A Message from Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel & The Ruby Ray

On 29th December 2013, Archangel Uriel came to me and told me it was time for me to start transmitting messages from him to the world.

He used the word transmitting rather than channelling which I found interesting. He said,

“Helen you’re already a fantastic medium & channel, you know that. Now it’s time to use your gift for the greater good. Your spirit communication has reached a stage where I can pretty much dictate to you. Congratulations.”

I’ll be honest, it feels strange to communicate with angels directly in the same say I normally would my spirit guide Anubis. When it happens, I can feel my crown chakra “link up” with heaven as if somebody has plugged some sort of  etheric ethernet cable into the top of my head!

I’ve been aware of & worked with angels for many years, but they haven’t been my main focus in my work for some time despite the name of my business. I always wondered why I picked that name, and I think I’ve just found out!

I have a message for you for the coming year that Archangel Uriel wanted me to pass on to you, with his love and gratitude.

Candy Hearts

2014 The Year of Balance

2013 is just ending and the Yang energies were very strong this year. After the spiritual energies of 2012, 2013 was much tougher for sensitives, healers and people aware of their psychic & mediumistic gifts, who I generally refer to as “Lightworkers”.

I think many of us were expecting a shift in world consciousness that would make everything easier, but on many levels it temporarily made everything a lot harder and faster. Our lives went on fast forward, people moving in and out of our lives, jobs, homes, situations all up in the air and changing fast like clouds passing in the sky on a windy day.  

2013 has been one heck of a doozy (yes that is how Uriel speaks to me, he is quite entertaining and down to earth!) and we have had to be so tough to get through it all. Many people have started to awaken to their natural gifts and healing talents, and more the better. We could really use as many healers on earth as possible right now.

Less old-style restrictive religion and dogma, and more forwards thinking spirituality, acceptance and kindness. That’s not to say that religion wont still have a role on earth, but it is changing, and that is both necessary and good. Over the next 5 years, we will see big shifts within organised religions to become more accepting and “modern” in many ways which will benefit the world in general.

2014 is heralded as the year of Balance. Balance is the watch-word for us all next year and before Uriel came to me today, it had already featured in a great number of the readings I have given over the past few months. My predictions for next year have mostly centred around Balance and Harmony being key words.

We must learn to find our balance, our harmony, our heart. I don’t just mean work-life balance here, this is work-life-play-family-spirituality-body-soul balance. Everything must be attended to, looked after and we must start to see ourselves as the truly Holistic beings that we are.  This is the only way for us to pull out of the dark suffering of mental illnesses, sadness, depression and anxiety that has much of the population in its icy grip. The truth is that there is no devil or evil force doing this to us, we do it to ourselves. So awareness leading to balance is the key to take us forward to joy and fulfilment next year.

Archangel Uriel is very much here with us to facilitate these changes. He is an incredibly powerful and down-to-earth angel who spends much time with us here with our individual and mass spiritual journeys towards joy and enlightenment.

He brings with him a warm red glow – the Ruby Ray. He will gently ground us as we find our feet and awaken to who we truly are, i.e. the divine personified, and help us to take stock of all that has passed in our lives so we can choose our future with eyes wide open. He brings us strength and a great boost of energy to enter the new year invigorated and joyful, ready to take on whatever challenges lie ahead of us.

What this means in real terms, is that next year we will find ourselves yearning for, and trying to establish more balance in our lives. We will need to walk away from disharmonious relationships, and quickly.

There will also be a great sense of purpose for many, and we will start (or continue) to make attempts to improve our lifestyles to move towards healthful foods, better living habits, gentle and joyful exercise and spiritual peace.

Spiritual Peace is our target for 2015 and Balance & Harmony is the way there.

Archangel Uriel will bring us all renewed vigour and strength to begin the new year, so you can look forward to your energy levels increasing as the clock tick tocks over to on midnight December 31st. A rush of joy, energy and power will be felt by many.

In 2014 our divine purpose as individuals will start to become much more apparent (and may not be exactly what some lightworkers had in mind so look out for some surprises!) as our 5th dimensional spirit guides step forward more and more, working in harmony with the lower ranks of angels, cherubim and seraphim to bring more divine light and love to the planet.

All in all, Archangel Uriel’s recommendations for next year include the following:

– Take some small steps to improve your health and physical wellbeing, avoiding chemicals and processed foods where possible.

– If you feel the urge to begin a new spiritual practise, take it seriously and don’t dismiss it as a phase, because your spiritual path is unfolding before you this coming year.

– Travel is indicated for many – expanding horizons will coincide with expanding hearts and international travel will be necessary to help release built up anxiety and tension felt by many.

– Look for balance and harmony in everything you do. If you’re not sure what to do, or have a difficult decision to make, think about what brings your life more into balance and harmony and that will help you to find the way.

One last point.

Archangel Uriel helps us to achieve mastery over the physical world that we live in. He is very much in the “real” here and now world with us. He is also an angels that allows us to achieve in ALL areas of our life. This includes money, finances and business.

There is nothing unspiritual about money. It has taken centuries for people to accept this, but the truth is that money is no less spiritual that anything else, and to be truly spiritually abundant, you must understand and master the energy of exchange represented by money and finance.

A challenging concept for some, but necessary in our quest to become whole, balanced and happy.

You can ask for Archangel Uriel’s help at any time if you feel you are lost or struggling. He will boost your strength and guide you to a safe place. His colour is ruby red so you may wish to wear this colour or have an object such as a crystal or gem of a deep red with you to remind you that he is always near.

You don’t need any special skills to invoke angels, or ask for their assistance. Simply ask the same way you would a friend, either aloud or in your head and help will be provided to you.

Say thank you straight away and trust that he will do whatever is needed to help you.

Archangel Uriel and I would like to send you our love and brightest blessings for the next year, and we wish joy, harmony and abundance to you and your family, loved ones and pets.

Happy New Year 2014!