Card of the Day – Tuesday 19th May

Card of the Day today is Angel Leila
Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Ametrine helping us to reconnect with what we truly love and desire, and helping us to focus on what will bring balance back in to our lives.
Is your life balanced? What is it that you really want?
These are questions that Angel Leila asks you today.
She reminds you that you are so very important, and your needs, wants and happiness are heaven’s top priority, even if you’ve forgotten how to put yourself first.
The Angels serve us all, and they are never too busy to help out when we’d like something. Nothing is too small, too silly or insignificant for them. Whatever it is that you would like in your life, they will help you to manifest it, all for your highest good.
So spend some time today connecting with yourself and with your angels. Sit quietly and imagine your life if it was exactly how you’d like it to be then ask the Angels to bring that for you.
If you’re not sure what you would like, then simply ask the angels to bring you whatever their heavenly wisdom says that you will really love. They know what we want and need, and they love to make our dreams come true!
Spend some time imagining and visioning your dream life today.
You deserve the best and the Angels will make sure that you get what’s really perfect for you.
Tuesday AWH