Card of the Day – Thursday 25th June

Card of the Day today is Inner Power

Today’s crystals are Green Jade Horse & Lepidolite connecting us with our divine power and bringing good fortune and swift change for the better.

The energy today is swift footed as a wild horse. The Jade horse is a very fortunate symbol, and he brings great blessings today in the form of changes in your life.

You are a divine being, and we are all becoming more aware of that fact.

This day is an important one, for it marks an increase in your spiritual awareness, your connection with the spirit world, and your own psychic ability.

You hold within you the sacred fires of creation and the power of the entire universe, should you learn how to use it.

You are incredibly important, and your soul chose to incarnate in this time for a very important reason. You are loved and needed in the world more than you could possibly know, and just by being alive you make it a better place for everyone.

Today’s events and changes will take you towards a future where you will be ever more aware of these truths, and you will find that your spiritual and psychic abilities will increase.

Change for some may come as a shock, and the speed of the horse may make us feel unsteady for a while as we try to get used to the shift. But the horse also brings us strength, bravery and optimism to weather whatever storms may be coming as we move towards higher understanding of ourselves and Heaven.

Your life may be about to change in many ways, but fear not for you will be carried through the difficulties, and out the other side by your sure-footed companion, toward greener pastures, a higher understanding and peace on earth.

4 Thursday AWH