Card of the Day – Tuesday 12th May

Your Card of the Day today is New Opportunity.

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Ametrine helping us to balance our desires with our emotions and lead from the heart.

Today’s energy is rose gold and shimmering all around us like beautiful sunlight. There is huge opportunity despite how things may appear to some of us.

I don’t mean opportunity as in being able to take advantage of others or get there first and take, take, take, I mean an opportunity for real abundance, wealth and prosperity to be shared with love.

As each of us follows the true calling of our hearts, we will find that the earth transforms before our eyes. We know that cutting down forests for financial gain or helping big corporations to evade tax is wrong, so why do we still do it and protest “I’m just doing my job!”

Each of us knows that there is more that we could and should be doing to make a difference in the world, other than trying to amass as much possessions as possible in a never-ending and never fulfilling game of “he who dies with the most toys wins.”

Take a moment today to imagine what your life would look like if you were truly happy, living your divine purpose and felt you were really making a difference, a contribution and helping your community and the world.

You have this opportunity today. The energy is so potent that whatever you imagine or visualise today will be given extra impetus by the powerful rays of rose gold energy emanating from heaven, and you will be propelled towards the next big step in your life.

Never be afraid to fly high just because others are still crawling around on the floor. We must lead by example, not through fear and delegation.

Your new opportunity for the life you have dreamed of is here today. Use this powerful energy wisely and for the highest good.

Tuesday AWH


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