10 things I love to do for FREE

After a highly amusing afternoon interacting with some fellow cat lovers on Facebook, I had a moment of real joy and clarity. It hit me just how blessed we all really are.  All of us – me, you, the lady across the street. Life is so incredible, but it’s so easy to lose sight of that when we’re down, stressed and focussing on the bad stuff.

There are so many wonderful things that enrich my life that are all FREE! I feel so lucky and happy, despite not being the richest person around. And I know I’m not alone.

I’m tired of the bad news press and sad social statuses, so I came up with a happy game we can all play! Here goes:

List 10 things that you love to do, that are FREE!

Here are mine…

1. Kissing my cat on her furry belly

Evey asleep

OMG how I love to kiss her super-soft, warm tummy and bury my nose in her fur. It’s always a game of cat and mouse (pun intended) because she’s not very keen on me doing it and invariably bats at me for my insolence, but it’s worth the punishment! How I love my grumpy kitty and her tum!

2. Coming up with new recipes

Anybody who knows me, will know my propensity for cooking and baking. I LOOOOOVE to cook! And being vegan, I have to be a bit inventive with it. One of my favourite things is to “veganise”  and personalise a recipe to make a super-wazzo cake and then get people to try it without telling them it’s vegan until after they’ve raved about how great it was. Tee Hee! 

3. Walking around my home of Ashley Cross

Wow, have you even gone outside and walked around and taken in your home town? I mean REALLY looked at it? I’m lucky enough to live almost smack bang in the middle of Ashley Cross, which has a beautiful green, lots of fun bars, the contrast of exclusive boutiques alongside charity (thrift) shops, gorgeous architecture and a real village feel. I love to wander around as the sun is setting on a lovely sunny autumn day and take it all in, breathe the crisp air and watch the sun go down over the fountain.

Ashley Cross Fountain

4. Playing on Facebook

Yes – no surprises there, I am a Facebook addict! I love being online and I find interacting with people from all over the world incredibly interesting and exciting. I’ve learned so much from articles people have shared, laughed until I cried at funny cat videos and been moved by petitions to save dolphins in Taji. I’ve made so many new friends and been to new places, all thanks to the blue F, and best of all, the app is on my iPhone! Get in!!

5. Chatting to my spirit guides

I work with them every day, and you know what, just like any regular colleagues, we like to hang out too! I have some of my best conversations in my head with my beloved guides. They never fail to inspire, motivate and guide me in the right direction! And Anubis has the best sense of humour… I’m never alone because they are always there with me. 

6. Downloading free apps for my iPhone

Everybody loves a freebie – come on admit it! And every once in a while I will put my hand in my pocket for a real quality app, but there are so many fun ones for FREE! Today I downloaded 2 photo editor apps and had a lovely time making posters of Evey for one of my Facebook pages, Free Angel Wings Reiki for Pets. I then made a collage of my flat mate’s cat and sent it to her to cheer her up. I love sharing the love!

7. Sharing the LOVE!

I LOVE to motivate, inspire and generaly share the love wherever I go. I do it on my social media, of course (it is the platform par excellence) but I also like to smile at little old ladies on the bus, make a big fuss of a craggy old cats starving for attention and pay it forward as much as I can. I will shamelessly promote my friends’ businesses, even if they’re technically in competition with me, because I LOVE what they do! There is room for everybody! GROUP HUG!

Red Heart Shape

8. Creating LOLs

Ok this is a little embarrassing – but I like creating LOLs on the famous Cheezburger site! I do a new individual one every time I see a birthday reminder pop up on Facebook, and I like to create them for my friends just for the hell of it. If I have no inspiration, then I just look at everybody else’s until I want to wet my knickers laughing. LOL!

9. Making Sea Magic

I am lucky enough to live on the South coast of England, and the beach is never more than a short bus ride away. I do some of my best thinking by the sea. I have a favourite spot on a bench, and I set myself up with a small picnic of chocolate soya milk, chilli rice crackers and whatever other goodies I found in the health food store that day, and I gaze out to sea. I may be listening to an audio book, learning a new skill, or I might just need space to think and visualise. The sea helps me do that. I do some of my best work (thank you iPhone) not to mention manifesting and visualisation by the sea. Some of it bikini-clad whilst on the beach if the weather permits! 

10. Writing blogs

I really, really, really, LOVE writing blogs! It’s so intimate but at the same time a wonderful way to express yourself to the world. Sometimes it can be a therapeutic as a journal entry, and others feel like I’m brainstorming. The best part is the wonderful feedback and comments from my readers. Thank you guys for making me feel so loved!

So that’s my 10 things I love to do for free! So time for you to join in! Start a game up on Facebook wall or your fave social media, with your friends and send them over to my site so they can tell me what they are and comment on mine! Here’s the text…

Hello friends! I have a cool new game for us to play to brighten your day! 
What are your 10 favourite things to do for free? Here are mine... (list them)
Please share this game on your facebook wall and tag me in the post so I can see at yours too! 
Lastly, pop along to the game founder's website http://wp.me/p2gPCd-bh and share your favourite free 
fun activities in the comments for the world to enjoy!!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Helen xo