Friends Forever?

Isn’t it funny how we expect to always have the same friends throughout our lives?
TV shows and books talk about life long friendships and relationships, and this lofty ideal of how people should “always be there for each other” but how realistic is that?
I mean really?

Are you still friends with your kindergarten best friend? Your high school best friend?
Are you even still in regular contact with them?

I’m going to guess probably not, unless you’re in the minority. And you know what? That’s ok.

I’ve learned to my cost that people who you think are your friend, but they may not actually be very good for you. In fact, they may not even really be your friend at all!

Sometimes you’ll have people in your life to profess to being your best friend, but the way they express that is actually to criticise you harshly, emotionally abuse you and make you feel terrible.

They get away with it because they hide behind the mantle of “only doing / saying it for your own good because I’m you friend and I care about you!”
Well let me tell you right now. Whether they genuinely care about your wellbeing or not, it does NOT make that sort of behaviour acceptable!

Do you have friends who revel in your failures, make a big fuss and just love saying I told you so? Friends who disappear off the radar when you do well and only pop up when you’re down?
Well I’ve got news for you.

These people are not your friends!

These people are passive aggressive, usually very insecure and in true bully fashion need to put others down in order to feel better about themselves.

They are frenemies at best!

If you want to know if somebody is a true friend, take a look at their words, their actions and most importantly how they make you FEEL.

If being around one of your “friends” makes you feel icky, chances are your instincts are trying to warn you that they’re not a real friend at all.

Confusingly, there may be people in your life who were good friends to you some time ago, or who seemed to be, but who no longer gel with you. Whilst itmay seem hard to let go, it’s ok. We outgrow friends in the same way a child outgrows clothes, and sometimes you have to cut ties in order for new friends to come in.

You are not duty bound to remain friends with somebody that you just don’t particularly like or get on with anymore in the name of “friendship” because the bottom line is most friends aren’t forever.

And that’s ok.

So repeat after me:

I let go of anybody in my life who is no longer my friend or who no longer matches my energy.

Angels please give me the wisdom to see the difference and know who my true friends are.

I welcome lots of new genuine friends into my life with joy!