Card of the Day – Friday 3rd July

Card of the Day today is Angel Adriana

Today’s crystals are White Howlite and Blue Lace Agate bringing us guidance from our beloved angels, and reassurance that all will be well.

Do you feel out of your comfort zone right now? Many of us do.

This is actually a really good sign, because it means that we are growing and evolving, so please don’t worry beloved friends.

Angel Adriana is here today to remind you that all new beginnings or endeavours seem hard at first, and anytime we step out of our comfort zone, we are going to feel…well, uncomfortable!

You may have recently met a new friend who makes you uncomfortable but you can’t put your finger on why. Somebody may be trying to help you, but you may be unsure whether you can trust their kindness or accept the help offered.

Your angels are here to tell you that everything is alright. Your new friends and helpers are heaven sent, and yes it may feel a little awkward or new to you, but this is nothing to be feared.

Fear is a liar.

You are being led to higher heights, and greater joy and happiness, but as your soul evolves, the challenges will get bigger too.

Do not worry, for you will grow bigger than your challenged soon enough, but for now, please accept the help offered to you be it angelic or the more earthly kind.

You are being helped – please set fear aside and accept your gift with an open heart.

5 Friday AWH