Card of the Day – Wednesday 10th June

Card of the Day today is A New Dawn

Today’s crystals are White Howlite and Luvulite bringing us the peace and courage to move forwards towards the future knowing that we are worthy and loved.

The time of struggle is over. So many people have had such a hard time recently, especially the very sensitive ones.

There has been much pain, many beloved souls have passed to the spirit world, and  there has been much upheaval for all of us.

Over the past two years many light-workers and sensitive souls have found themselves battling with chronic or repetitive illness, depression and anxiety.

Please do not worry, you are not being punished and this will be over soon.

Our souls are ‘cleaning out the trash’ and getting us ready for a lighter, brighter future which is just over the horizon.

However grey things seem, remember that it’s always darkest before dawn.

Your blessings are on their way, and a new much easier future is being laid out for you by the Angels right now.

The bright New Dawn you have prayed for it on it’s way, and soon this time of difficulty will be but a memory.