Card of the Day – Monday 22nd June

Card of the Day today is Body Movement

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Red Jasper helping us to reunite with the physical and show our body the love it deserves.

It’s a day for itchy feet and wanting to dance!

Today the Angels remind us that we are not supposed to be sedentary beings. We are active and graceful animals and movement, play and dance are all incredibly important parts of our lives.

We should never view moving as a chore. A walk should be pleasurable, any exercise should be something we love and never for the sake of it.

There is nothing that makes the Angels more sad than people punishing themselves with activities that should be FUN!

Remember to stand up, walk around, move, stretch, run and jump if you can.

Your body stores a lot of stress and this is a day when it really needs releasing. Think of moving about as a form of detoxing.

Yoga and joyful dance are highlighted today as we are guided not only to keep our body temple in excellent shape, but also to help it shed a layer of stress so that we can feel lighter, brighter and more connected with ourselves.

You don’t have to be a good dancer or a Yoga master, just make sure that your body gets to move and release those toxic energies today.

Movement is a joy that should be cherished and enjoyed. Your body can teach you so much about yourself when you pay attention to its gentle whisper of wisdom instead of what you ‘think’ you want or need.

1 Monday AWH