Card of the Day – Friday 22nd May

Card of the Day today is Angel Yvonne
Today’s crystals are Red Jasper and Rose Quartz bringing unconditional love to the earthly plane.
Angels come in many guises, shapes and sizes. They may appear as a kind stranger, a customer, a visitor or even as a pet or animal.
Animals are our faithful companions and loyal friends throughout this life. They teach us so many important lessons that otherwise we may never have understood.
They demonstrate unconditional love, kindness and loyalty to us in ways that most other people do not, or cannot for fear of judgement or for more selfish reasons.
Some Angels can also appear in animal form. Chance encounters with animals that have helped you at your most desperate times may have been angels in disguise.
Our beloved animal brothers and sisters, whether wild or domesticated are here to help us on each of our spiritual journeys.
Angel Yvonne is here today to remind us of this, and of the sacred nature of our non-verbal companions. She asks us to treat all animals with kindness, and revere them for their mission here on earth.
The animal kingdom has so many lessons to teach us, and the most evolved souls will know that they deserve equal respect and compassion.
Please do not harm our animal friends. They are here to help us, not to be taken advantage of.
Friday AWH