How Do Telephone Readings Work?

Something I get asked a lot is about telephone readings.

As a working clairvoyant medium, I have a wide public around the world to service, and due to the restraints of space and time in this world, sometimes it’s easier to give a reading over the phone or on Skype.

Many people ask me how that’s possible? How can I read for somebody who isn’t there?! Don’t I need a picture or something to work from?

The answer is simple.

It works.

I’ve done readings via phone, Skype, Facebook messenger, in person and by email before now. And it all works!

But how?

Two simple reasons:

1. My spirit guides can travel!

Spirit guides, as the name suggests are not held by the same constraints of time and space as we are! My guides can go anywhere and any-when they want to gather information and feed it back to me during a reading.

My guides are incredible and have surprised me time and time again with the accuracy of the information they tell me to pass on during a reading!

I like to joke that I’m just a glorified mouthpiece for them, and if I could just find a way to hook them up to a loudspeaker my job would be a whole lot easier!

I can but dream…

2. We are all connected

The second reason is that when I tune in to do a reading, I link with your energy not with your physical person.

I don’t need you to be in the room with me when I work, you don’t even need to be on the same continent!

We are all spiritual beings made of pure energy, and we are all connected. If you imagine an invisible World Wide Web made of energy, connecting every living being, that’s what I tap into when I’m doing my psychic work.

And I definitely don’t need to see you. In fact, I find that doing readings in person can be more difficult because it’s very easy to be accidentally influenced by the appearance of the person in front of you. Your conscious mind loves to judge and can put unhelpful thoughts into my head while I’m trying to keep it clear for your psychic messages!

This is also why it’s best to get a reading from somebody who doesn’t know you rather than a friend or relative. You want them to tune into the energy and bring facts through, not just make judgements coloured by what they already know about you, or their opinions.

Note to the wise: there are some unscrupulous people out there who aren’t actually psychics at all. Some people use a technique called cold reading. It’s much easier to cold read somebody if they’re in front of you so a telephone psychic may actually be more likely to be genuine!

To be fair, I’ve not as yet encountered any psychics or clairvoyants who weren’t genuine in my time, but it’s always good to be armed with knowledge.

If you’d like to find out just how accurate telephone readings are, give me a try!

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