Card of the Day – Thursday 14th May

Your Card of the Day today is Raising Your Standards

Today’s crystals are Malachite and Sodalite, healing any past pain from our hearts and helping us to speak up for what we know in our hearts is right.

You deserve so much more than you already have. I don’t necessarily mean truckloads of clothes, possessions and trinkets, but the true abundance in all areas of your life – work, family, spirituality, home, love, prosperity.

Today the Angels ask us to take a look at ourselves.

Why do you accept so little for yourself when you deserve all the beauty and wonder of the universe? Why do you make yourself so small and ask for so little when you work so hard, struggle and try?

Why do you allow the unkind people in “power” to push you around and tell you what you’re worth?

Nobody has the right to do that. You are a divine citizen of the spiritual universe, and you are a magnificent soul, worthy of such great love, to be cherished and applauded for your participation in this world.

Expect more for yourself and try to see where in your life you make yourself small and fail to accept the gifts offered to you.

By saying no to abundance you are not helping anybody. By saying yes to abundance you are not taking away from anybody else.

When we create abundance with love and generosity in our hearts, we see that there is enough for everyone and the hearts of the world light up in recognition of this incredible truth.

There really is enough to go around if we are willing to say yes to it, and yes to loving every other brother and sister of ours on this earth, whether human, animal, plant or other.

Let us stand up and expect more, raise our standards and know that working together from the heart, speaking up for what is right, we will achieve the love, safety and abundance that the whole world deserves.

Thursday AWH


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