Far from the Madding Crowd

Ah peace and quiet! Something that there isn’t enough of these days. Or is there?

I have to admit I’ve struggled to work in my home-office recently because of noisy building works going on at the school next door over the summer holidays. To be fair, the school had a serious fire earlier this year so it had to be done, but I’ve been finding the jarring sounds of power tools, heavy machinery and shouting to be a bit more than I can easily tolerate.

I was bemused – when did I become so sensitive to loud noises? 

Some of my spiritual friends suggested that it was because I was advancing along my spiritual path and becoming more and more sensitive in general.  Well maybe, but that sounds like a rather convenient excuse to me…  

Up until earlier this year, I was working in a noisy call centre in the middle of an huge open plan office. I spent my day surrounded by hustle and bustle, so what could possibly have changed so radically in a few short months?

I always used to be able to hold my focus, tune out the noise and get on with my work. I laughed at people who said they couldn’t concentrate and scoffed at their whining that it was “too noisy to work”. I’d shut myself away in my own little imaginary bubble, ignore everything else and just merrily get on with it.

Call Centre Bubble

Over the past few weeks, I tried lots of things to solve the problem. I took days off, went for walks, changed my routine. I tried working from different locations, a local coffee shop, sitting in the park, going to a friend’s house, but I still struggled. The slightest noise or distraction really got my goat! I was ready to throw my laptop out of the window, shout at the cat and blame everybody and everyone else for my lack of productivity.

It got me to thinking. Is noise REALLY the factor here, or is there something else going on?

Well, in a word. Yes.

And I didn’t realise what it was until today. Today  is different. I’m back in the zone! I’ve been enjoying some peace and quiet today, and getting on with some work on my laptop. I’m not at my house, but I’m not struggling to concentrate. Even the TV doesn’t really bother me. I am completely zen.

So what’s changed? Well, I have!

I FEEL peaceful today. To be fair, where I am is not really any quieter than my office, but something is different. And that something is ME!

The truth is, we can blame outside circumstances as much as we want, but that’s not the B-all and end all. It never is.  I feel more peaceful today, because I feel at peace today; not because I’m in the most peaceful place!

In fact, I feel wonderful today. I recently had a light bulb moment in my business. After months of worry, I can finally see clearly. The infernal, internal chatter that has been the real reason I coulnd’t concentrate all this time has been quietened. My inner critic has nothing more to say right now, and I have a new and wonderful  feeling of clarity and focus.


It’s all too easy in life to look at outside circumstances, to blame other things and other people for our lot, our moods and how good or bad we feel. But ultimately, it all comes down to us.

How well I focus, and how easily distracted I am depends entirely on me. Nobody else, just me. I am responsible for quieting my inner chatter, and keeping myself calm and focussed, no matter what is going on around me. Just like I used to in the call centre. I was the Zen-master of working in a noisy office! 

I may have finally cracked this working from home malarkey! There’s nothing wrong with my tiny desk and office set up after all; the problem was in my head all the time.

So next time you can’t focus, rather than blaming noise, the kids, the weather, the neighbour mowing the lawn, somebody or something else, try  working on the inner chatter in your head – that’s the real distraction! 

You don’t need to escape or get away far from the madding crowd to find peace and focus. It’s all right here, right now. 

Don’t get me wrong, a bit of peace and quiet is great now and then, but it’s not an excuse not to get stuff done. 

I am now a business ninja! Super-productivity, here I come!

Work at home ninja!

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