Card of the Day – Thursday 21st May

Card of the Day today is Angel Patience
Today’s crystals are Angel Hair Quartz and White Howlite bringing us the divine knowledge and calm of mind to be patient and follow through with our most important tasks.
Following on from yesterday’s card, Angel Patience is here to remind us that in this dimension, things take time.
The Angels are not held by the constraints of time and space, and do not suffer with the frustrations and burdens that we do.  These divine being exist out of time which is why helping may people at once is no problem to them.
Here in our physical world, we know a different reality. Our soul was born here to learn many lessons, and one of these most important lessons is the wisdom of Patience.
Patience is one of the most incredibly difficult and yet most rewarding traits we can develop. Cats are masters of patience. If you’ve ever watched a cat waiting completely still outside a mouse hole, you’ll know what I mean. She knows that she must wait until the time is right to catch her prey. She can’t hurry or rush things, or she may lose out, so her wisdom tells her to be patient and wait.
Your dreams and desires are manifesting as we speak. The Angels have heard your prayers and requests for help, support, love and many other things.
Please rest assured that no prayer is ever wasted, and the Angels hear everything that you say to them.
They will never ignore your requests, but you must be patient because everything will happen at the right time, this is called Divine Timing.
Know that however chaotic things appear, all is well and the Angels know exactly what they are doing. Everything you have asked for will come to you in divine timing.
All you need to do, is learn to be patient.
Thursday AWH