Card of the Day – Sunday 31st May

Card of the Day today is Goddess Ostara – Fertility


Today’s crystals are Luvulite and Blue Lace Agate connecting us with the Angelic realm of miracles and spiritual awakening.


Powerful and loving waves of baby blue and purple energy surround us today. Our Angels are closer than ever.


Heaven is trying to get your attention!


This is the perfect time for you to reconnect with your spiritual mission here on earth. The time is Now.


Indeed, it always was.


The gentle and ethereal energy may be visible to those of us with clairvoyant sight. Don’t think you are seeing clouds in front of your eyes, the angelic realms are just very close to us today.


You are ready to ascend into the next phase of your life, to become the wise spiritual teacher you were always meant to be.


The Angels know who you truly are, they aren’t bothered by external appearances or the labels placed upon you by society or other people. You are the fertile ground upon which the new era of love, kindness and compassion with be built.


You are the beautiful new green shoots of the new millennium.


Don’t look around you for the new, the new is already here, in you.


We are about to give birth to the new creation, the new world, the world-community of kindness and empathy that our souls have yearned for.


And it all begins with YOU.


Sunday AWH