Card of the Day – Saturday 27th June

Card of the Day today is Beauty

Today’s crystals are both White Howlite reminding us of the beauty in everything, and bringing us a new calm and serenity within ourselves, so we can really feel comfortable in our own skin.

You are beautiful. Yes, you are.

The Angels see the perfections in every part of your being. Society may have silly made-up rules about what is “attractive” but that will never, ever detract from your true beauty and magnificence.

You are incredible, majestic, striking. Your external appearance is but a very small part of your gigantesque divine spirit and those who truly see the whole you can tell you this.

You are the most beautiful soul. How I wish that you could see yourself as the Angels do!

You would weep at the beauty and purity that you would see before you.

People who are loving and kind shine with the goodness of their soul, no matter what their physical body looks like.

So today, try to remember to look at yourself, and other through the eyes of divine love. You may be surprised just how beautiful and innocent the world becomes when you drop the judgements you were taught by society, and see people, animals and the world for what it truly is.

Look with your inner sight, your divine perception and the great wisdom of your soul. Clear your mind, take a deep breath and prepare to fall in love with the entire world

There is so much beauty in the world – if you allow yourself to see it.

6 Saturday AWH