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Hello friends, I’d like to invite you to join my healing list. What’s that? – I hear you ask… Well, every Sunday I send out healing Angel Wings Reiki rays […]

Passions are running high today in Britain. There is so much fear, anger and hatred that I felt I should weigh in with my Holistic view on this. So take a […]

Not everyone who loves spiritual study and healing is as ‘spiritual’ as you might think. In fact, the spiritual and holistic world attracts it’s fair share of assholes, egotists and […]

Great news for Allergy Sufferers!

I wanted to find an effective, safe and more importantly ethical and vegan-friendly way to deal with Hay Fever and allergies. I went to work researching for you to my sheer delight I found that having a salt lamp in your home will help beat the pollen!

We’ve been beavering away here at Angel Wings Holistics, to bring you the long awaited and much requested courses, shares and workshops you’ve been waiting for! This year, we have […]

This year is certainly March-ing on (d’you see what I did there?) and I keep hearing from friends and clients that they just don’t feel they can keep up. I’ve […]

Helen's Vegan Pancake Recipe

Traditionally we think of these as being full of butter, milk and eggs as people used up all the rich food in their house before lent, but thankfully it doesn’t have to be so…

Your Card of the Week

So it’s the end of another long week, and I know many of you are feeling the exhaustion. I have to say that my body is thanking me for the […]