Card of the Day – Saturday 23rd May

Card of the Day today is Angel Crystal
Today’s crystals are Aventurine and Carnelian giving us strength and courage in our commitments and decisions.
Courage, mon ami.
The worst will soon be over, and the new dawn will come.
Angel Crystal is here with a message of hope for those of us suffering or waiting. These is much good coming, but we must stay strong in our commitment to reaching our goals.
it’s easy to start a project, but seeing it through can be so hard that most people give up.
The sad part is that people give up just as they were about to make a break through and they never see the success that was rightfully theirs.
No matter what you’re going through right now, please rest assured that the Angels are with you, showering you with their love and support. You are not alone, you are never alone, and things will get better for all of us very soon.
Hang in there, all will be well and soon you will wonder what all the worry and fuss was for.
True courage is to keep going in the face of fear. Courage comes from carrying on even when the outcome is uncertain or you are frightened and unsure.
Angel Crystal brings you the strength you need today, so ask for her support any time you feel that life is too much and you need somebody to lean on.
She will be there in a heartbeat, wrapping her loving wings around you in a tender embrace, with her message of love.
Nothing lasts forever, and this too shall pass.
Saturday AWH