Card of the Day – Tuesday 9th June

Card of the Day today is Synchronicity

Your crystals today are Angel Hair Quartz and Blue Goldstone reminding us that our dreams are always heard by the angels and miracles will appear as ‘coincidences’ today.

Miracles are not rare or unusual. They happen every day.
The problem is that we have forgotten what they actually look like.

We pass miracles off as ‘coincidences’ or ‘luck’ without ever wondering why we found exactly the right person at the right time or perhaps remembering that we had asked our angels for help.

Heaven is always on your side, and will always answer your prayers. The answer may not be exactly what you were expecting, and sometimes the answer is no, but there is always something better on the way.

Synchronicity is when the universe aligns everything so perfectly that you are blessed with the exact and perfect ‘coincidences’ that you need for your life’s path.

There are no true coincidences in this world, only perfect synchronicity which comes from the divine love of Heaven.

Each of us is a tiny spark or divine love, and we have the power of miracles at our disposal if we choose to see it.

Notice the magical synchronicity working around you today, give thanks for your miracles and expect many more to come!