Card of the Day – Monday 29th June

Card of the Day today is Angels Grace & Antoinette

Today’s crystals are Amethyst and Aventurine helping us to link with our spiritual higher-self and heal in the light of truth.

You are bathed in the light of heaven today – your pain is illuminated for you to see clearly what is hurting, and what needs to be healed.

Today’s message is all about forgiveness and healing.

Others may have hurt you in this lifetime, and whilst it’s always a good idea to find your peace and let go of the past, the angels are specifically talking to me about self-forgiveness today.

The reason we find it so hard to forgive others for certain deeds, may actually reflect our own pain.

What are you not forgiving yourself for? What do you still beat yourself up about?

Chances are, you will judge others more harshly for the same misdeeds, because it reminds you of your own self-unforgiveness, and the pain it brings.

To not forgive yourself does not serve a purpose. It does not make you a better person, or more holy. It is masochistic and destructive.

So think of the people who have hurt you, what they did that you were not able to forgive. Dig a little deeper and you will find the issues that you have not forgiven yourself for.

What do you dislike about yourself? What negative traits do you unfairly accuse yourself of?

This mis-thinking is the root of your pain.

Once you are able to truly and fully forgive yourself, forgiving others will become a doddle.

1 Monday AWH