Card of the Day – Wednesday 15th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Friendship.

Today’s crystals are Green Agate and Rhodonite bringing healing, balance and cooperation from our beloved friends to enhance each others lives.

Our heavenly friends are certainly stressing the importance of friendships and play time this week!

Solo play is fine sometimes, but the Angels are encouraging us to contact old friends, reconnect and rekindle with old acquaintances today. Make sure it feels light and fun, and enjoy the company of uplifting people.

This isn’t about feeling guilty for not contacting somebody, just a reminder that there are many beautiful souls who can help to enhance your life as you bring joy to theirs too.

Take some time today with a special friend, make a play date or arrange to get away from it all with your pals.

We were not put on earth to live solitary lives, friends are important and friendships should be nurtured.

Let us all give thanks for good friends.

Wednesday AWH


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