Card of the Day – Monday 8th June

Card of the day today is Blessed Change

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Unakite gently and lovingly helping us to transform into the highest version of ourselves.

Great change is coming! This is a time to rejoice no matter how things appear.

Changes are often difficult, painful or unwanted at the time. It is often only through the gift of hindsight that we get to see the perfection in the universe and know that everything happened just as it was meant to.

Know that whatever changes are going on around you right now, that all is divinely orchestrated and Heaven is on your side no matter what.

Take a moment to give thanks today for all your blessings,  and remember that your Angels are always there holding your hand through any times of change or difficulty.

Be brave, and remind yourself that the best discoveries are always made outside of your comfort zone.

When you feel uncomfortable, you can rest assured that you are just growing as a person so get comfortable with it!

Heaven has so many wondrous blessings for you and there is so much good on its way for you!

Enjoy your day and know that the best is yet to come.