Bless the Things that Challenge You!

I’ve been having a bit of a crazy time recently, my life has had many challenges, and I’m now having to move house at short notice.

It’s upsetting, because I really wasn’t planning to leave my current abode so soon. It’s a small but functional studio flat. It’s not perfect because my lovely cat Evey has to put up with living indoors, but it worked for us.

After all the upheaval in my life in the last year and a half, this was my safe place, my bolt hole.

Sadly though, due to unpleasantness from my landlord which is beginning to feel like harassment, this place no longer feels like home.

I don’t like to dwell on negatives, and I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason, so instead of letting myself get down about it I decided to look for the blessings instead.I made a list so I could reflect on just how lucky I really am:

  1. Within 24 hours I managed to find a new place to live, which will cost me less, is nearer to my office and has a garden for Evey to boot. That’s nothing short of miraculous!
  2. I feel very grateful for my wonderful friends & colleagues who rallied around me, helped me find my new home, and cheered me up with their love and support. I’m so lucky to have such great people in my life!
  3. I’m moving on to a new place and a new energy which is always good. I love an adventure.
  4. I’m expanding my horizons and my circle of friends. I’m look forward to getting to know my new flat-mate and exploring the very up-and-coming area of Ashley Cross. There are lots of pubs!

So looking at my list, I’m going to be better off, my cat will be happier and I’m moving away from an unpleasant situation. Not too shabby. I had planned on finding somewhere new this year, but the universe took me by surprise with this one, and really took charge!

So thank you universe for making my life so difficult that is spurred me into action, making me take the next step of my journey much sooner than I was expecting.

I always remember the words of my life coach at times like these;

 “If you feel uncomfortable, it’s because you’re growing.”

Yes, it’s true! Any time we have to step out of our comfort zone, it feels pretty uncomfortable. But only at first. Once our comfort zone has expanded, we are bigger people ready to move on to the next challenge. The feelings of discomfort pass soon enough, and we can get on with enjoying life as an even brighter and grander version of ourselves.

As I see it, you have a choice – you can either view a challenging situation as a problem, or as an opportunity for growth and positive change.

So, here’s to difficulties and challenges – may your life be filled with plenty of them, and may you also have the wisdom to see them for what they truly are – blessings in disguise!