Card of the Day – Sunday 17th May

Your Card of the day today is Body Movement

Today’s crystals are Amethyst and Angel Hair Quartz helping to remove the toxic negativity from our bodies and bring angelic light and healing to our aching muscles and sore joints.

Many people report feeling stiff as a board, tight, tense as if their body was trying to armour itself against the stresses and strains of the world.

I see so many people suffering with aches, pains and tensions, and the Angels feel so sorry for our suffering.

Our message today is to remember to MOVE. We must get out of our heads and remember that we are whole beings made up of complex and capable bodies which need to move and jump, run and twist for our wellbeing.

Dancing, yoga, tai chi, running around with your children of dogs for the sheer fun of it will all help your body to release the toxic stress that makes us all ill sooner or later.

Your body desperately needs to release the tension of anger, judgement and negativity that plagues our society. It stores up all the pain and hurt that you feel and it turns our supple joints and strong muscles to concrete.

So please make an effort to get up today, move about and have some fun while you do it! Nobody has to see, you can close all the curtains, turn up your stereo and boogie on down to your favourite tunes!

Movement is so important and so often forgotten in our ever more sedentary society, and if we forget to move, we may reach a stage where our body cannot lift out weight or move our stiff joints up out of our chair anymore.

Gentle movement should not be a chore, it is a divine and sacred practise to be enjoyed as you discover and rediscover your body, listen to the messages it has for you and help it to heal any hurts.

Start wherever you are, with whatever you are able to do. Nobody is watching or judging. This is a gift from you to your body.

Remember to live as a whole being, and give your body the movement, kindness, rest and nutrition that it needs and deserves. Your body is the sacred vessel of your soul, and should be honoured for its services.

Your body asks you for movement today. Will you listen?

Sunday AWH


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