Card of the Day – Tuesday 30th June

Card of the Day today is Angel Leila

Today’s crystals are Luvulite and Rose Quartz gently surrounding us with nurturing love, and the reassurance that our dreams will find us.

What is it that you really, really want?

Often Angel Leila appears to encourage manifesting work, but today she tells me that many of you are becoming disheartened because your dreams seem to be taking so very long to manifest.

Today’s message is one of love, comfort and reassurance because the Angels are acutely aware that things haven’t been going as planned, or indeed for some progressing at all just recently.

Of late, the energy has slowed right down, and many of us feel frustrated, stymied or at a stalemate.

The good news is that this too shall pass. No state is ever permanent and the world will seem to speed up again for you soon enough.

The reason for the lull was twofold, we have all just gone through a period of deep healing, and letting go of much karma. This has made many of us over-tired, lethargic or depressed.

Please do not worry, you will feel the shift in energy soon enough. We are just in a short period of rest, waiting for our dreams to call us forward.

Your time is coming, and your life will change in wonderful ways soon enough.

In the meantime, take time to rest, and enjoy the quiet time while it lasts. It will be gone soon enough!

2 Tuesday AWH

Card of the Day – Monday 29th June

Card of the Day today is Angels Grace & Antoinette

Today’s crystals are Amethyst and Aventurine helping us to link with our spiritual higher-self and heal in the light of truth.

You are bathed in the light of heaven today – your pain is illuminated for you to see clearly what is hurting, and what needs to be healed.

Today’s message is all about forgiveness and healing.

Others may have hurt you in this lifetime, and whilst it’s always a good idea to find your peace and let go of the past, the angels are specifically talking to me about self-forgiveness today.

The reason we find it so hard to forgive others for certain deeds, may actually reflect our own pain.

What are you not forgiving yourself for? What do you still beat yourself up about?

Chances are, you will judge others more harshly for the same misdeeds, because it reminds you of your own self-unforgiveness, and the pain it brings.

To not forgive yourself does not serve a purpose. It does not make you a better person, or more holy. It is masochistic and destructive.

So think of the people who have hurt you, what they did that you were not able to forgive. Dig a little deeper and you will find the issues that you have not forgiven yourself for.

What do you dislike about yourself? What negative traits do you unfairly accuse yourself of?

This mis-thinking is the root of your pain.

Once you are able to truly and fully forgive yourself, forgiving others will become a doddle.

1 Monday AWH

Card of the Day – Sunday 28th June

Card of the Day today is Rise Above Problems

Today’s crystals are Clear Quartz Crystal & Blue Goldstone giving us the clarity and foresight to know that no problem is too big, and this too shall pass.

Problems are never permanent, everything is transitory and temporary in this world, even life itself. Indeed, not one of us lives forever in this form.

The world is forever changing, evolving, growing, dying and replenishing again.

Today’s message comes to reassure you that your problems will not last forever. Whatever challenges you face right now, you can rise above them when you remember that there is a time for everything, and nothing is permanent.

There is a time for pain, for hurt, for suffering just as there is a time for joy, peace and love.

Life is all about living, it’s about the journey. There is no destination, just a long and winding road until we are released back into the spirit world once more.

Your life is sacred, and you are doing just fine. Put down all the expectations and know that you are doing enough just by living, just by existing. Your life’s meaning is to live. You have already succeeded!

When we are able to take a step back and see the perfection of the world, we see that the real point of life is that there isn’t one, other than to live it.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get that job, don’t have the career you thought you ‘should’ or the house, the car and the 2.4 children. None of this matters, you cannot ‘fail’ in God’s eyes.

You are a success, and your track record of getting through each day with all its problems is currently at 100% so don’t you forget that.

You are a miracle, you are divinity in human form. You are enough, you are good enough, and nothing more is asked of you other than to live your life.

So put the problems aside. Take a deep breath. Everything is just fine as it is.

Rise above your problems and rest in the Angels’ sweet embrace.

7 Sunday AWH

Card of the Day – Saturday 27th June

Card of the Day today is Beauty

Today’s crystals are both White Howlite reminding us of the beauty in everything, and bringing us a new calm and serenity within ourselves, so we can really feel comfortable in our own skin.

You are beautiful. Yes, you are.

The Angels see the perfections in every part of your being. Society may have silly made-up rules about what is “attractive” but that will never, ever detract from your true beauty and magnificence.

You are incredible, majestic, striking. Your external appearance is but a very small part of your gigantesque divine spirit and those who truly see the whole you can tell you this.

You are the most beautiful soul. How I wish that you could see yourself as the Angels do!

You would weep at the beauty and purity that you would see before you.

People who are loving and kind shine with the goodness of their soul, no matter what their physical body looks like.

So today, try to remember to look at yourself, and other through the eyes of divine love. You may be surprised just how beautiful and innocent the world becomes when you drop the judgements you were taught by society, and see people, animals and the world for what it truly is.

Look with your inner sight, your divine perception and the great wisdom of your soul. Clear your mind, take a deep breath and prepare to fall in love with the entire world

There is so much beauty in the world – if you allow yourself to see it.

6 Saturday AWH

Card of the Day – Friday 26th June

Card of the Day today is Laughter

Today’s crystals are Ametrine & Blue Lace Agate reminding us that life is supposed to be fun and a joyous expression of divinity on earth.

Laughter is divine, I truly believe it is one of our most precious gifts. There is nothing that laughter cannot cure, it makes us feel better, boosts our immune system and links us with Heaven.

Laughter really does make everything better, so please don’t ever think that it’s superfluous, unnecessary or childish. It is divine and healing. There is nothing silly at all about that!

Please try to make sure that your life is filled with joy and laughter as often as possible. This may sound like a big ask, but sometimes we realise that we have been too serious for too long, and it’s time to lighten up.

Allowing yourself to have a laugh when we thought for so long that we had to be sensible, hard working or quiet can come as a shock sometimes.

Laughter is so important, as it is infectious and lifts the spirits of those around you, as well as the energy of any room.

People who shy away from laughter and fun are often the ones who need it the most, but may not be comfortable with it due to their own pain or difficult past.

So bring the gift of laughter to yourself and those around you today. Lighten and brighten somebody’s day, make them laugh.

Laugh and the Angels of laughter will join in and shower you with blessings!

5 Friday AWH

Card of the Day – Thursday 25th June

Card of the Day today is Inner Power

Today’s crystals are Green Jade Horse & Lepidolite connecting us with our divine power and bringing good fortune and swift change for the better.

The energy today is swift footed as a wild horse. The Jade horse is a very fortunate symbol, and he brings great blessings today in the form of changes in your life.

You are a divine being, and we are all becoming more aware of that fact.

This day is an important one, for it marks an increase in your spiritual awareness, your connection with the spirit world, and your own psychic ability.

You hold within you the sacred fires of creation and the power of the entire universe, should you learn how to use it.

You are incredibly important, and your soul chose to incarnate in this time for a very important reason. You are loved and needed in the world more than you could possibly know, and just by being alive you make it a better place for everyone.

Today’s events and changes will take you towards a future where you will be ever more aware of these truths, and you will find that your spiritual and psychic abilities will increase.

Change for some may come as a shock, and the speed of the horse may make us feel unsteady for a while as we try to get used to the shift. But the horse also brings us strength, bravery and optimism to weather whatever storms may be coming as we move towards higher understanding of ourselves and Heaven.

Your life may be about to change in many ways, but fear not for you will be carried through the difficulties, and out the other side by your sure-footed companion, toward greener pastures, a higher understanding and peace on earth.

4 Thursday AWH

Card of the Day – Wednesday 24th June

Card of the Day today is Self Reliance

Today’s crystals are Red Agate & Carnelian helping us to feel strong in our bodies, grounded and safe in the world.

The world is a friendly place. I promise; it really is.

There are many people who would have us believe otherwise, who try to trick us into hating, condemning or rejecting others.

Today the Angels ask you to listen to your own gut, your higher wisdom and the beautiful spirit inside of yourself. That is the only news broadcast you truly need.

You can rely on the wisdom of your soul, and you don’t need to be constantly told what to do, what to think or whom to love.

Today is a day for free thinking. Know that your connection with the divine is perfect, and you are much more capable than you think.

You really can achieve your goals if you set your mind, heart and soul on them.

You can rely on yourself for so much more than you were ever led to believe. You are the divine incarnate, and you are capable to feats beyond your imagination.

So stop thinking of yourself as small or insignificant today. If you don’t like something, then change it. If somebody treats you badly, walk away.

When you come from a place of self reliance, your strength is multiplied by your confidence, and the universe will rearrange itself to assist you.

3 Wednesday AWH

Card of the Day – Tuesday 23rd June

Card of the Day today is Inner Child

Today’s crystals are Luvulite & Sodalite gently helping us to heal and re-parent our inner child, letting her know that she is safe and loved.

Your Inner Child is crying out for some attention today.

It’s easy to forget that part of us remains a child, no matter how old we get. We call it the Inner Child because on the outside, you do look older, but he or she is still there no matter how old you get.

Many of us had less than perfect childhoods. Even adults who were lucky enough to have really kind and loving parents, may still need to pay attention to their inner child from time to time. She deserves recognition and love, and sometimes she will want to play too!

For those of us who had less-than-ideal or perhaps even abusive childhoods, today is a powerful day of healing. Just because you’re an adult, does not mean that you suddenly just “get over” what happened to you as a child.

The child cannot easily defend itself against adult attack, and without kind and loving adults to help build her self esteem, show her that she is loved and that the world is a safe place, we can grow into anxious or self-loathing adults who may struggle with relationships, work and even simple day to day tasks.

No matter how painful your childhood, just remember that the child that you were still lives inside you, and you have the rest of your life to help her to heal, grow and learn that she is loved and wanted.

She has a right to your love, attention and grown-up support and reassurance. SO remember that this is not a part of you to be swept under the rug. No matter who you are, your Inner Child calls for attention today.

So listen to the wisdom of the child – what does she want? How can you help her?

How can you both heal and grow today?

2 Tuesday AWH

Card of the Day – Monday 22nd June

Card of the Day today is Body Movement

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Red Jasper helping us to reunite with the physical and show our body the love it deserves.

It’s a day for itchy feet and wanting to dance!

Today the Angels remind us that we are not supposed to be sedentary beings. We are active and graceful animals and movement, play and dance are all incredibly important parts of our lives.

We should never view moving as a chore. A walk should be pleasurable, any exercise should be something we love and never for the sake of it.

There is nothing that makes the Angels more sad than people punishing themselves with activities that should be FUN!

Remember to stand up, walk around, move, stretch, run and jump if you can.

Your body stores a lot of stress and this is a day when it really needs releasing. Think of moving about as a form of detoxing.

Yoga and joyful dance are highlighted today as we are guided not only to keep our body temple in excellent shape, but also to help it shed a layer of stress so that we can feel lighter, brighter and more connected with ourselves.

You don’t have to be a good dancer or a Yoga master, just make sure that your body gets to move and release those toxic energies today.

Movement is a joy that should be cherished and enjoyed. Your body can teach you so much about yourself when you pay attention to its gentle whisper of wisdom instead of what you ‘think’ you want or need.

1 Monday AWH

No more Bites to Bug ya!

Like many people, I try to live as natural an existence as I can – in as many ways as is practical.

21st Century Britain isn’t exactly the most in touch with nature we’ve ever been, and with artificial everything coming out of our ears, sometimes it’s nice, not to mention healthier to get back to basics.

It’s a mild and muggy summer here in England, and we’re not seeing the temperatures we would like. Admittedly that does give us Brits more to talk about, the weather being our favourite subject for general discussion and bonding…

But something I have noticed this year is the BUGS!

Fleas! Mosquitoes! The insects seem to be loving the humid, warm air and at times, poor Evey is a very itchy, grumpy little cat.

So here are my top 5 natural tips to keep the bugs at bay this summer without resorting to nasty chemicals…

1. Citronella

Oh my goodness, how I LOVE citronella so much, we now have a special Citronella Range in the Angel Wings Holistics store! This gorgeously lemony essential oil is pretty pungent, and you’ll see it everywhere in the summer time. Candles, incense, essential oils, insect repellant sprays.

My top tip is to always make sure that you get a product made with the pure essential oil or plant extract, organic if possible, and not an artificial fragrance as this won’t work as well and could contain harmful substances.

As with all essential oils, you should mix it with a carrier or base oil before applying to the skin.

You can also burn citronella in the form of incense or in an oil burner to keep your home pest-free. Evey and I love to burn citronella oil in the summer, because it’s a lovely deodorising fragrance and the fleas and mozzies really hate it! Watch them run!

In the absense of an oil burner, just pop a couple of drops of the essential oil onto a tea light or your favourite candle for a quick fix, or put a couple of drops in hot water when you mop the floor.

2. Lavender

Biting insects tend not to be much of a fan of this lovely oil either. Lavender essential oil is one of the few oils that you can put directly onto the skin (although you should do so with caution and check for any allergies first).

I like to dab some onto a cloth and wipe down any furniture that Evey likes to hang out on to keep the fleas at bay.

Lavender infused skin products can have a repellant effect too, plus they smell divine and will help you to chill out when you’re being driven mad by bites!

3.  Make friends with your vacuum cleaner

Now anyone who knows me will know that I have a mild phobia of vacuum cleaners, and a former flat mate actually threatened to take a photo of me one time I did actually hoover, just so that she had hard evidence it wasn’t a figment of her imagination!


Vacuuming every day, especially making sure Evey’s bed is done too, really does seem to make a difference. *Sigh*

Thankfully, I have a very understanding partner who is a dab hand with a Dyson…

4. Grow insect repellant plants

Here are a few of my favourites:

– Lemon Balm

– Basil

– Lavender

– Lemon Thyme

– Mint

These are all lovely, and pretty easy care fragrant herbs that will make your home and garden smell delicious as well as keeping the biters at bay.

As an added bonus, you can also spice up your cooking with their wonderful flavours!

5. Get rid of any stagnant water in the garden

Water butts and ponds are literally breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Go and have a look in yours now and see if you can see the little larvae swimming happily around!

If you have a bird bath, change the water frequently and empty any watering cans when they’re not being used.

There’s no point becoming an accidental backyard mozzy-breeder!


This is far from an exhaustive list, and I don’t think you can ever keeps the insects 100% at bay, but it shows that you can minimise negative interactions with our six-legged friends without resorting to poisonous chemicals.

Another point you may like to consider is the spiritual aspect of any sort of infestation, or “insect problem” you may be experiencing.

From a Shamanic point of view, the insect will be in your life to give you a message. If you find yourself plagued more than most with one particular critter, that little bug may well be trying to tell you something important.

Once you’ve identified it’s spiritual message, it will usually leave you alone, or at least stop plaguing you in the same way.

If you’re having trouble with fleas for example, it may be that you are hiding from the world and not sharing your talents as you should.

For a more in depth look at insect infestations and patterns in your life, book yourself a reading with me to really get to the bottom of the issue that’s bugging you!


A note about essential oils and pets 

You’ll notice that I don’t use essential oils directly on Evey. She is a cat, and her body is not able to metabolise that sort of thing in the same way that the human body can.

She enjoys the scents, but they can be a little overpowering for her in close proximity.

For this reason, I don’t recommend putting essential oils directly onto your pets. Whilst essential oils are natural, they are extremely potent and should be used only as directed by an aromatherapist.

Card of the Day – Sunday 21st June

Card of the Day today is Forgive

Today’s crystals are Luvulite and Sodalite bringing us the wisdom to look at the bigger picture and find forgiveness within ourselves.

Forgiveness can be so easy at times, and so hard at others.

In principle, most of us know that forgiveness is generally a positive thing, and the ‘right thing to do’ but not all of us practice it when we should.

And there is a very good reason for that.

Many of us have been wrongly told that forgiveness means we basically have to let the other person or people off for the hurt they caused us.

Our beloved Angels are here today to reassure us that forgiveness has nothing to do with letting others abuse us and get away with it.

True forgiveness is about you and only you. It doesn’t mean you condone or agree with what was done to hurt you, or have anything more to do with the perpetrator. They don’t even need to know. It simply means that you refuse to carry the burden of the pain anymore.

In other words, when I forgive you it does not mean that I no longer think you’re a bad person. It just means that I’m no longer prepared to dwell on it.

This is particularly important to remember in cases of abuse or cruelty.

Forgiveness is the gift you give to yourself with the help of your Angels, so that YOU can feel better and move on.

Allow yourself to have this precious gift and gently but firmly leave your pain in the past where it belongs.


Card of the Day – Thursday 18th June

Card of the Day today is Thankful

Today’s crystals are Rhodochrosite and Blue Lace Agate gently awakening our higher heart chakra and reminding us to keep an attitude of gratitude in the face of adversity.

We all have so much to be thankful for.

No matter how hard, or bleak our life may seem, there is always a lot to be thankful for.

Even the most painful and difficult experiences bring us blessings, important lessons and personal growth.

If our lives were easy, they would be without meaning.

Today’s message is a reminder to be thankful for our many challenges, troubles and trials. They are what make you strong, help you to grow and blossom.

So take a moment today, and sit quietly with yourself. Give silent thanks to the universe for the many challenges you face, and all that you have learned over the years and decades.

Bless every problem in your life and give thanks for every situation you find yourself in.

When we learn to see the blessings in everything, we can become more at peace, at one with ourselves and see the perfection in everything.

In the eyes of the Angels, the world, with all its problems, is perfect just as it is.

And so are you.


Card of the Day – Wednesday 17th June

Card of the Day today is Family Culture

Your crystals today are White Howlite and Carnelian reconnecting you to your root and showing you the ancestral karma in your situation.

Have you ever noticed how patterns tend to repeat themselves in families? Habits and traditions may be passed down, but it runs deeper than you think.

Ever wonder why things aren’t going your way and negative things keep happening to you? You may be carrying karma from your ancestors!

Whilst I firmly believe that we make our own choices and have a huge amount of control over our own destiny, Ancestral Karma is something that can upset the apple cart when we least expect it.

Spend some time meditating or researching your family history to see what themes you can discover in the lives of your predecessors that may be repeating in your life. Families carry memories and karma through the generations, and it’s not always a good thing. Sometimes it can be negative and unhelpful.

Right now, we are being guided by heaven to learn lessons from the past to bring positive changes to our present time. This is a great time to research family, genealogy and history in general.

To release yourself from any adverse effects, ask Archangel Michael to cut you free from any Ancestral Karma currently affecting your life and situation. Call upon him to surround you with his protective blue light and use his angelic sword to cut any ties to past misdeeds that may be affecting you in this lifetime, in the past, present or future. You may also ask him to do this for other family members, with their permission.

You are not responsible for what happened before you, and yet many of us carry heavy karmic loads from generations previous.

This is a blessed time of great healing for all of us. A new era is dawning, and the sins of the past will melt away in the light of the morning sun…

photo (1)

Card of the Day – Sunday 14th June

Card of the Day today is Pay Attention

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz Angel and Labradorite opening our hearts and our higher perception to what is really going on around us.

The Angels are talking to you. Are you listening?

This year, your psychic abilities are deepening and opening us ever more.

Your Third Eye chakra may even twitch, itch or feel uncomfortable at times. Don’t worry, this is normal and nothing to worry about. It just means that your spiritual eyes are opening!

Today, you are asked to pay special attention to what is going on around you. There are many subtle changes taking place in the world, as we continue to evolve as a species.

Our evolution is towards a higher spirituality and oneness, rather than a simply physical adaptation to our surroundings.

Your own abilities are heightened today and will continue to increase with Heaven’s help. Pay attention to signs from above, images or words with meaning that are repeated wherever you go.

If an important message appears 2 or 3 times, it could well be confirmation from Heaven that you are correct about something.

Now, more than ever before the Etheric and Angelic realms are reaching out to communicate with us so listen, pay attention and you’ll hear the important and loving messages they have for us.


Card of the Day – Saturday 13th June

Card of the Day today is Empowerment

Today’s crystals are Red Jasper and Carnelian elephant bringing the energy of the great God Ganesh to remove all obstacles to our greatness and remind us how powerful we are.

Do you know who you are?

I don’t mean your given name, the work you do or where you were born or raised. I mean WHO you REALLY are?

If you knew, I think you might be shocked.

Society tells us to play small, stay lowly and be little but that’s not the reality of who you really are.

The Angels want to remind you today of who you really are in this universe.

You are a divine soul, You are a spark of the divine fire thtat burns in every living thing.

You are God personified, the miracle worker, a natural healer and manifester.

You are ALL of these things and more – you just forgot for a little while.

It’s not big headed to know these things about yourself, but it’s not anything to take personal credit for either.

We are all the children of God and as such, we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams.

Many people are waking up to the reality of the world we live in, and remembering certain skills such as healing, psychic ability and mediumship. More and more, we are exploring our latent abilities, our God-given gifts that form part of our souls.

You are so much more special than you realise my dear. Heaven loves you more than you could ever imagine, and you are not small in the slightest.

So stop playing small, play big. Remember who you truly are, take life by the horns and work to make the world a better place.

You DO have the power.

Card of the Day – Friday 12th June

Card of the Day today is Play Time!

Today’s crystals are Ametrine and Rhodonite reminding us that our lives need balance and we don’t need to take everything so seriously!

School’s out for summer! Yay!

The Angels are calling you out to play! Can you hear them?

The mermaids call you from the sea and the fairies tempt you to the woods. Get out in nature as soon as you can and have some real fun.

Play time is so very important for adults because when we forget how to play, we lose our creativity, our spark, our inspiration.

Just because you’re ‘older’ now doesn’t mean that fun is no longer on the agenda. In fact, now that you have so much work and so many responsibilities, play should take an even higher priority than before!

How balanced is your life looking right now? Are you feeling happy and relaxed or tense and overworked?

If it’s the latter then you may need some extra play time.

Corporate culture has tried to convince us that time off is secondary and not very important by renaming it ‘down-time’ and judging us for taking holidays and time off.

This is a terrible lie that starts when we begin school. Play time should be extended and everyone allowed to play, imagine and explore in creative, unstructured and fun ways.

Genius needs to textbooks or rules. Joy and happiness are the only things we need to create.

So put everything down and go play!

Card of the Day – Thursday 11th June

Card of the Day today is Accept Heaven’s Help

Your crystals for today are Sodalite and Amethyst gently helping you to remember that the world is a friendly place, and that Heaven is always on your side.

Many people pray for help. They beg God or the Angels to help, send a miracle or some changes to help them.

But what do we do when the miracle arrives?

Miracles are often cleverly disguised as normal everyday events that ‘just happen’ to fall at exactly the right time. Or a kindly stranger who ‘just happens’ to be there when you need their help.

Heaven has worked to bring you exactly what you need, and what do we do? We say “No thank you” and sit on a rock waiting for something that looks more like a miracle.

I often ask people why they refuse help offered to them, when they have asked heaven for it. They usually look confused when I point out that they have been deflecting their miracles because simply they didn’t recognise them.

I think popular culture has conditioned expect a big hand to appear out of the clouds like on the National Lottery adverts or for a shining angel to appear in the sky and wave a magic wand.

Here’s the thing. Miracles don’t normally look like Disney would have us believe.

If you turn down the help offered or refuse the opportunity, Heaven won’t force you to take it. After all, you have free will to accept miracles or not, as you wish.

You deserve miracles, and Heaven will bring you what you need. But remember that you need to play your part too.

When the help arrives say YES!

Card of the Day – Wednesday 10th June

Card of the Day today is A New Dawn

Today’s crystals are White Howlite and Luvulite bringing us the peace and courage to move forwards towards the future knowing that we are worthy and loved.

The time of struggle is over. So many people have had such a hard time recently, especially the very sensitive ones.

There has been much pain, many beloved souls have passed to the spirit world, and  there has been much upheaval for all of us.

Over the past two years many light-workers and sensitive souls have found themselves battling with chronic or repetitive illness, depression and anxiety.

Please do not worry, you are not being punished and this will be over soon.

Our souls are ‘cleaning out the trash’ and getting us ready for a lighter, brighter future which is just over the horizon.

However grey things seem, remember that it’s always darkest before dawn.

Your blessings are on their way, and a new much easier future is being laid out for you by the Angels right now.

The bright New Dawn you have prayed for it on it’s way, and soon this time of difficulty will be but a memory.

Did you spot the coincidence today?

Today’s Card of the Day was all about synchronicity and unexpected coincidences and true to form, the Angels orchestrated their own coincidence on our website!

You probably noticed that Wednesday’s post also appeared today!

This was definitely unplanned, but I honestly believe it happened for a reason. Somebody must have needed that message one day early.

I also think perhaps the angels were just trying to get our attention and prove their point!

Anyhoo, I’ve tweaked the website and everything is back in order now.

Although, there was nothing to worry about because everything always is in divine and perfect order anyway…

Lots of love and see you tomorrow!

Helen xxx

With Love Helen

Card of the Day – Tuesday 9th June

Card of the Day today is Synchronicity

Your crystals today are Angel Hair Quartz and Blue Goldstone reminding us that our dreams are always heard by the angels and miracles will appear as ‘coincidences’ today.

Miracles are not rare or unusual. They happen every day.
The problem is that we have forgotten what they actually look like.

We pass miracles off as ‘coincidences’ or ‘luck’ without ever wondering why we found exactly the right person at the right time or perhaps remembering that we had asked our angels for help.

Heaven is always on your side, and will always answer your prayers. The answer may not be exactly what you were expecting, and sometimes the answer is no, but there is always something better on the way.

Synchronicity is when the universe aligns everything so perfectly that you are blessed with the exact and perfect ‘coincidences’ that you need for your life’s path.

There are no true coincidences in this world, only perfect synchronicity which comes from the divine love of Heaven.

Each of us is a tiny spark or divine love, and we have the power of miracles at our disposal if we choose to see it.

Notice the magical synchronicity working around you today, give thanks for your miracles and expect many more to come!