Back to Basics

After my blog Recipe for Success in which I shared my gluten-free bread making disaster,  I wanted to share an update with you about how I got on.

After my initial false start, I applied some method and went back to basics.

I remembered that when I first made regular bread, I used a ready-mixed packet of dry ingredients, so I applied that thinking to gluten free. As if to confirm my thinking was correct, I found this brand at my local supermarket, waiting for me on the shelf, with MY NAME ON IT no less!

photo (3)

And guess what – it worked like a charm! It still wasn’t perfect, for future reference, it will need cooking for slightly longer (note to self – used the dark option on the breadmaker) but I got it pretty much right, and my friend was delighted with her yummy treat.

Gluten – free success! photo (2)

So when you’re trying something new and it doesn’t work out, it may be time to go back to basics. It’s not “cheating ” to use somebody else’s formula for success – people do it all over the world. Think network marketing!

It’s nice to be original, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Growing up, I was taught that using a packet mix for bread or cake was unacceptable, that it was tantamount to “cheating” and somehow dishonest. My attitude towards business was very similar for many years. I felt that my way had to be completely new and original or I was somehow a bad person and not really a success.

I now see that limited thinking for what it really is. A load of old cobblers.

To be good at anything, you’ve got to start with the basics, whether it’s baking bread, riding a bicycle, or running a business.

Using a packet mix may be the bread baking equivalent of riding a tricycle, but that’s all I’m ready for right now. I seem to remember having great fun on my tricycle as a child, and I’ll move on to the gluten free “bicycle” in due course (with stabilisers to start) as and when I’m ready, and more confident with my new skills.

But until then, I gotta new set of wheels and I’m going to enjoy whizzing around on my new trike!