Card of the Day – Thursday 11th June

Card of the Day today is Accept Heaven’s Help

Your crystals for today are Sodalite and Amethyst gently helping you to remember that the world is a friendly place, and that Heaven is always on your side.

Many people pray for help. They beg God or the Angels to help, send a miracle or some changes to help them.

But what do we do when the miracle arrives?

Miracles are often cleverly disguised as normal everyday events that ‘just happen’ to fall at exactly the right time. Or a kindly stranger who ‘just happens’ to be there when you need their help.

Heaven has worked to bring you exactly what you need, and what do we do? We say “No thank you” and sit on a rock waiting for something that looks more like a miracle.

I often ask people why they refuse help offered to them, when they have asked heaven for it. They usually look confused when I point out that they have been deflecting their miracles because simply they didn’t recognise them.

I think popular culture has conditioned expect a big hand to appear out of the clouds like on the National Lottery adverts or for a shining angel to appear in the sky and wave a magic wand.

Here’s the thing. Miracles don’t normally look like Disney would have us believe.

If you turn down the help offered or refuse the opportunity, Heaven won’t force you to take it. After all, you have free will to accept miracles or not, as you wish.

You deserve miracles, and Heaven will bring you what you need. But remember that you need to play your part too.

When the help arrives say YES!