Card of the Day – Friday 12th June

Card of the Day today is Play Time!

Today’s crystals are Ametrine and Rhodonite reminding us that our lives need balance and we don’t need to take everything so seriously!

School’s out for summer! Yay!

The Angels are calling you out to play! Can you hear them?

The mermaids call you from the sea and the fairies tempt you to the woods. Get out in nature as soon as you can and have some real fun.

Play time is so very important for adults because when we forget how to play, we lose our creativity, our spark, our inspiration.

Just because you’re ‘older’ now doesn’t mean that fun is no longer on the agenda. In fact, now that you have so much work and so many responsibilities, play should take an even higher priority than before!

How balanced is your life looking right now? Are you feeling happy and relaxed or tense and overworked?

If it’s the latter then you may need some extra play time.

Corporate culture has tried to convince us that time off is secondary and not very important by renaming it ‘down-time’ and judging us for taking holidays and time off.

This is a terrible lie that starts when we begin school. Play time should be extended and everyone allowed to play, imagine and explore in creative, unstructured and fun ways.

Genius needs to textbooks or rules. Joy and happiness are the only things we need to create.

So put everything down and go play!