Card of the Day – Tuesday 23rd June

Card of the Day today is Inner Child

Today’s crystals are Luvulite & Sodalite gently helping us to heal and re-parent our inner child, letting her know that she is safe and loved.

Your Inner Child is crying out for some attention today.

It’s easy to forget that part of us remains a child, no matter how old we get. We call it the Inner Child because on the outside, you do look older, but he or she is still there no matter how old you get.

Many of us had less than perfect childhoods. Even adults who were lucky enough to have really kind and loving parents, may still need to pay attention to their inner child from time to time. She deserves recognition and love, and sometimes she will want to play too!

For those of us who had less-than-ideal or perhaps even abusive childhoods, today is a powerful day of healing. Just because you’re an adult, does not mean that you suddenly just “get over” what happened to you as a child.

The child cannot easily defend itself against adult attack, and without kind and loving adults to help build her self esteem, show her that she is loved and that the world is a safe place, we can grow into anxious or self-loathing adults who may struggle with relationships, work and even simple day to day tasks.

No matter how painful your childhood, just remember that the child that you were still lives inside you, and you have the rest of your life to help her to heal, grow and learn that she is loved and wanted.

She has a right to your love, attention and grown-up support and reassurance. SO remember that this is not a part of you to be swept under the rug. No matter who you are, your Inner Child calls for attention today.

So listen to the wisdom of the child – what does she want? How can you help her?

How can you both heal and grow today?

2 Tuesday AWH