Happy New Year of the Monkey!

The Chinese New Year of the Monkey is upon us today.16

And this is the year of the Fire Monkey no less! So hang on to your hats – it’s going to be a wild ride!

Monkeys are curious, fun, sometimes naughty but also very good at cooperating so we can expect some good things to happen this year.

I can already feel the excitement building in the ether and I have to say I can’t wait to see what this cheeky monkey has in store for us!

My spirit guides have some very important messages for you, and insisted that I write this blog right away!

So here we go…

Year of the Fire Monkey 2016-17

Many people have been unwell in the build up to the Chinese New Year, and it’s little wonder. We are cleansing our bodies and minds of old thought patterns, and overcoming old fears and blocks.

Some of you will find yourselves physically purging with symptoms including vomiting or diahorrea. Please do not worry, this will pass, but do be very gentle with yourselves and see the doctor if you need help.

You can’t ignore illness or physical complaints and try to ‘power through’ at this time, because the monkey is tricky, and he doesn’t miss a thing. Anything you skimp on will come back to bite you on the proverbial!

Take your diet and lifestyle seriously this year, for your body will need the flexibility and lightness that comes from not being weighed down by heavy energy foods such as animal products, especially meat.

This year you may feel a little out of control, as though things are going too fast for you.

Gentle relaxation practises such as yoga and meditation are highlighted this year, and will help to calm the inner storm brewing in us all.  Reiki and spiritual healing will also be helpful to those feeling run down or who find themselves suffering recurring illness or injury. 

Pay attention to your health but also to patterns in your personal and work life. If the same pattern or illness keeps repeating, then the lesson has not been completed. Take time to consider how you can find new ways to deal with old problems, and think about stepping away from old ingrained habits that no longer serve you, however strange that may feel.

This year will also enable us to find new and creative solutions to what may have seemed like impossible or very difficult situations in the past. The pillars of society are being rocked to their very core, and the concrete that has held us in slavery is crumbling. We will no longer be manipulated by those who would wish to control us, on both a personal and national level.

I also feel people’s creativity stirring and we are entering a time when many of us are feeling the need to express ourselves though drawing, painting, music, dance or some other, newer forms of self expression.

This year also carries a warning, not to get too carried away with our hobbies and fun, but to find a balance with our work life so that we can find a new way to earn what we need whilst enjoying life to the full.

This is a time for breaking free of old jobs and situations that are no longer right for us, and finding creative ways to live and thrive.

Leaps of faith will be rewarded this year, but reckless jumps will not, so look before you leap!

Please also be careful of the sun’s rays and solar flares this year as both will be affecting many of us in harmful ways. Make sure that you avoid getting too much sun (I can imagine my readers in the UK laughing at this point) and also reduce electromagnetic stress on the body.

Salt lamps positioned near to electronic equipment, computers and mobile phones will help us to merge our energies with the higher 5th dimensional vibrations that are working their way into our DNA at the moment whilst protecting us from harmful levels of electromagnetic smog.

It’s a year of big changes on a physical and spiritual level, and we will find ourselves becoming more in tune with technology and also with nature as we realise that all is one, and all is God. 

I wish you all great joy, happiness, wellness and prosperity for this new year of the Fire Monkey, and my guides send you their love and blessings.