Angels are for Life – not just for Christmas…

I had to laugh when the title for this blog popped into my head earlier. I do a lot of work with angels, and while searching the internet for some angel clip art to put on my website, I was rather surprised that most of it was holiday themed.

It’s true – most of us only think of angels at Christmas time. To some people, angels conjure up visions of the school or church nativity play, with a sometimes less than well-behaved Archangel Gabriel  bringing the message to Mary of her immaculate conception.

Girl Dressed as an Angel

It’s a real pity because the Angels really want to help and work with all of us at many times in our lives.

They are always there in times of difficulty, but universal laws don’t allow them to intervene unless our lives are in danger. That is, unless we give them permission.

We each have a guardian angel assigned to us at birth, who stays with us our whole life, offering love and support in difficult times and ready to help when needed.

There are hundreds of other angels with specific abilities who would love to help us all at various times, but unless we ask, then can’t.

Why not? Well, because most people don’t know that

a) They’re there waiting for you instructions and

b) That they can!

Yes you can! So, on behalf of the angelic realms, I’m making this request:

Please start asking the angels to help you with anything and everything you need or want some help with! There are legions of these beautiful celestial beings just waiting to love and adore you, and help in any way they can!

Asking for help from the angels couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is think it, and they will know. There’s no special ceremony to perform, angels don’t care about your faith or beliefs, they don’t judge us, and they love us all the same.

Another thing to remember is not to worry about taking angels away from other “more important” tasks to help you with your taxes or other mundane chore you might ask them about. There are always more than enough angels to go around, and they are not held by the constraints of matter or linear time like we are.

Angels often leave small white feathers around as a “calling card” so you know they’re around. Look out for them!  Obviously a white feather doesn’t always signify an angel is around. If you live by the sea like I do, white feathers from the noisy resident seagulls are quite common, but look out for them appearing in more unusual places. The angels will try to get your attention one way or another.

feather edit

Lastly, please remember to say thank you to the angels straight away. They always hear you and they will always do whatever they can to help. A little thank you isn’t necessary, but it’s nice to be nice!

On behalf of the Angels, I’d like to send you all a big, fluffy dose of their heavenly love and light on this rather cold April day.

Remember – they’re never more than a thought away!


  1. I have to admit I’ve never thought much about angels before — but this post has me thinking. Are the angels, as some would say, the spirits of lost loved ones? Ancestors? Or have they always been angels, never earthly souls?


  2. Just what I needed to read today. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with life and find that’s when I forget to look for help. I’m off to meditate with my angelic guide right now…


  3. What an endearing post and topic. I didn’t realize I’ve had an angel since birth and I love the idea! t am certainly going to look around for signs of angels and ask for their guidance more often.


  4. I love this! I’ve been aware of angels for about nine years now and they have made me feel so safe. I am always on the look out for white feathers and feel blessed when I see them. Lately I’ve stopped asking for there help, thank you for the reminder. I feel better just by asking.


  5. Such a lovely reminder. Some religions suggest that we have 2 guardian angels – I say, the more the merrier! And another angel friend of mine said that each one of us has 1000’s of angels for us and us alone…they are not shared with anyone they are just sitting around bored to death waiting and watching for a sign that we want help. So cool!


  6. I do believe in Angels, your post reminded me to trust their help more, and ask more often. Thanks this what I needed as at the moment I’m thinking about making a big decision I would even say a life-changing decision and I will need all support available.


  7. Thank you oodles for this magical Helen! I love how simple it is! So many times, I think I have to create elaborate alters and know who I actually want my wish/prayer/request to get to, etc. but I love that all we have to do is think or say it, and then thank!! YAY! I’m going to start right now!! And I am a big lover of white feathers…I actually started collecting them after a rather magical experience a few years ago, so girl, I know all about these powerful signs and it makes me giddy! Angel love and light to you! 🙂


  8. Your angels sound wonderful – I wonder if they are cousins of my butterflies? Or maybe my butterflies are also angels? What a lovely and beautiful thought!

    Hugs and butterflies,


  9. I agree with Leah, you do make this sound simple and doable! I like the idea of having a guardian angel who’s been with me since birth. I’ll be watching out for those signs.


  10. This post makes me feel all good inside.

    I’ve been thinking about my guardian angel lately…more specifically if I really have one and If I do…would I actually listen to her?

    This has led me to playing around with asking for help with things, like clarity and guidance. You make it sound so simple. I’m going to keep on playing with this and see what happens.


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