Card of the Day – Wednesday 6th May

Card of the Day today is Goddess Hathor – Receptivity

Today’s crystals are Labradorite and Rainbow Fluorite rekindling our connection to our divine source and reminding us of our divine and pure nature.

The Universe has so many gifts to give you!

This majestic Egyptian Goddess is here to remind us that all is spiritual in this world, whether we realise it or not. Everything was created by the divine, so how can it not be?

We are all on our personal spiritual paths, and every experience we have in this lifetime is sacred, whether negative or positive.

The Universe is vast and generous if we allow it to be.

Open your arms to the universe today and tell it that you are ready and willing to receive all the love, abundance and goodness that it has to offer!

Open your heart and focus on feeling grateful for everything you already have. You are already rich in so many ways, all you have to do is to realise it and the Universe will send you even more.

Fear, ingratitude and anger will only slow down the flow of abundance, so make sure you aren’t turning away good fortune at the door! Do you allow people to help you? Do you accept gifts gratefully or refuse them? These actions will divert the flow of abundance away from you so stop that right now!

Let go of any resentments about money or abundance, and say Yes to the Universe, Yes to love and Yes to receiving.

Wednesday AWH


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