5 ways to fight a Psychic Attack

So, I got zapped again. *Sigh* You’d think it wouldn’t happen to me, but to be honest doing the work I do makes me more prone to psychic attack, not less.

There are lots of posts out there that cover protection from Psychic Attack but the truth is, even with the best will in the world, sometimes we get attacked and aren’t able to fully defend ourselves, so here are my top tips on what to do if you are under psychic attack.

1. Call in Archangel Michael

Number one! Call in the big guns. He will swoop in to help you with his sword of truth and Angelic help can be incredibly useful when you find yourself alone or isolated and unable to get help from others.

2. Put up Psychic Shielding

I talk about Psychic Shielding a lot, and despite the fact you’re already under attack, you still need to bolster your defenses. This may not be enough of itself, but think of it this way; if you’re caught out in the rain and you start to get wet – you wanna put up your umbrella to stop it getting worse until you can get indoors!

3. Visualise Mirrors Around You

This is a great one to use because it sends the negative energies back to sender. If you realise you’re under attack, simply visualise yourself surrounded by mirrors and all the attacking energies being reflected back to source. Under the law of Three, their energies will be reflected back threefold and they will become victims of their own nastiness. This may be enough to stop the person in their tracks and cease the attack.

4. Work some Protection Magick

This is only one to do if you really know what you’re doing. When you’re not feeling well under psychic attack is probably not the best time to experiment with magick for the first time, so only use this one if you’re a seasoned witch or light worker.

5. Get Help

I often have to resort to this and there is no shame in seeking help for a psychic attack. Oftentimes, when we are under psychic attack, we don’t realise what it is that’s making us feel so crappy and getting help from a healer or witchy friend can help to diagnose the problem and add their energies to combat the person attacking you.

Joining forces with another soul is incredibly powerful and together your energies will be more than doubled. I often call on my fellow psychics, healers and witch sisters when I need help to fight an attack. One of my favourite sayings is ‘Healers Heal Each Other.’

You are also welcome to call me if you need help and find yourself under psychic attack.

Don’t struggle and try to do it yourself. Together we are stronger.