Giving back to the pets that give us so much…

I love my cat. We love our pets. I wanted to do more for them.

Lounging around, idly stroking a purring Evey (who was strategically lying on my bladder of course),  I got to thinking.

My purring fur-baby has been there for me through thick and thin. I really don’t know what I would do without her. She’s more than just a pet. She’s my family.

I went through a messy break up a few years ago, and she didn’t leave my side. She’s not a particularly affectionate cat most of the time, so for her to cuddle up to me and stay close 24/7 is really unusual behaviour.

She will normally only tolerate cuddles for a little while before getting annoyed and bitey. She will sit on the back of the sofa and bat me with her paw if I stroke her too much. Sometimes she’ll get really cross and try to bite my glasses before running off, with a loud huff of disapproval.

But I love her. She makes me laugh, brightens my day and gets me up in the morning. My furry alarm clock has no snooze button, and she’s prevented me from being late for work or an appointment many times with her relentless “get up and feed me” morning antics.

First she climbs up and meows at me. Purring and nudging at me with her head. Watching intently for signs that I’m stirring. She peppers in the occasional scratch of the furniture for shock value. Hearing my brand new divan bed being clawed will usually provoke a visceral reaction.

If that doesn’t work, she will eventually resort to nipping any parts she can reach – usually my arm or hand. And she will keep doing it until my eyes are open.

Persistence, thy name is Evey.


I wanted to do something really nice for her that didn’t involve food. She gets plenty of tasty treats and her waistline is a little larger than it should be where she’s had 3 litters of kittens.  I hasten to add, she had the kittens before I rescued her. She is now spayed.

But did I rescue her or did she rescue me? A bit of both I think. She definitely chose me.

When I went along to view the 4 cats up for emergency adoption before being sent to the shelter due to a family moving abroad, Evey was not the cat I thought I wanted. She was 7 years old, a grandmother with a loose, fuzzy belly that swings when she runs, and a bit of an attitide. Or is that Cattitude?

I had my eye on one of her offspring, but as soon as we arrived, Evey turned up and wouldn’t let the other cats near me.

She warded them off with warning stares and purred her way happily around my legs, scent marking her new “property” much to her old owner’s utter astonishment.

“Well she’s never done this before! She’s not an affectionate cat! I think she’s chosen you.”

4 weeks later, I went to collect her, and the rest is history.

Evey has been my loyal albeit moody companion ever since. My photo-splattered Facebook wall is testament to my adoration for my fur-baby. I can’t stop taking photos – she looks so cute from every angle!

My friends and colleagues tease me – “Wow Helen, you went for a whole hour without talking about your cat!”

But, fellow animal lovers & pet parents, you will know and understand the madness, the love and the obsession for our fur babies.

I felt it was time for me to give something back, so inspired by my selfless Evey, I set up a Facebook page in her honour.

It’s an online Reiki healing list, with a difference. It’s just for animals.

Please drop by and give the page a like. Add a message or a photo of your own beloved pets too!

If you want to really pamper your pet, or if they need some extra TLC or help, you can of course contact me about a one on one session.

But in the meantime, please drop by my new page on Facebook. Evey and I would love to see you!



  1. This post made me miss my old cat, now that was a cat with Cattitude! I love cats, they are the best. Enjoyed reading about your love for your cat and how it takes care of you (the way cats do it) and makes you do good things for others 🙂 Evey is truy a beautiful cat!


  2. Gotta love Evey! The power of animals as teachers, guides and family is coming more and more to the front of our experience. Love this sharing. And of course, signed up my Eddy pup for some Reiki…as the painters are here today he’s a bit over-protective, so some calming Reiki for that anxiety is just the ticket.


  3. What a great tribute to Evey!
    I have two fur-babies Miss Tips E. Toes (a.k.a. Tipsy) and Clarence. They both are rescue cats who chose me as well. They bring such love and joy to my life. Clarence is my assistant who loves to be part of everything…following me around like a dog and laying on the keyboard trying to send out very important messages on FB.

    I love that you are offering pet Reiki. What a wonderful gift.


  4. Helen- Loved reading about Evey and the Reiki space you have created for her:-) When I was 5 yr. old, I had the coolest turtle ever and my first best friend. I think about Rocky often in turtle heaven. xoDana


  5. I’m a proud owner of both a cat and a dog, one by clear intention and one that just wandered into our yard and found a home. Chloe, the cat, had been here for about 2 years when we decided to add a puppy to the mix as well. When we raised the idea, my son broke down in tears for fear that Chloe would feel unwanted. After much deliberation, along came Dallas, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/ Jack Russell mix, that is perhaps the most loving pup I’ve ever known. Just a week ago, Chloe gave him a stern look when he ventured into his crate, where she had settled herself in HIS bed, before she swung her arms around his neck, pulled his head down, and started grooming him like a kitten. Our family has had some challenges in the past year and oddly enough, having a pup who is full of energy and internally-drive happiness seems to be just the medicine that we needed. This is such a lovely post about how pets really are family, that support us through thick and thin. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of just how important these little friends are.


  6. Love your idea of creating a Reiki space for pets! I’ve recently discovered the power of Reiki in my own healing from an injury, and agree that it’s an awesome non-food treat to offer your pet!


  7. I have many furbabies, dogs and cats. Last fall, there was a hungry stray kitten that ‘adopted’ me! She now lives in my home and is a true darling. I love my furry friends! They bring me joy, companionship and unconditional love. 🙂


  8. I have a “furbaby” too – Jack – AKA “Kitty Love” is the corporate cat and he actually sets boundaries for me when I am working too much – he comes right over to whereever I am working on the computer and just lays across my arms as if to say ENOUGH – it’s time for a break and to give me some attention! I love my Kitty Love! I have had many moments where he’s been my only ally (or at least that’s what it has felt like) I think I need to go give him a hug!


  9. amazing post. I completely agree. Although I have to admit that I am a dog person, not a cat person- but the same adoration and obsession applies. We have 2 adorable westies. We did have 3, but one of them sadly passed away. He had seen me through my childhood, an like you say, saw the family through some tough times. Whilst gritting his teeth through being affectionate (he thought he was the big macho dog of the family, not cute, cuddly little white Westie) he did sometimes just know when it was needed. He was a huge part of the family, like our current dog (rescued) and very young little puppy has brought. The puppy recently has also brought my family out of a really bad time in our lives, and injected a sense of love and youth into the household.

    So I agree, we owe a lot to our pets. 🙂


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