Card of the Day – Wednesday 13th May

Your Card of the Day today is Follow Your Dreams

Your crystals today are Clear Quartz point and Carnelian helping us to bring our dreams into physical form, and giving life to our imagination.

These powerful crystals have come together today to give us such a boost! Yesterday’s energy was so powerful for manifesting, and today we are taking the next step. Working on making our dreams a reality.

Never be afraid to follow the yearnings of your heart and soul. They are there for a reason in your life, and not to lead you astray from a “proper job” or whatever else our man-made society tells you you’re “supposed” to be, do or have.

Take note of any powerful dreams that you have tonight and in the coming days, for the Angels are communicating with you during your sleep time. As your conscious mind rests and becomes silent, your higher wisdom can seep through into your sleep-consciousness and bring you the answers, solutions and ideas you have been waiting for.

Your dreams, hopes and desires are incredibly important. Never think that they are not. Indeed, it is only the dreams of others that have ever brought about any positive changes and inventions in our world.

It may be time for you to consider a new way in your life. The empty promises of mass consumerism will not ever fulfil the human need for true connection, love and meaning.

This may be time to think about a new career, new home or a new social enterprise.

Whatever it is that you dream of, sit down and write about it, journal about it and think about how you could make it a reality.

When we follow our dreams, miracles happen, and our world needs all the miracles it can get.

Wednesday AWH


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