whole.

Support oppressed minorities, and fight for justice, quality and fairness for all.

Once we restore the balance of this sacred marriage of masculine and feminine within our own hearts, the world around us can finally change for the better.

You are so much more powerful than you think. The changes you make within yourself will ripple across the fabric of time and space and be felt in the farthest reaches of the universe.

As Above, So Below.

As Within, So Without.

6 Saturday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 28th August

Card of the Day today is Mystique the Unicorn

Today’s crystals are Tiger’s Eye and Blue Goldstone reminding us that there are great mysteries of the universe for us to discover!

The Universe is so more vast and abundant than we could ever imagine!

You can achieve your goals, and you really can have it all and be a kind, generous person who makes the world a better place. Yes, this is possible so please pay attention!

Mystique is here to herald a new world order. A new world of community and kindness, compassion and cooperation where we all work for ourselves, for spirit and for the world.

This is a time of remembering that we have been here before – this is not our first lifetime for most.

You hold within you great wisdom from times past, previous lives, other existences, maybe even other planets.

There is so much within you to be explored, expressed and enjoyed! The inner journey of discovery is just as exciting as any physical travel!

Take some time today to meditate and ask Mystique to show you the secrets of the universe, and the hidden gifts and wisdom of your soul. Then watch over the coming days, weeks and years as you discover who you truly are, and grow and blossom like the beautiful, heavenly lotus-flower that you are.

5 Friday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 27th August

Card of the Day today is Archangel Uriel

Your crystals for today are Amethyst and Sodalite helping us to heal our inner child, and know that we are lovable.

Archangel Uriel is a very powerful Archangel. He is here today to help us on our healing journey.

Your inner child is crying out for attention. Problems such as depression, anxiety and general unhappiness are often caused by our childhood emotional needs not being met.

That’s not to say that you had ‘bad’ parents, although some of you may have done. But each of us has our own emotional wounds to heal, that is part of life’s path.

It’s impossible to go through life and never get hurt!

The more time and effort we spend on helping ourselves to heal emotionally, the more joy and peace we can enjoy in our day to day activities.

The ramifications of emotional hurt can be terrible – upset and trauma are known to cause physical ailments such as fibromyalgia, migraines and ulcers.

We cannot take our emotions too seriously, and Archangel Uriel is here to remind you that your emotional wellbeing needs to take centre stage today. Take advantage of his loving presence to heal your heart, and gently start to deal with any pain from your past that is unresolved.

This can be a long journey, and you may need help from a counsellor or psychotherapist, but Archangel Uriel will be there every step of the way with you. Loving and supporting you as you heal your heart and help to heal the world in doing so.

4 Thursday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 26th August

Card of the Day today is Chantal the Love Angel

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Rhodonite helping us to find balance in our loving relationships.

Chantal is here to bring peace to warring partners and help us all to find balance in our romantic relationships today.

She comes with a big dose of Aphrodite’s peace and is here to help us to see the other person’s point of view whilst not forgetting ourselves.

This angel usually heralds new relationships and happy beginnings, but her task today is to reassure us that our relationships may not be broken beyond repair. There is much we can do to work together, sort things out and move forward in a new order of love and understanding.

Our consumerist society is so quick to write people off and move on to the next one, that we have forgotten how to work on the good relationships! We stick around with the wrong people, but when we find a good one, we fail to put the work in and we end up feeling bored, resentful or perhaps that the grass might be greener.

Many soul mates are coming together at this time to help with the spiritual progress of the entire world. A big part of this is releasing old karma from past lifetimes, which our soul mates will help us to do by coming into our lives and challenging us in new ways.

It’s time to rise to the challenge! If a powerful soul mate is in your life, one who truly makes you feel alive, and as if the world was in 5D colour, then you own it to yourself to do your best to sort out any problems with the help of a counsellor, relationship expert or perhaps even a self help book.

It’s time to forget bad habits of our relationship past and learn a new way to be in loving soul mate relationships – tolerance and consideration will always take us further than smart comebacks and silence.

3 Wednesday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 25th August

Card of the Day today is Angel Crystal

Today’s crystals are Jade Horse and Citrine bringing us hope and reassurance in a time of uncertainty.

Angel Crystals is here today with a message of hope and reassurance.

We have started the week with some difficult energy, but now is not the time to throw in the towel and assume that all your efforts have come to nought.

Keep working away at your projects and know that you will achieve what you have set out to, but things take more time and effort than we usually imagine – life has a habit of throwing us curve balls!

Don’t think of giving up just because things are hard, or taking longer than you thought. You are an achiever, and you can do so much more in your life, but you have to believe that the Angels will bring you what you need.

Hang in there today, and spend some time with your Guardian Angel meditating on your bright future ahead. Imagine what it would look like, sound like, feel like, smell like! Visualise your plans coming good and you will help the process along.

But if you quit now, the Angels can’t bring you what you want.

Persistence is key today. Don’t give up.

2 Tuesday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 24th August

Card of the Day today is Angel Desirée

Today’s crystals are Aquamarine and Turquoise reminding us that the Universe always has our best interests at heart.

You are protected and taken care of. It may not seem like it, but Heaven is always on your side. You are never alone, abandoned or left behind.

Things may not be progressing as fast or as well as you might like at the moment, but Angel Desiree is here to reassure you that you have not been forsaken.

It isn’t the right time for many of us to be moving forward with plans today. The reasons why may become apparent later on, or not at all.

But know that everything happens in divine timing so even when you think something has gone ‘wrong’ or you are disappointed by a delay, you can take a step back from the situation and know that everything is happening exactly as it should, and that you will get where you need to be soon enough. And if you don’t, then perhaps you were never meant to.

Everything in the universe runs to Heaven’s timescales, which may differ drastically to our own!

Today is not a day to force or push things to happen, as we may be reckless or impatient. Spend time today considering your options and get ready to take action in the cold light of day tomorrow, with both eyes wide open.

1 Monday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 23rd August

Card of the Day today is The Deer

Your crystals for today are Amethyst and Angel Hair Quartz reminding us to show compassion to others and see them as the angels do.

The Deer is one of my favourite card, and animals. They are gentle, sweet and so beautiful.

Their sweetness and gentle ways are things that are too often missing from our lives, and yet they are such simple things.

It doesn’t really take much effort to be kind or gentle with others or yourself. It’s certainly not ‘weak’ to do so either although society would have us believe otherwise.

Some of the strongest and wisests souls are very gentle indeed – they are pacifists, activists for human rights and environmental causes. They care very deeply and stand for what it right.

Mankind is caught up in a living nightmare where destruction and selfishness are considered somehow ‘cool’ or appropriate. Fighting is not glamourous, and negotiation is always preferable to conflict.

There is little need for conflict or causing harm to others, and yet it happens all too often when people want their own way, and forget that other people are important too.

Look at the unnecessary wars waged by selfish, greedy politicians, the innocent lives taken, the harm and injury and destruction we are causing every day to our home planet.

This is our home, and we all live here. We are all beings with a right to life, to joy and to wellbeing yet we deny even the most basic human needs to others whilst enriching ourselves and feathering our own nests with unnecessary trinkets.

Gentleness, compassion and kindness of spirit are some of the strongest and most powerful traits a person can possess.

It is easy to destroy or harm, and much more difficult to repair, restore and put things right again.

Let us bring our focus to things that help rather than harm others and ourselves. After all, everyone is fighting inner battles that we know nothing about. Everybody experiences pain in their lives.

Rather than causing more suffering, use your energy today to bring healing and kindness to a world so utterly lost in pain and despair.

7 Sunday AWH

Your Card of the Day Message – 22nd August

Card of the Day today is The Serpent

Today’s crystals are Ametrine and White Howlite balancing our health and wellbeing and bringing us the spiritual union of wellness on all levels.

The serpent comes to you today with an important message. He wants you to remember to take care of yourself and your health and wellbeing.

That may sound very simple and most people may say “Oh, I’m fine.” But you may not be as fine as you think. When we neglect our wellbeing, it will come back to bite us on the behind when we least expect it – and usually at a very inconvenient time, to boot.

Your wellbeing is not just your body either – your mind must be taken care of, you emotions, your happiness and also your spiritual self.

All aspects of you deserve and need love, attention and fulfilment.

The body is the one that most of us focus upon, because it’s the one everybody sees. Sadly our judgmental and look-obsessed society informs us that we must suffer to be considered ‘beautiful’ so we are cruel to our bodies, putting them through starvation in the form of ‘dieting’ or harsh ‘beauty’ treatments, poisonous injections, and chemical treatments to skin, hair and goodness knows what else.

Please show your body the love it deserves, and help it to feel good. You can do that by allowing it to relax and rest, and also by taking gentle helpful exercise such as yoga, pilates or swimming in the sea.

Your body also needs the right nutrition – sweet fruits, juicy vegetable dishes and lots of water will nourish your body and enchant your taste buds! Try to avoid the lower energies of animal products which will lower your vibration and mood, making you feel sluggish and heavy.

Your emotions and mind need so much more attention than they get – book in some counselling sessions, or perhaps read a self-help book on a subject that rings a bell for you.

There is much healing for us all to do, no matter how ‘ok’ we may think we are.

We all carry trauma and pain from the past and present, and we owe it to ourselves to put down the bag of rocks and move forwards baggage-free.

Your soul will speak to you through these activities, and asks that you pay attention to your intuition and inner voice of wisdom more often. You don’t have to become a monk but please make sure you honour the sacred in your life, and remember that you are a spiritual being.

Take care of yourself, and the world around you will begin to heal.

Others will be inspired by your example and may start caring for themselves, and others too. Children will learn that self-care is important and mimic your habits. The world will feel the energy lift and start to regrow and flourish in places where it has been damaged or devastated by natural or human sources.

When you take care of you, the whole universe feels better too.

6 Saturday AWH

Show yourself some love, and book an Angel Wings Reiki session with Helen today. 

Reiki works on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual bringing healing, oneness and a sense of wellbeing to make you feel wonderful on every level!