Card of the Day – Sunday 24th May

Card of the Day today is Omega
Today’s crystals are Sodalite and Rhodonite giving us wisdom to accept what we cannot change and linking us to our spiritual guidance towards our ultimate victory.
Life can feel so unfair sometimes, people leave us, people we love turn against us  without warning, we might find ourselves without a job, a home or even a single penny to our name.
Angel Omega is here with a message of great strength for us all.
All of this week’s Angels have carried a similar theme and this Angel is here to bring us the last piece of the puzzle.
Omega reminds us that we are all a part of God. We are never apart from God, we just sometimes forget who we are.
Indeed, the very purpose of this lifetime was to forget who you truly are, so that you could experience many things from the innocent perception of a child.
You have worked so hard, struggled and supported others along the way. You will not be disappointed with what is to come!
Your prayers and efforts have all come together and the end is in sight at last. Just keep up the good work because Angel Omega knows that you cannot fail!
Big changes are coming for you this year, and you will see how they affect us all for the better. Today will reveal the first ones to you, and may give you a sneak peek of what is to come!
It will be even better than you imagined and your life will be transformed soon enough.
You will be rewarded for all your efforts and the Angels and quivering with excitement at the wonderful gifts you are about to receive.
Open your heart to the universe and keep going. You are about to win!
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