Card of the Day – Wednesday 3rd June

Card of the Day today is Imagine

Today’s crystals are Blue Goldstone and Labradorite opening our minds and hearts to the infinite possibilities of our dreams.

Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine. Imagine your dream life. What would it look like? How would you feel? What would you see, where would you be?

Our imagination carries in it the infinite possibilities of the entire universe.

If you can imagine something, then you are one step towards it.

The law of attraction responds to our imagination and will start to move heaven and earth to make your dreams come into your realty, and bring them into your reach, in the best way possible for you.

Imagine, imagine, imagine.

Everything we have created once came from somebody’s imagination. We cannot deny the power of the imagination to create. How we choose to use those creations is another matter.

If you want to live a happy life, then use your imagination. It’s one of your most important assets, and you can use it to imagine the life you want and create it.

Imagining and holding on to the image is also called Visualisation.

Your imagination is also a route through which the angels whisper secrets to you. We are often inspired through the medium of our imagination.

Sadly, many people think imagining is for children, and shut themselves off to the creative part of themselves because it’s “not what grown-ups do.”

Your imagination is the screen in your mind on which your greatest achievements will first appear, your psychic and spiritual knowledge will be transmitted to and where you will get a glimpse of what you are really capable of.

Your imagination is more powerful than you may think. Use it wisely!

Wednesday AWH