Are You an Omega Wolf?

In a wild wolf pack, there is always an Omega Wolf.

Lowest in the pack hierarchy and bottom of the pecking order.

The other wolves pick on this unfortunate wolf to take out their frustrations. He or she is their whipping boy. The Omega will be forced to take the brunt of anything and everything that goes wrong.

They bite and bully, harass and harry the poor omega wolf who lives a sorry life of misery, incurring injuries, being denied food and being left out in the cold.

The Omega Wolf stays with her pack because she is afraid to go it alone and break free from her living torture.

The Wolf Pack represent survival to the Omega Wolf no matter how badly they treat her.

She cowers and attempts to placate her tormentors, works hard for the pack, desperate to win for their approval or kindness; but she receives very little in return.

And yet the irony is that without her constant placating and submission to the other wolves abuse, the pack would fall apart. The relationship between members would cease to be harmonious without her.

All she needs to do is to sever ties with her abusers and make a new life for herself; happy and free.

Her pack may mourn and mope after she has gone, but they did nothing to love or help her. Perhaps they never deserved her in the first place.

Perhaps their idea of what a relationship or family should look like was flawed from the very outset if one member was to be forever abused and scapegoated for the sins of the others?

Omega Wolf

For many years family, “friends,” partners and even some colleagues treated me this way too. I was bullied, put down and wrongly punished.

I was the Omega Wolf.

So I know how it feels. And believe me, it sucks.

Are you the Omega Wolf in your life?

If you can relate to any of the above then there’s a good chance that you might be.

Your “pack” may be family, friend, partner, spouse or colleague, but it doesn’t matter who they are. They have no right to treat you that way.

You are a human being and as such you are an aspect of the heavenly divine power, deserving of love and respect. You were not created to be somebody else’s emotional or physical punchbag.

No one has the right to take their shit out on you. Ever.

It doesn’t matter how much you care about them, or even if you believe your very survival depends on them.

They have no right, they are unlikely to change and you need to get the hell away.

If you recognise this in your life, it may be time to stand up for yourself, and find a new pack of your own to love and cherish you as the beautiful Alpha Wolf that you truly are.

Your new pack members in the form of kind and loving friends, trusted counsellors or family who cherish and support you will run to your aid, help to lick your wounds and hold you tight while you put yourself back together.

Just because you made your bed doesn’t mean you have to lie in it.
While there is still breath in you, you can make a change or start again.

The hills are always waiting! Break free and run!