Card of the Day – Saturday 6th June

Card of the Day today is Just Be Yourself

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and the Green Jade Horse combining self love and loving self-expression with a dynamic energy to take us towards our goals.

You are good enough! It’s OK to be you.

It’s often hard to remember this very obvious fact, in a world that bombards us incessantly with marketing messages designed to make us feel less-than so that we consume superfluous or unnecessary objects in the hopes of making ourselves good enough to deserve to exist!

The one thing that the Angels would have you remember today is that you are ALREADY enough. You don’t need a new car, a bigger house, a shiny watch, the latest gadgets, expensive makeup or a certain brand of clothes to be acceptable, to be OK and loved.

You are already loved. You are already good enough, so please stop torturing yourself with the consumerist myth that buying more “stuff” will make your life better.

Sometimes it’s useful to buy things, but not when we feel we have to buy them or risk losing our self esteem or dignity. That’s not healthy.

Be a rebel today! Buy the shoes that YOU love, not the ones the magazines say you have to have. Let your heart take the lead and allow yourself the freedom of choice and self-expression.

Stop buying in to the esteem-destroying lies and mischief of the glossy adverts.

Self improvement is all very well, as long as it comes from a place of self love. Self-punishment is not necessary or even desirable to Heaven.

You are a wonderful person, so remember to show yourself true love today, and every day that follows!

Saturday AWH