Card of the Day – Friday 29th May

Card of the Day today is Goddess Hathor – Receptivity


Today’s crystals are Labradorite and White Howlite giving us spiritual foresight and confidence in our visions.


Goddess Hathor brings you a gift today. The gift is foresight and clairvoyant visions.


Don’t worry, because they won’t be frightening or overwhelming. In fact psychic visions usually feel very normal, and we often mistake them for our own imagination.


We all have some clairvoyant ability, but Goddess Hathor is here to signify that yours is becoming more important right now as you are reading these words.


If you are already aware of your psychic or spiritual gifts, this indicates a deepening that you have been ready for, for some time now.


For some, this will be a first initiation into the powerful and spiritual part of you that has been waiting to be discovered all this time.


It is a blessed time when we can all allow ourselves to become more receptive to our own incredible gifts, our link with the spirit world and with heaven.


The Angels will joyfully help you and protect you as you explore for yourself just what you can see in your clairvoyant visions.


Stay open and receptive to messages from the spirit world and from your Angels today, for there is much love and wisdom to be shared from the other realms.


And one day we realise that the ability and the knowledge was there all along, we just had to become receptive to it.


Friday AWH