Card of the Day – Monday 18th May

Card of the Day today is Angel Raye

Today’s crystals are Sugilite and Blue Lace Agate bringing spiritual understanding and harmony to our lives and helping us to slow down.

Our world today is so fast paced! Everything is instant, we’re constantly bombarded with information, marketing messages, opinions, there is just so much ‘noise’ all day long.

It takes its toll on us, leaving us emotionally drained, physically tired and mentally exhausted. Whilst we may be used to existing in these states, Angel Raye is here to remind you today that this is not your natural state of being.

We are creatures of nature and sometimes we need to slow right down and get back to our true roots.

Spending time on Facebook may feel like you’re relaxing but you’re just occupying your mind and blocking your connection with spirit.

Stop for a moment today and listen to the heartbeat of the universe. Stop and close your eyes, sit outside in a garden or place of natural beauty. Hear the bees, smell the spring pollens and enjoy the bliss of just sitting.

We are so busy doing that we forget how to be.

But you are a human being not a human doing!

Your true nature calls to you today to reconnect with yourself and with your spiritual side. You can do this in many ways, but Raye recommends simple methods like meditation, yoga, spiritual practise or just sitting in nature.

Step away from the electronic rat race and allow yourself to be. As you do this, you will allow your mind to slow down, become more alert and less distracted. Life will seem easier and you will feel more relaxed to boot.

The wisdom of your soul calls you to rest and just be, so take some Be-time today!