Has the Fire Rooster Kicked your Ass?!

Well I wasn’t kidding when I said earlier this year that the Year of the Fire Rooster was going to be a doozy!

My guides told me in early 2017 that we were going to have to hang on to our hats and boy hasn’t that been the case already?

The message I got was that the Fire Rooster meant business, and that you should be very careful what you wish for this year, because you’ll get it and then some.

I’ve had some very powerful and unexpected spiritual experiences this year, with new guides stepping forwards, learning new healing techniques and some incredible occult knowledge has been made available to me too. And it’s only April!

Who knows what the remaining 10 months of Rooster-tastic fun will hold!

The Fire Rooster is an impatient bird, and he likes to be seen, heard and known. If things are moving very fast in your life, and maybe feel out of control, or like you’re going in the wrong direction, then please do get in touch because I may be able to help.

Many of us will need spiritual guidance this year, just to keep on top of things, and healing is highlighted for anyone who has been struggling with their health. The Fire Rooster gives everything such a boost, that you’ll find results come quicker than expected in every part of your life, and if they don’t it’ll be due to an energetic blockage which you will need removing.

Signs of a spiritual blockage or energetic imbalance include dizziness, anxiety, depression, forgetfulness, feeling faint, unexplained symptoms such as nausea, aches and pain or fatigue, a run of “bad luck” and general feelings of malaise.

There is far much more to you than the modern Western world will usually accept and far more than we are taught in schools. Despite what I consider to be a decent grounding in spiritual subjects, I have recently learned that there are many, many things I still need to learn for my own protection, wellbeing, success and fulfillment.

It’s like they say I suppose, the more you learn, the less you know…

My energy and chakras have been very badly affected by the goings-on in this modern world in the past year or two, and I know I’m not alone in that.

Many people have recounted similar stories to me, so I feel it’s my duty to reach out to you all and offer my help.

This is why for the next month I will be offering you the opportunity to have a unique spiritual healing session called a Spiritual Spring Clean via Skype, at a heavily reduced price.

I will help you to remove energetic blockages, negative attachments (yes bad spirits are a real thing – don’t believe the naysayers, they really have no idea how badly this sort of thing can affect your life) and rebalance your energy system.

Normally charged at £120, I would like to offer you this powerful healing session for just £45.

Click here to book your session now and together we will help get your life on track, your body back into balance and put you back on the route to happiness and joy.

This unique and powerful session is only available at a reduced price until end May 2017 so hurry and book now!