Card of the Day – Tuesday 26th May

Card of the Day today is Goddess Vesta – Home


Today’s crystals are Ametrine and Carnelian bringing your home and family into balance, and helping you to feel at home in yourself.


You are home.


No matter where you are, or how you feel, you are always at home. At home in God, at home in the universe. You are safe and taken care of, you only need to remember it for yourself.


Goddess Vesta is here to remind you that the whole world is your home, and you can feel at home wherever you find yourself right now, or any time. Your holy father-mother is always here for you. You are always loved and accepted.


This Card also indicates that difficult family matters may be improving. If you’ve had discord in your family, things will finally start to get ironed out. There are still a lot of details to sort out at this time, but it’s a time to bury the hatchet once and for all with long lost relatives, ex-spouses and estranged family members.


Take some time to meditate and remember that you are already home. You soul is always at home, and whilst it’s easy to forget that, you can get in touch with the loving supportive feelings of being at home, any time you want.


Your soul carries the love and security of heaven within you. Home is truly where the heart is.


Tuesday AWH