Card of the Day – Saturday 30th May

Card of the Day today is Goddess Sedna – Infinite Supply


Today’s crystals are Goldstone and Rhodonite reminding us that the universe is infinitely abundant and perfectly balanced.


There is an impulsive quality to the energy right now. Many of us may have overspent, overstretched ourselves or promised more than we could deliver.


We find ourselves worrying how we will make ends meet, how we will balance our cheque book and when we will see our finances in order.


Goddess Sedna is here today, with a reassuring message of hope and a gentle reminder that there is more than enough to go around.


Too often, we live in fear. We allow fear and the terrifying prospect of being without to rule our lives. It can make us mean, selfish or fearful in our decisions.


You are reminded today that abundance is your birthright, and you must remember this. Remind yourself that the universe is abundant, and you are entitled to this abundance.


Open your heart and mind to the wonderful abundance of the universe, and put fear to one side. Fear never made anyone richer or happier, it just causes stress and worry.


Your positive thoughts will bring you a treasure trove of love, money and spiritual wealth too.


Relax and know that you can find the solutions you need, manifest the money you desire and live the life you truly seek if you focus on the abundance of the universe.


The universe is ready to give you exactly what you need. Are ready to say Yes?


Saturday AWH