Card of the Day – Friday 15th May

Your Card of the Day today is Beauty

Today’s crystals are Green Agate and Carnelian bringing healing and vitality to our body and hearts.

Beauty is but skin deep.

Physical beauty, it’s true, is fickle, subjective and fleeting. We all know that inner beauty, kindness and compassion are far more important and yet, we allow the media and corporations to let us forget this fact.

We focus too much on criticising false idols for their fashion choices, latest haircut or their lack of a “perfect” bikini body by whatever standard they are measured by with this week.

Our message comes today from the ethereal realms. The fairies remind us that there is beauty in every face, shape and form if we take the time to see it.

There is beauty and dignity in all that we see, and every person and creature.

When you look at another, don’t judge whether they meet your learned “standards” of beauty, instead take a moment to see who they really are underneath their disguise and see them through the eyes of the soul.

As you do this, you will see that each being on this planet is indeed beautiful and holy, and deserving of your love and kindness, not disdain or scorn.

The fairies ask us to reject the culture of comparison, competition and criticism that generates cruel TV shows, unkind articles in media, judgemental magazines and takes us ever farther away from our divine nature.

We must drop the attitudes we have been taught about what is beautiful, worthy and OK.

We are all beautiful, and we are all more than just OK. We are divine in our nature, and we would do well to remember that before picking up another celebrity magazine in order to poke fun at cellulite or appearance.

What sort of person does it make you when you do that?

Beauty truly comes from within, and this sort of judgement is ugly and hideous.

Remember to see the beauty everywhere, and honour those who share this earth and lifetime with us, and you too will see the eternal beauty in yourself.

Friday AWH


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