Healer, Heal Thyself…

As a holistic therapist, I spend a lot of time making people look and feel great.

Whether I’m doing Angel Wings Reiki and helping a stressed out insomniac to relax, channeling a message from a recently deceased and much loved spouse, I’m always helping people.

I also spend a lot of time reminding  people that they really must look after themselves, put themselves first and take proper care of their mind, body and spirit.

But we holistic therapists, aren’t always the best at looking after ourselves.


It’s very easy to forget to practise what you preach, isn’t it?

We spend hundreds of hours telling people how they should take better care of themselves, and that Holistic Treatments are necessary for wellbeing and not just an occasional “treat.”

But when you’re busy running a small business and trying to survive, it’s very tempting to work 15 hours a day and far too easy grab whatever’s nearest for lunch. (Ooh look a packet of shortcake biscuits! That’ll do!)

But it doesn’t do us any good in the long run, and having a “spiritual” job is no excuse for a lack of self care.

Moreover, how can people take us seriously if we don’t follow our own advice?

Some of my more “spiritual” colleagues not only run themselves ragged, but also end up broke because they feel its somehow “un-spiritual” to charge a fair amount for their time. They often end up barely able to make ends meet, and working at least one other job to get by.

It makes me sad. It’s so unnecessary to do this to ourselves.

The irony is of course, that we of all people should know better!


So, my holistic therapist and spiritual worker friends, I have a challenge for you!

And here it is – Treat yourself like a client.

Fill out a consultation form for yourself, imagine that you’re dealing with a new and very important client, and give yourself some lifestyle advice.

Then (and this is the kicker) you have to stick to it! No excuses!


To help you get the rest, relaxation and treatments you need, you could do a reciprocal exchange with another holistic therapist.

I organise Therapy Share evenings for this very purpose.

All types of holistic therapists are welcome to come along and join in for a small fee. It’s an evening for professional therapists only, to relax and be pampered for a change!

We can all help each other to relax and follow our own advice by giving treatments to our colleagues, and receiving treatments from them in return.

Now that’s smart thinking!

Therapy Share
If you would like to participate in my next Therapy Sharing, give me a call on 07895 818646 or email helen@angelwingsholistics.com