Card of the Day – Saturday 13th June

Card of the Day today is Empowerment

Today’s crystals are Red Jasper and Carnelian elephant bringing the energy of the great God Ganesh to remove all obstacles to our greatness and remind us how powerful we are.

Do you know who you are?

I don’t mean your given name, the work you do or where you were born or raised. I mean WHO you REALLY are?

If you knew, I think you might be shocked.

Society tells us to play small, stay lowly and be little but that’s not the reality of who you really are.

The Angels want to remind you today of who you really are in this universe.

You are a divine soul, You are a spark of the divine fire thtat burns in every living thing.

You are God personified, the miracle worker, a natural healer and manifester.

You are ALL of these things and more – you just forgot for a little while.

It’s not big headed to know these things about yourself, but it’s not anything to take personal credit for either.

We are all the children of God and as such, we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams.

Many people are waking up to the reality of the world we live in, and remembering certain skills such as healing, psychic ability and mediumship. More and more, we are exploring our latent abilities, our God-given gifts that form part of our souls.

You are so much more special than you realise my dear. Heaven loves you more than you could ever imagine, and you are not small in the slightest.

So stop playing small, play big. Remember who you truly are, take life by the horns and work to make the world a better place.

You DO have the power.