Card of the Day – Sunday 28th June

Card of the Day today is Rise Above Problems

Today’s crystals are Clear Quartz Crystal & Blue Goldstone giving us the clarity and foresight to know that no problem is too big, and this too shall pass.

Problems are never permanent, everything is transitory and temporary in this world, even life itself. Indeed, not one of us lives forever in this form.

The world is forever changing, evolving, growing, dying and replenishing again.

Today’s message comes to reassure you that your problems will not last forever. Whatever challenges you face right now, you can rise above them when you remember that there is a time for everything, and nothing is permanent.

There is a time for pain, for hurt, for suffering just as there is a time for joy, peace and love.

Life is all about living, it’s about the journey. There is no destination, just a long and winding road until we are released back into the spirit world once more.

Your life is sacred, and you are doing just fine. Put down all the expectations and know that you are doing enough just by living, just by existing. Your life’s meaning is to live. You have already succeeded!

When we are able to take a step back and see the perfection of the world, we see that the real point of life is that there isn’t one, other than to live it.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get that job, don’t have the career you thought you ‘should’ or the house, the car and the 2.4 children. None of this matters, you cannot ‘fail’ in God’s eyes.

You are a success, and your track record of getting through each day with all its problems is currently at 100% so don’t you forget that.

You are a miracle, you are divinity in human form. You are enough, you are good enough, and nothing more is asked of you other than to live your life.

So put the problems aside. Take a deep breath. Everything is just fine as it is.

Rise above your problems and rest in the Angels’ sweet embrace.

7 Sunday AWH