Card of the Day – Wednesday 17th June

Card of the Day today is Family Culture

Your crystals today are White Howlite and Carnelian reconnecting you to your root and showing you the ancestral karma in your situation.

Have you ever noticed how patterns tend to repeat themselves in families? Habits and traditions may be passed down, but it runs deeper than you think.

Ever wonder why things aren’t going your way and negative things keep happening to you? You may be carrying karma from your ancestors!

Whilst I firmly believe that we make our own choices and have a huge amount of control over our own destiny, Ancestral Karma is something that can upset the apple cart when we least expect it.

Spend some time meditating or researching your family history to see what themes you can discover in the lives of your predecessors that may be repeating in your life. Families carry memories and karma through the generations, and it’s not always a good thing. Sometimes it can be negative and unhelpful.

Right now, we are being guided by heaven to learn lessons from the past to bring positive changes to our present time. This is a great time to research family, genealogy and history in general.

To release yourself from any adverse effects, ask Archangel Michael to cut you free from any Ancestral Karma currently affecting your life and situation. Call upon him to surround you with his protective blue light and use his angelic sword to cut any ties to past misdeeds that may be affecting you in this lifetime, in the past, present or future. You may also ask him to do this for other family members, with their permission.

You are not responsible for what happened before you, and yet many of us carry heavy karmic loads from generations previous.

This is a blessed time of great healing for all of us. A new era is dawning, and the sins of the past will melt away in the light of the morning sun…

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