Card of the Day – Tuesday 2nd June

Card of the Day today is Believe in Yourself!

Today’s crystals are Rhodonite and Sodalite giving us a boost of self confidence and giving us the self love to express our true selves.

You are AMAZING!

Yes, I really am talking to you.

Heaven knows it, the Angels know it, and your soul knows it too.

When we are born, we forget all the spiritual and sacred knowledge we have about our true selves.

Today the Angels and their Unicorn friends would like to bring you a message of love, support and unconditional acceptance.

You are loved, trusted, accepted and adored by Heaven, and you can achieve anything you want, you just have to believe yourself.

Please take your courage in both hands today, and remember that your dreams are the most important dreams of heaven.

So please don’t ever give up on your dreams. Believe that you were meant to live a fulfilled life of wonderment and excitement, contentment and great love. You were not sent here to live a half-life.

Remember your dreams, the plans you put on hold, the business you thought you couldn’t have.

With your unwavering self-belief, and Heaven on your side, you can achieve so much more than you ever thought or dreamed of.

You are so special and worthy of love, acceptance and great abundance.

It’s time to believe in yourself now.

Tuesday AWH